300 (Frank Miller’s 300)

300 (Frank Miller's 300)
Now on DVD
Action / Adventure / Drama / War (R)
Zack Snyder
Running time:
120 minutes

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Frank Miller’s 300 is the war comic that follows the history of the 300 Spartan soldiers who fought against Xerxes II’s forces in 480 B.C. Historically accurate and supercharged with action and emotion, 300 is by far one of the best stories ever told in comic books. King Leonidas leads his personal bodyguard of 300 soldiers against Xerxes, the self-proclaimed lord of the world. With no hope of victory, the warrior based society of Sparta must rally the other Greeks to fight with their open defiance of Xerxes’ bribes and offers. Leonidas positions his brave and utterly suicidal soldiers at Thermypolae, the “Hot Gates”, a small passage that laid in the south of Greece – so small that Xerxes’ 2 million of soldier counted for nothing against just 300 men. For three days, the 300 Spartans held off the largest invasion army ever assembled before Allied Forces invaded Normandy on June 6th, 1944 with 3 million men.


Gerard Butler … Spartan King Leonidas
Andrew Pleavin … Daxos
Tyrone Benskin … Persian Emmissary
Richard Cetrone … Hero Spartan
Michael Fassbender … Stelios
Lena Heady … Queen Gorgo
Vincent Reagan … Captain
Rodrigo Santoro … Xerxes
Andrew Tiernan … Ephialtes
David Wenham … Dilios
Dominic West … Theron
Tom Wisdom … Astinos





  • Filming took place in Montreal from October 17,2005 until late January 2006.
  • Filming went on holiday break December 17 – January 4
  • Official website went online December 23, 2005
  • US release date was March 9, 2007. The red carpet premiere was held on Monday, March 5 in Los Angeles.
  • DVD release date in the US was July 31, 2007.
  • DVD Sales chart: http://www.the-numbers.com/movies/2007/300.php?display=dvd

    US – March 9, 2007
    France – March 28, 2007
    UK – March 16, 2007
    Germany – April 5, 2007
    Netherlands – April 5, 2007
    Japan – June 5, 2007

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    1. Hater: THIS IS MADNESS!
      Me: Madness? THIS. IS. AWESOMEEEEEEE! (Kicks hater into the pit of doom)

      Honestly, this movie was amazing; one of my favorites. My favorite movies always have Gerry in it. This movie is Gerry’s most famous work, along with The Phantom of the Opera. I heard about this movie when I was ten, but didn’t watch it because I was ten! After I saw this movie with my sister (now our thing is to watch Gerard Butler movies together), we’ll just randomly cry out famous quotes from this movie.

      I think this movie got Gerry more guy fans since most guys would love a good gorey, bloody, action movie like myself. I’m trying to see more of his movies so if you see any comments by me, then I have seen that movie. The next movie on my list is The Ugly Truth. I really want to see Machine Gun Preacher, but I don’t think I could.

      I’ve also created spoofs of some of Gerry’s movies like Dracula 2000 and The Phantom of the Opera. They’re supposed to be funny and I’ve made sure to keep the antagonists sexy (Gerry plays both antagonists in both movies just so you know).


      Phantom of the opera spoofs:

      Dracula 2000 spoof:

    2. ~Mys~tic~al~ Warrior says:


    3. Have seen this movie multiple times and had to replace my DVD of it after lending to someone (never do that again!). Brilliant movie, great acting and the graphics were awesome. Loved the fighting scenes as well as the softer side of showen by the fighters. Loved how GB played this role – brilliant!



    6. I have been a fan of Gerry since I first heard and then saw him smile in “Mrs. Brown”. Hae captured me with his awesome Scottish accent and then when I saw that dazzling smile, I died and went to Gerry Butler heaven. I sought out more movies of his and was frustrated to learn that he had not been in any other yet. But as soon as the movies came out with him in them, I bought them as fast as they became available. This man is truly incredibly entrancing. Gerry is my very first movie star crush and I am sure he will be my very last. And at my age that is saying a lot. I turned 65 this year and I am still madly in fan-love with this awesome man. “300” made me realize that Gerry had a hell of alot more potential than even I gave him credit for. He is amazing.

