Dracula 2000

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Horror (R)
Patrick Lussier
Running time:
99 minutes
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Gerard Butler …. Dracula
Christopher Plummer …. Abraham/Matthew Van Helsing
Jonny Lee Miller …. Simon Sheppard
Justine Waddell …. Mary Heller
Colleen Fitzpatrick …. Lucy Westerman (as Colleen Anne Fitzpatrick)
Jennifer Esposito …. Solina
Omar Epps …. Marcus
Sean Patrick Thomas …. Trick
Danny Masterson …. Nightshade
Lochlyn Munro …. Eddie
Tig Fong …. Dax
Tony Munch …. Charlie
Jeri Ryan …. Valerie Sharpe
Shane West …. J.T.
Nathan Fillion …. Father David

Also Known As:
Dracula 2001 (UK)
Wes Craven Presents Dracula 2000 (USA) (complete title)

A group of thieves break into a chamber expecting to find paintings, but instead they release the count himself, who travels to New Orleans to find his nemesis’ daughter, Mary Van Helsing.Watch the trailer:

Production Notes:
The Most Seductive Evil Of All Time Has Now Been Unleashed In Ours.

Release Dates:
USA 22 December 2000
Australia 15 March 2001
UK 15 June 2001
IMDB Rating:
Filming Location:
New Orleans, Canada

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  1. This movie is the only vampire movie I really love. The other ones I’ve watched really sucked, but Gerry did an awesome job and this movie got my sister obsessed with him and Phantom of the Opera. I hope that in my acting career we work together someday. Keep up the good work Gerry!

  2. I loved the new twist. Gerard`s screen test was so convincing. If Ihad been Lucy I would have been drawn to him.
    He is getting better with each film.
    I love to listen to his interviews he is always so funny.

  3. This Dracula is my favorite vampire movie of all time and I have seen many others through the years. No other actor has the screen presence like Gerard, who can always captivate his audience …..he is truly amazing. He is so cool in this and he is HOT …like always….the man can’t help it…he is cool and hot.

  4. dawn lavender says:

    is this where he changed his name to gerard instead of jerry?
    love the idea & he looks so young i will definately purchase it soon.
    as always he is incredible and so geogeous.

  5. I have to say Im a huge Dracula fan! Well vampires in general peek my interest. From Bram Stoker to Anne Rice!! But, I honestly think this is hands down 1 of my favs. Gerry may not have seen this as one of his best roles but,”You’ve come a long way Baby”! I really loved the modern edge of the film and the back story of dracula was so well thought out. I love how vampire lore was all tied together in the end! When they show his flash backs it makes it all come together so well. I thought the story was well done!!!!

  6. I love this movie. I can’t get enough of it. Gerry is great, and, of course, sexy! One of my favorite vampire movies.

  7. Kristin says:

    I really liked this movie. it shows a different twist of the original story

  8. Yvonne Georgiou says:

    I enjoyed this movie because it was an original approach to a classic story but with a modern twist. I rate Gerry for playing Dracula, previously played by many actors including brilliantly by Gary Oldman. Gerry made this role his own – dark, handsome and dangerous (as Wes Craven described Dracula). Gerry was intense and on fire and just like his role in Phantom he was terrifying but sexy and charming, and you couldn’t help but be drawn to him. Just like I would have chosen a passionate but dark life with the Phantom, I would have chosen a blood sucking thrilling life in hell with Dracula. Launching Dracula into the hedonistic chaotic 21st Century was a great idea, and making him Judas the betrayer of Christ at the end was such a touch. Although it’s been written that Gerry doesn’t regard this as one of his best films, we’ve all got bills to pay and Gerry is no exception. However you can tell that he put every ounce of passion and energy into this role as always, which paid off as Sue said by getting him the role in Phantom. More power to ya Gerry. Rock and Roll.

    Mrs Gxx

  9. Man, I have loved gerry for this muvee. i wasnt quite a fan of his b4 but dis muvee was simply awesome. my bedroom was dominated by anime b4 but now its gerry all over da place

  10. i dont like vampire films, but i had to watch it when i heard gerry was dracula, so i plucked up the courage to watch it , but in the middle of the afternoon. i am a bit of a wosh when it comes to horror, and i am one of those people who sit with their hands over their eyes when you hear that music saying something horrible is going to happen. i must admit i only did that a few times and the story was quite interesting. gerry looked so clean cut in this and boyish. the good thing about this film is that joel saw him in it and chose him to be in the p.o.t.o. which was a very good thing, dont you agree fans.

  11. The movie was a refreshing change from the other Dracula ones. This had more of a story about the characters and who they were. I liked the movie enough to buy the DVD.

  12. I actually enjoyed this one, despite the over the top bits and bad acting on others parts. I like the new twist on who dracula was and the vamp sex scene was very interesting to watch (though I was looking for the wires more than what was going on!)