Dear Frankie

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Drama (PG-13)
Shona Auerbach
Running time:
105 minutes
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Gerard Butler …. The Stranger
Emily Mortimer …. Lizzie
Jack McElhone …. Frankie
Mary Riggans …. Nell
Sharon Small …. Marie
Sophie Main …. Serious Girl
Katy Murphy …. Miss MacKenzie
Sean Brown …. Ricky Monroe
Jayd Johnson …. Catriona
Anna Hepburn …. Headmistress
Rony Bridges …. Post Office Clerk
Douglas Stewart Wallace …. Stamp Shop Keeper
Elaine M. Ellis …. Librarian (as Elaine Mackenzie Ellis)
Carolyn Calder …. Barmaid
John Kazek …. Ally

After having responded to her son’s numerous letters in the guise of his father, a woman hires a stranger to pose as his dad when meeting him.Watch the Trailer:

Production Notes:
During film, the working title of the film was “Natural History”

Release Dates:
USA 4 May 2004 (Tribeca Film Festival)
France 18 May 2004 (Cannes Film Festival)
Denmark 23 August 2004 (Copenhagen International Film Festival)
UK 27 August 2004 (Edinburgh Film Festival)
Canada 13 September 2004 (Toronto Film Festival)
France 2 October 2004 (Bordeaux International Festival of Women in Cinema)
France 4 October 2004 (Aubagne Film Festival)
France 8 October 2004 (Dinard Festival of British Cinema)
USA 14 October 2004 (Austin Film Festival)
USA 18 October 2004 (Chicago International Film Festival)
USA 21 October 2004 (Heartland Film Festival), USA 22 October 2004 (Milwaukee International Film Festival)
USA 2 November 2004 (Scottsdale Film Festival)
UK 21 January 2005 (limited)
USA 4 March 2005 (Los Angeles, California)
IMDB Rating:
Filming Location:

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  1. Norberto Flattery says:

    Will you be open for rentals May 7-May 14?

  2. Georgina says:

    Love the movie, even back when I watched Dear Frankie in 2004 in Toronto International Film festival. Everyone’s awesome!

    Gerarld is so talented and I always enjoyed his movies. Love Gerald!

  3. It is Gerry’s best .

  4. I adore this movie – the story, the soundtrack, just everything. So much is said with so little dialogue. I loved all the characters. Gerry is just amazing. This is probably the second movie of GB’s that I had seen and I love him more with each movie I have seen. You laugh and you cry in this movie. I thought the acting by all was superb. I am still trying to sort out in my own mind about how Frankie found out The Stranger was not his dad, but the clues to me were when he looked at the map on the wall and saw how far he had to come in a short period of time, his mother taking time to put on makeup, the dance scene and how happy she was, and the fact that The Stranger was a big, strapping healthy looking man. I listened to the director’s commentary on the film and was confused by her statement when she said that Frankie knew that The Stranger was not his dad when he mentioned about going on the boat. I was confused about that because The Stranger was a sailor also. Frankie was a very smart boy and a “champion lipreader” as well. I don’t think he heard anything because Lizzie said to The Stranger on the beach “he can’t hear you”. I like to think that in the end when Frankie sent that letter that it would eventually get to him through Lizzie and that in time when he docked that they would meet again with the help of Marie, The Stranger’s sister. I guess I am just a romantic at heart!

  5. Rachel Frantz says:

    I love this movie! it is my number one favorite film that Gerard has made thus far. It is a great, endearing story well told, well acted and well directed. A lovely, enchanting pearl of a film. This movie is also very personal to me because I have known several women like Lizzie, women who were running from an abusive husband or boyfriend or partner. I have been fortunate not to have suffered the same in my own relationships. Aside from Gerard’s performance which was ace, I loved Emily Mortimer’s and little Jack McElhone’s performances, they were ace as well. My favorite character though has to be the grandmother. LOL 🙂 She makes laugh, I love that character. 🙂

  6. Darlene Hanlon says:

    This is the best film every. Gerry was superb. They story was excellent and I hoped the ending would have shown them getting together but it didn’t. This is my favorite movie so far.

  7. Dear Frankie is a marvelous film, great story, wonderfully acted by the entire cast, beautifully directed, that was unfortunately a limited release in the US. I found it after it had left the theaters in my area after seeing Gerard Butler in Phantom and bought the DVD. It is a movie that should make everyones favorite list and well worth the price I paid for it. You will see finely developed characters and acting by the cast that rivals some of the best classic films. If you are a Gerry Butler fan, you will really appreciate this movie.

  8. Yvonne Georgiou says:

    What a lovely touching story. Simple, realistic and hopeful. I just wanted to hug Lizzie, Frankie and The Stranger for being such strong but yet tender beautiful people with so much love to give to eachother. Lizzie reminds me of my mum and Frankie of myself as I grew up with a violent father and could relate to their pain and their will to survive. Once again Gerry has shown his versatility as an actor, playing a strong but yet sensitive and loving man.

    Very little is actually said in this film but the emotions the characters show in this film speaks volumes. I cried when Lizzie read Frankie’s last letter. The dance scene and the scene on the pier is so romantic and touching, and the kiss scene took my breath away.

    One of my favourite films ever.

  9. sue grint says:

    this film has been my best gerry film to date for years now. its such a nice heartwarming story and is set in such a beautiful part of scotland. i think its a story which could happen and people respond to it for that reason. the actors in this film play out their parts brilliantly and i think gerry is at his best to some extent in this. he shows his sensitive caring side and really brings a lovely feeling to the part with the stranger and lizzie trying to find themselves again in their struggle against what life has thrown them. i thoroughly recommend this film.

  10. Even though Gerry is in the movie for only a short time, his performance is wonderful. His facial expressions show so much of the emotion he is feeling at the time. I loved the scene at the aquarium and Frankie is looking at the seahorses and Gerrry comes around the corner and looks at him, I think it is at that time that “the stranger” decides that he wants to spend more time with Frankie and Lizzie.

  11. Such a simple and beautiful story! This was the second movie after Phantom Of The Opera that I saw Gerry in. He certainly gave his all in this one….such an understated but brilliant performance! It’s those facial expressions that set Gerry above the other actors…..IMHO! This will always be one of my favorite films!

  12. This film moved me beyond words. I found it touching, loving and full of hope. It is by far one of Gerard’s best.

  13. Brilliant!!!!!!!!!! Nothing else to say but that! The story, the acting, the setting, everything!!!!