Beowulf and Grendel

Beowulf & Grendel
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Action/Adventure/Drama/Fantasy (R)
Sturla Gunnarsson
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Unknown minutes
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Gerard Butler …. Beowulf
Benedikt Clausen …. Feral Child
Tony Curran …. Hondscioh
Martin Delaney …. Thorfinn
Matt John Evans …. Beowulf Man One
Gunnar Eyjólfsson …. Aeschere
Jon Einarsson Gustafsson …. Beowulf’s Man 2
Mark Lewis …. King Hygelac
Eddie Marsan …. Brendan
Rory McCann …. Breca
Sarah Polley …. Selma
Ingvar Eggert Sigurðsson …. Grendel
Stellan SkarsgÃ¥rd …. King Hrothgar
Ronan Vibert …. Thorkel
Philip Whitchurch …. Fisherman
Steinunn Ólína Þorsteinsdóttir …. Queen Wealhtheow

Venting a life long grudge against the men who killed his father, monstrous troll GRENDEL embarks on a murderous campaign against a Danish settlement whose besieged king beseeches the aid of legendary warrior BEOWULF. When Grendel returns to wreak his nightly slaughter in the king’s great hall, Beowulf and his band of monster slayers are ready and waiting. But the sly troll evades his ambushers by fleeing into his labyrinthine cave and Beowulf resorts to an ignoble trick, luring him out with hostage SELMA, a town outcast who strangely doesn’t fear Grendel and who shares with the creature a mysterious congress. When Beowulf slays the vengeful troll in a grisly, bloody engagement, Selma mourns while the others rejoice. However, the revelry is short lived as Grendel’s mother, the even more terrifying SEA HAG begets her own revenge. Hunting the sea creature to her lair beneath the ocean, Beowulf discovers the startling secret connecting Selma to Grendel and battles the fearsome Sea Hag in a confrontation that will commit his name to legend for the ages.

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Production Notes:

  • World Premiere for film to be held at the Toronto International Film Fesitval in September 2005.
  • Canadian Release was March 10, 2006.
  • Canadian DVD Release – July 11, 2006.
  • U.S. Premiere on January 6, 2006 at the Palm Springs International Film Festival
  • The European premiere was held at the Goteberg Film Fesitval (Sweden).
  • This film is being screened at the following film festivals: Sarasota Film Festival (April 2006),
    Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival (April 21 & 26, 2006), Gimli Film Festival (Canada)
  • Portugal has plans to release this on DVD in the near future!
  • Movie was filmed entirely in Iceland August 2004 – November 2004.
  • Screened at the American Film Market for industry professionals on November 8, 2005 in Los Angeles.
  • DVD release for the US – September 26, 2006

  • Release Dates:
    Canada – September 2005 (Toronto Film Festival – World Premiere)Canada – General Release – March 10, 2006

    US Release – July 2006

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    1. I just watched this film and I think is really good, I enjoyed the performance of Gerry, of course, he was absolutely great, as always. I had seen the other Beowulf movie years ago, obviously they are completely different, the second one has spectacular visual effects, you know (3D and all that stuff), but I liked more the story of this one (B&G), it’s much more… I don’t know, “human”, the character of Beowulf is more human he feel compassion for Grendel, he’s not only a rude hero, and yeah this mixed feelings are beautifully expressed by Gerry. oh! what a wonderful actor he is! *.*

      The only thing is… there’s a thing in the movie that I can’t really understand… How can possibly Selma had a child with the troll?? hahaha!

    2. Rachel Frantz says:

      This is my fourth favorite Action/Historical movie that Gerard has made. I like this movie for many reasons. Gerard’s performance being chief among them as always. This was another movie where I was surprised by the fact that there were actors that I liked in it and I didn’t know that before watching the movie. Tony Curran I saw in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Rory McCann I saw as Crateros in the movie Alexander, and the great Stellan Skargaard, that I had seen Ronin, Good Will Hunting, King Arthur and others. One of the things that I felt made this movie was the unspeakably beautiful Icelandic locations that they shot the film on, the film would lost without them. I like Sturla Gunnarson’s idea that the story he was telling was of what the story would have been before it got christianized by storytellers. I like how the characters are not all powerful, all knowing and are conflicted and how who the bad guy is and who is the good guy is not so cut and dried and you have to think about it. I love the production value the filmmakers were able to achieve with their modest budget and all the challenges that they had to overcome. I think this is a very under appreciated gem of a film.

    3. liliana says:

      hi !!Im so upset… because i cant find this movie here in argentina!! i leave in Neuquen , and im a great fun of Gerry. how can i get it??. thank.s

    4. Yvonne Georgiou says:

      I just watched this movie on Friday and thought it was fantastic. A powerful and sad story of discrimination, loyalty, revenge and regret. The treacherous sub zero conditions in which BAG was filmed made the scenery absolutely stunning and very atmospheric. All the actors were amazing in this considering the terrible conditions and pressures they were under. Gerry was outstanding as the strong and powerful warrior hero, who on the one hand was loyal to King Hrothgar and loved all the action and the thrill of slaying monsters, but also had a strong will to be fair and good, and felt deep compassion and regret for how Grendel and his family had been treated. That’s what makes Gerry a brilliant actor of our times, his skill and ability to be so multifaceted in all the roles he plays.

      I watched the recent Robert Zemekis version of Beowulf before I watched BAW, and although the visual effects were stunning and the voice acting of Ray Winston and Anthony Hopkins was outstanding, the story was not as powerful or as moving as BAG. BAG should have got more recognition than it did. Nevertheless I’m sure everyone responsible for making this film was extremely proud, including Gerry who has made so many great choices about the films he plays and who I respect for not always choosing films which may become blockbusters but films which have meaning and wonderful stories.

      Mrs G.xx

    5. debbie boucher says:

      I have watched this Countless times. Gerry made this so perfect. If I was a witch, I would bewitch us to the wild Highlands in Scotland to live happily ever after. Gerry- I think you are SO HOT !

    6. sue grint says:

      i really enjoyed this film. i found it so strangely weird and wonderful at the same time. when it first started i thought whats going on here and nearly turned it off, but i persevered into this magical and mythical world. i thought gerry play beowulf superbly with great feeling and regret. the scenery was outstanding and i definitely will be visiting iceland within the next few years as i love outstanding scenery and this was exceptional. the parts were played brilliantly by all the main stars and i thought as well as gerrys acting, stellans part was great and very amusing at times. i liked the look of gerry as beowulf, especially his stature and his scars which i found very sexy and his all round appearance as this warrior. it was lovely also to hear his scottish tones in this and the fact that he didnt have to disguise his naturally voice.