    7. Gracie says:

      I’ve been a Gerry Butler fan for a while ever since seeing ps I love you. Tombraiders, rock n’ rolla, and more. 300 hasn’t yet come out here but when it does I’ll certainly watch it. He’s an intelligent, amazing actor and his blue eyes and sense of humour are phenomenal sigh….

    8. Kim Kemp says:

      I think Gerard is an extremely talented actor and I look forward to seeing more from him.

    9. I honestly don’t know how to put what I thought about the movie in words: but to let you all know I honestly saw it 12 time at the show. So that should tell you all what I thought of the movie and Gerard Butler forget about it I have enjoy and loved all of his movies since I taped the premier of Atila the hun!!!!!!!!

    10. I love this movie so much! Gerard Butler is my favorite actor of all time! He has so many different roles in films that he can play any character. from a sweetheart in P.S. I Love You to a action packed fighter in 300! he is just absolutely amazing! He is gorgeous as well. i love you Gerard and i would give anything to meet you!

    11. littleredpistol says:

      I love the movie! All the men were impressive!I have since tried to watch everything Gerard has been in, Im very impressed with him………..keep up the good work, we love it!

    12. once again…awesome movie role for him…did i mention how awesome it was?

    13. Maravillosa actuacion de Gerard Butler ,300 es magnifica,ao esta pelicula ,gracias Gerry ,por ser el mejor actor del mundo ¡¡¡ FELICIDADES !!!
      Aqui en España te admiramos muchisimo y seguimos toda tu carera ,que DIOS te bendiga por hacernos tan felice con tu trabajo ,heres el mejor y mas grande actor del mundo .

      Isabel Benidorm España-18- marzo- 2009

    14. I though Gerard Butler did an amazing job in in this role. The film was incredible and I am not usually interested in films like this but I was glued to the TV watching it ( Ionly started watching it as my BF made me) and I am so glad that I watched it. I also LOVE Gerard Butler – he is GORGEOUS!!!

    15. CJ - christy janisse says:

      I rented this just to learn more about GB’s film roles and see what all the fuss was on the net. Amazingly I enjoyed it. I’m not a ogle at ripped abs kind of gal, so that aspect didn’t phase me. I loved the story, loved the way it was filmed, loved the way they showed the sacrafice and feelings of those fighting for their families and way of life. The gore was filmed in a way that it didn’t bother me too much. I have to give his a 4 1/2 stars. GB did a great job with this one as it was one of the few movies of his I’ve seen that I didn’t see GB but only saw the character (this and phantom)

    16. sue grint says:

      300 was a fantastic film in its graphics and the new way of filming. it was unbelievable. i thought gerry played the king brilliantly and anyone, including me, would have no hesitation in following him into battle to the death. although the fight scenes were very bloody they were done in such an artistic way unlike some a horror or war sketch. the story was quite a basic, but true story of bravery against all odds, but its true you were routing for the spartans and honestly thought they would win if the hunchback hadnt betrayed them, because up to that point in the film they were doing ok. i also liked the touching scenes, when aphrodites got his head chopped off and his dad was so emotional and when leonides left his wife and son knowing he wasnt coming back was very touching as the spartans always made out that they were so tough and didnt show their true feelings. the end scene when gerry stands up and says my queen, my wife, my love always gets me even though ive seen the film countless times, but it just shows you that even though the film is a real violent strong action film it also shows the men had feelings deep down.

    17. titian haired mona says:

      In 2005 I showed the promos for 300 at my workplace. Everyone, men and women, said “Wow! Who is that guy in the beard?” and “I can’t wait to see this.” After seeing the film they started calling it “The warrior ballet”. All the women loved it. Many of them became fans of Gerard Butler after seeing it. All the men called it one of the best kick-ass films ever. One male co-worker thinks it should be a recruiting film for the military. Personally I think it is a great piece of cinematic art, with Mr. Butler giving an immortal performance. A must see for all film enthusiasts,
      it is on my 100 best films list.

    18. 300 was a great movie. Not only with the performances but with the graphics and that new art of filming which was a real break through. The scene of Gerard Butler battling in his battle sequence was awe inspiring. That very sequence looked as if you were peering through time and history and seeing Leonidas for the first time in battle. I give 300 5 stars///