Harrison’s Flowers

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Drama/War/Adventure (R)
Elie Chouraqui
Running time:
130 minutes
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Andie MacDowell …. Sarah Lloyd
Elias Koteas …. Yeager Pollack
Brendan Gleeson …. Marc Stevenson
Adrien Brody …. Kyle Morris
David Strathairn …. Harrison Lloyd
Alun Armstrong …. Samuel Brubeck
Caroline Goodall …. Johanna Pollack
Diane Baker …. Mary Francis
Marie Trintignant …. Cathy
Christian Charmetant …. Jeff
Gerard Butler …. Chris Kumac, photojournalist
Scott Anton …. Cesar Lloyd (as Scott Michael Anton)
Marie-Béatrice Bernert …. Austrian Woman
Christopher Clarke …. David
Dragan Antonic …. Chetnik

Also Known As:
Fleurs d’Harrison, Les (France) (subtitle)

When a Newsweek photojournalist disappears in war-torn Yugoslavia, his wife travels to Europe to find him.

Production Notes:
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Release Dates:
Spain 23 September 2000 (San Sebasti�n Film Festival), France 24 January 2001, Sweden 25 January 2001 (Gothenburg Film Festival), Belgium 31 January 2001, Czech Republic 5 April 2001, Spain 20 April 2001, Switzerland 26 April 2001 (German speaking region), Netherlands 14 June 2001, Turkey 2 October 2001 (TV premiere), Italy 12 October 2001, Greece 10 January 2002, Iceland 14 March 2002 (limited), Canada 15 March 2002 (limited), USA 15 March 2002 (limited), South Africa 23 August 2002, Iceland 13 September 2002, Portugal 31 January 2003
IMDB Rating:
Filming Location:
Czech Republic, New York City

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  1. Charlene says:

    I would love to get a copy of this movie, dvd, vcr tape, any idea on how. I have never heard of this movie but I think it’s great and I love the actress, she’s fabulous. Any idea on where and how much it costs?

  2. gerry was only in this film a few brief times, but the film was very enlightening. it was a very good thriller, but i found it quite upsetting, realising that this was happening in that part of the world in real life.