Jury, The

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Pete Travis
Running time:
300 minutes
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Gerard Butler …. Johnnie Donne
Dimitri Andreas …. Jan Kukos
Nathalie Armin …. Usher
Gillian Barge …. Eva Prohaska
Nick Bartlett …. Prison Officer
Paul Bhattacharjee …. Dr. Nirmal
Darren Boyd …. Sebastian
Isabel Brook …. Isobel
Stuart Bunce …. Charles Gore
Richard Buss …. Laurie Thorpe
Andy Capie …. Glazier
Sonnell Dadral …. Duvinder Singh
Matthew Thomas Davies …. Charlie Crawford
Glyn Dilley …. Court Official
Matt Dineen …. Heavy Skinhead
James Doherty …. David Hind
Jim Dunk …. DCI Shand
John Duttine …. Mark Waters
Steven Emrys …. Mr. de Jersey

In London’s imposing Old Bailey courthouse, a gruesome crime is brilliantly prosecuted, ingeniously defended, and then painstakingly judged … A 15 year-old white boy has been killed in cold blood. His classmate, a quiet, reclusive Sikh boy, is on trial for murder. It is a trial that becomes a tinderbox for the justice system and race relations in the country. The decision hangs on a knife-edge and falls to the twelve jurors who find themselves the focus of national attention. They have to cope with intense pressure, threats and intimidation as they embark on the biggest soul searching experience of their lives. Probing the personal stories of the ordinary citizens who are given the ultimate authority over truth, The Jury weaves a fascinating tale of troubled lives in a racially charged case. Sir Derek Jacobi (I,Claudius; Cadfael) stars as defense counsel George Cording, who represents a Sikh teenager charged with killing a fellow pupil with 28 blows from a ceremonial sword. Also starring is Sir Antony Sher (Her Majesty, Mrs. Brown) as crown prosecutor Gerald Lewis, known to hapless defendants as “the bastard of the Bailey.” And then there is the jury: “a real mixed bag,” says Cording approvingly. “Women, men, young, old, black, white. A real jury. A real London jury.” Among the twelve are Rose Davies (Helen McCrory: Lucky Jim, Anna Karenina), a beautician desperate to escape her dead-end marriage; Johnnie Donne (Gerard Butler: Mrs. Brown), a recovering alcoholic who becomes Rose’s soul mate; Marcia Thomas (Nina Sosanya: Prime Suspect), a single mother who is the first target of jury intimidation mounted by the family of the victim; and Peter Segal (Michael Maloney: Me & Mrs. Jones), a disheveled businessman. Also on the panel are Charles Gore (Stuart Bunce: All the King’s Men), a Catholic seminarian having doubts about his chosen vocation; Elsie Beamish (Sylvia Syms), an elderly widow drawn to Charles because of their shared faith; and Jeremy Crawford (Nicholas Farrell: Bramwell), a family man with a disastrous gambling streak. Authenticity and gravitas were enhanced by shooting in the magnificent Great Hall of the Old Bailey — the first time filming has been permitted inside the historic structure, which was built in the early 1900s on the site of the old Newgate Prison. The Jury draws viewers deeply into the psychological stresses and shifting alliances that ultimately lead a jury to choose guilt or innocence.

Production Notes:
This production was a six-part television miniseries.

Release Dates:
UK 17 February 2002
IMDB Rating:
Filming Location:
United Kingdom

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  1. Bonnie Shirley says:

    By the way, his character’s name is the same as a famous poet, John Donne, and he got a reference to Attila the Hun in, during the jury discussions, which he had done not too long ago. Amusing. You go, Gerry!

    Waiting for Coriolanus and Machine Gun Preacher!

    Bonnie, Oldbutnotdead.

  2. Bonnie Shirley says:

    Bought the jury DVD and watched it tonight. Thought it was good. Hollywood cant do that kind of thing well anymore. Big problem though with my favorite boy, Gerard! He stuck out like a sore thumb! Did a wonderful acting job, but he was way too gorgeous, better looking than all the women. It was destracting seeing this very beautiful man standing about a head taller and broader than anyone else in the room.

    It has to be difficult to be a serious actor and look like that; like beautiful women with talent are often treated as just a property. Granted that was 8 years ago, but still, he looks pretty darned good for 41. Kudos to his mom for raising a good kid.

    I always think of him as my beautiful, randy, intelligent nephew!

    Recommend the series, though. Bonnie, aka, Oldbutnotdead!

  3. heidi sayre says:

    Just watched the movie; intended to spend the weekend on it but couldn’t help but watch it straight through. It was that good and Gerry’s character was brilliantly played (as are all of his characters). He was so believable that he wasn’t playing Johnnie, he was Johnnie. I found this at DVD set my local library, so before you spend hours trying to find it on the internet, try just ordering it at your library. That’s also a good place to find a lot of his older / earlier work. They’re ALL worth watching.

  4. I just recently watched clips of the Jury on u-tube what saw was very good so I have ordered the dvd.

  5. Rachel Frantz says:

    This is my fourth favorite movie. I found this movie very compelling. I really got into it, I was trying to work out who killed this kid along with the characters. LOL 🙂 I love movies that suck you in to them. I loved Gerard’s performance in this I am certain him being a person who is an alcoholic in recovery, this role touched a nerve. I loved how this character was so real in his raw vulnerability, insecurity, and resigned acceptance of the road ahead as an alcoholic in recovery. I loved the actor who played the sponsor, that was a great character. This is a another movie I liked from start to finish and really got into all the characters and was really invested in the outcome of their stories. Great movie!

  6. Gertrude R. duell says:

    Hello, This was a great story and kept me on the edge of my seat. And any film with Gerry in it is always sought after. His portrayal of Johnny really tugged at my heart and was the best in the movie. Now if BBC would re..release Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married,millions of us would be happy to purchase the DVD. From the clips I have seen of it, It”s very sexy a really WOW PICTURE. come on GALS. campaign with me for Lucy S. Very Sincerely, GERT… WISCONSIN…USA.

  7. sue grint says:

    i really enjoyed this drama and got right into it as its another long series to seat thorough but well worth it. gerrys part in this is so sweet and caring and he puts so much into it and shows you what hes been thorough. i enjoyed the court storyline and you get so involved in it that you feel like one of the jurors yourself trying to work out the clues as to who did what and when. gerrys part was very emotional at times and you did feel so sorry for him when rose kept leading him on, but he persevered and got the girl at the end. the best sketch, acting wise for gerry, i thought was when he went off the rails and got throughly drunk when rose told him she was married. i thought he was brilliant at that, and probably being a bit of a drinker and getting rat arsed when he was younger a lot , helped him play this part brilliantly. he always says that what he went thorough when he was younger has helped him in a lot of his role playing.