Fast Food

Fast Food
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Drama/Crime (R)
Stewart Sugg
Running time:
99 minutes
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Gerard Butler …. Jacko
Douglas Henshall …. Benny
Emily Woof …. Letitia
Miles Anderson …. Dwayne
Stephen Lord …. Flea
Danny Midwinter …. Bisto
Robert Donovan …. Zac
Graham Turner …. Ernie
Sean Hughes …. Fish
David Yip …. Mr. Fortune-cookie
Michael Chmielewski …. Oleg
Lesley Duff …. Scarlett
Gary Sefton …. Mojo
Robin Clifford …. Hilary
Lincoln Hudson …. The butcher

Benny’s bach. To visit the friends her knew, and to find the girl he loved. But things have changed. Ond pals Zac, Jacko, Bisto and Flea are a bunch of bumbling wannabe criminals who waste their days playing music and scoffing food.

But Benny is determined to make sense of his life, and piecing together the fragments of the past leads him to Claudia. Once the girl from his childhood sweetshop, she’s now in deep with Dwayne, the local Mr. Big and until Benny gets her back he can’t begin to be the man he could have been.

Off-beat, provocative and stylish, “Fast Food” is a movie for the chemical generation; the sotry of one man on a collision course with his past.

Production Notes:
Available on DVD in the US on October 31, 2006.

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Release Dates:
Finland 14 May 1999, UK 28 January 2000
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  1. i really enjoyed this film for a good laugh, although i know in his interviews, gerrys refers to it as such a bad film. the thing he has with the pizza delivery boy is hilarious and the love he has for his goldfish is brilliant, like a big kid. i especially love the sketch with the tequila at the party and them dancing with their royal family masks on at halloween. it reminds me a bit of trainspotting but nearly so good. gerry looked quite fetching in his leopard skin yfronts, although in jay leno with queen latifah in 07 he owns up and says he put socks down the front to make himself look more gifted. he had such a bad attitude in this but it was very comical