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Vadim Jean
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Unknown minutes
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Gerard Butler…Robert Burns
James Cosmo
Brian Cox

In this sexy romantic epic, ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ meets ‘Amadeus’ in the form of Scotland’s greatest poet, Robert Burns. Bringing together a superlative ensemble cast, BURNS is at once a celebration of love and its passions, and a powerful, emotional look at a man’s journey in search of his true self. With his book in almost every house in West Scotland, the ‘ploughman poet’ moves to Edinburgh where his fame is immediate and spectacular, quickly elevating his status in the city’s high society – whereupon he recklessly challenges and seduces at every turn. Burns becomes the focus of countless female admirers, which Burns, already with a reputation for the ladies, is powerless to resist. But Burns soon tires of these easily won trophies and searches out an altogether headier brew in the form of Nancy McLehose – an elegant and mysterious woman of high status. For once Burns has met his match and the two of them joust along delicious and increasingly sexual lines. Eventually Burns realises that he must choose between the hedonistic world that has enveloped him and the truer, simpler more complete life offered by his first love Jean. Such was the power of his work and the epic sweep of his passionate life, the world still sings his infamous ‘Auld Lang Syne’ every New Year’s Eve, and celebrates his birthday on 25th January in Burns’ Night Suppers all over the world from Tokyo to Cape Town.

Production Notes:
This film is currently in PREPRODUCTION. No filming dates have been set. ┬áThe film will be co-produced by Gerry’s production company.

February 2, 2009 – After numerous inquiries from fans about possible fundraising for the film, we received word from director Vadim Jean that the film is on sound financial ground and that all that is required from fans is their wonderful spirit of generosity.

According to The Mob Film Company website, Burns is not a biopic, but an epic love story, a “Burns and his women” or Scottish Shakespeare in Love.

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