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177 minutes
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Gerard Butler …. Attila the Hun
Powers Boothe …. Flavius Aetius
Simmone Mackinnon…. N’Kara/Ildico (as Simmone Jade Mackinnon)
Reg Rogers …. Valentinian
Alice Krige …. Placidia
Pauline Lynch …. Galen
Steven Berkoff …. King Rua
Andrew Pleavin …. Orestes
Tommy Flanagan …. Bleda
Kirsty Mitchell …. Honoria
Jonathan Hyde …. Felix
Tim Curry …. Theodosius
Janet Henfrey …. Palcharia
Liam Cunningham …. King Theodoric
Rollo Weeks …. Young AttilaAlso Known As:
Attila the Hun (UK) (video title)

During the waning days of Roman Empire, the barbarian Huns are making their way torward Europe. A warrior…Watch the trailer:



Production Notes:
Originally aired on USA Televison Network in January 2001.

Release Dates:
USA 30 January 2001 (Televison)
Switzerland 18 August 2001 (French speaking region)
France 15 April 2002
Norway 8 May 2002
Australia 8 September 2002
Sweden 9 April 2004
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  1. Victoria says:

    Attila falls easily into that ever special catagory of film that you Never Forget.
    I had heard talk of no.2 and the film leads us to become assured that no.2 will not be
    far off.
    Does anyone know something about the No.2 Attila film? For all I know its already here and I just missed it!

  2. I never got to see Attila on tv so I bought it. It is absolutely one of my favorite movies the whole cast is great. It is one movie you can watch over and over because you see some you may have missed just like Gamer is one with such fast action.
    I look forward to the release of Robert Burns Gerry is perfectfor the part.

  3. Celeste Martinez says:

    WOW……..can’t believe I missed this one on T.V.!! I’ll be looking for this one to buy on DVD very soon! Once again, Gerard Butler never ceases to entertain us with his broad spectrum of talent!!!

  4. Hello from Bulgaria. I am definitely going to see this movie when I go back to London next month. My personal reasons to be so interested in this TV production from the moment I saw the title, include not only the fact that GB is one of my favorite actors, but also the actual Attila the Hun origins, which are considered by some researchers to be Bulgarian.

  5. This is one of my Gerry favs.!!! Yvonne nailed it in her comments!!!! This is an epic where you can really get a feeling for the actors. The cast is well fantastic! My entire family has watched this one over and over again! This is how I got my mother and sister-in-law hooked on Gerry! But, the movie itself was very powerful in that they didn’t just show Attila as we all think of him…a blood thirsty hun, hungry for power etc… You actually got to understand the man that was Attila! I don’t think anyone else could have done a better job!!! Gerard Butler has the absolute depth of character to pull off a movie like this!! And if you own it, the behind the scenes stuff is amazing. I always wonder after watching a movie what it was like to make? It’s so nice to see that they took the time and effort to get it right. Plus it’s got alot of cute footage of Gerry just being Gerry!!! Which we all love!

  6. Rachel Frantz says:

    This is my first Favorite Action/Historical movie that Gerard has made. It was also the first movie I saw with Gerard in it. Technically it is the second because I saw Mrs Brown before I saw Attila but I watched Mrs. Brown because of Judi Dench and Billy Conolly, but I had forgotten Gerard was in it. That is until I saw Attila, I knew I had seen him before but I couldn’t remember where until I re-watched Mrs. Brown. I initially watched Attila because I wanted to see a movie about Attila the Hun and the movie had two of my favorite actors, Powers Booth and Tim Curry, in it. I saw Powers Booth in a movie about Jim Jones and have been a fan ever since and Tim Curry I saw in The Shadow and in Legend. I became a fan of Gerard from watching this movie. When I looked this film up on the internet I was surprised to learn this was only his second film. I thought his performance was very good and given the fact that this was only the beginning of his professional acting career makes his performance even more remarkable. It was in this movie that I first saw his profound potential and thought that this is what his friend Stephen Berkhoff saw in the energetic and enthusiastic young man who hit him up for an audition. I really like this movie even though it is a made for TV production and it plays a little fast and loose with historical fact, it is quite good and very watchable. I enjoyed it immensely.

  7. Yvonne Georgiou says:

    This is what true epic movies are made of – filled with history, action, drama, intrigue, treachery, deception and love. Gerard excelled himself here as the powerful, enigmatic, fearless warrior and King Attila, who also showed compassion, love and respect to his closest friends and his one and only love N’Kara. Gerard is larger than life in this movie and he is Attila! Did we expect anything else from this amazing actor.

    Mrs G.xx

  8. E. Elaine O-C (USA) says:

    Whither Gerry is the Phantom, Attila, or a Professor of Science (“Nim’s Island”), you are apart of his world on the screen. His boyish charm, wit, humor, fine eyes, manly features, and intelligence keep you mesmerized. You feel what he feels, and that is powerful. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Gerry puts just enough of himself into a character so that we see them as human, not just power hungry and untouchable.

  9. “Attila” I have looked more recently.The good film and fine game of actors! Well and Gerry!!! “Gerry, bravo!!!!

  10. Attila is actually the very first movie that I saw with Gerry and I remember thinking how gorgeous he was and I wanted to see more of his movies. I’ve followed his career ever since. He is without a doubt a brilliant actor and very very mesmerizing. I can’t get enough of Gerry!!!!

  11. I couldn’t get over his portrayal of Attila. Powers Boothe has always had a commanding screen presence and I think anyone but Gerard Butler would have been diminished by it. Admitedly I did see Attila after Phantom.

  12. I was floored when I saw Phantom of the Opera the first time. I will be a fan for a long time.

  13. sue grint says:

    i suppose this was gerrys first big film and it shown us of things to come in his acting ability. when i first watched it i must admit when i saw him in that nappy concoction when he went into the bath i was in hysterics, but i suppose it was true to the times. i liked the clothes he wore, except for the dress in rome, and thought he looked very sexy, especially back in his tribe when his shirt was opened down to his waist. i thought he played attila brilliantly and it showed us that playing an epic character like this was to show us him at his best, because then later on came beowulf, leonides, phantom. of whom he played them brilliantly also. its a long 3 hour epic but very enjoyable and thoroughly recommended.

  14. ronnie mickens says:

    i thoug it was one the best epic series i have seen in a long time;and that gerard butler is my#1 actor of all times ,he is so intense on screen and very sexy and handsome i just love his accent,keep up the great work gerard.

  15. Though a little bit too gore for my tastes, I did enjoy the history lesson brush up, And The Kiss between Atilla and the princess was a rewind and repeat event….

  16. The first time I watched this movie I was floored by the performance of Gerard Butler he is quite Mesmerizing on screen, the camera loves him and he has held my attention ever since, I Love This Movie, have it on dvd and I swear I have it memorized. After I watched this movie i knew I would be following his career for a long time.