Little White Lies

Re-airs Occassionally on Public Television
Philip Saville
Running time:
120 minutes
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Tara Fitzgerald …. Beth Marsh
Cherie Lunghi …. Julia
Peter Bowles …. Oliver
Gerard Butler …. Peter
Janie Dee …. Helen
Martin Wenner …. David Marsh
Poppy Rogers …. Rosie
Jim Hooper …. Coroner’s Officer
Neelan Bakashi …. Building Society Officer
Tim Page …. Vicar (as Timothy Page)
Stephen Guilfoyle …. Policeman
Michael Sheldon …. Solicitor
Stuart Richman …. Hotel Manager
Darlene Johnson …. Hotel Manageress
Beryl Nesbitt …. Grandma

The tragic, unexpected death of David (Martin Wenner) in a car-crash causes the cosy, safe life of gardener Beth (‘Fitzgerald…

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Release Dates:
UK – 18 July 1998
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  1. Bonnie Shirley says:

    Here in the US, as with Lucy Sullivan, it can only be seen on Youtube, as individual scenes. You can see it, you just have to patiently go through each Youtube video of it to see the plot and all the action.

  2. I also search for all of Gerards movies but I couldn’t find them all 🙁 I gree too, they have to bring them out on DVD!

  3. I agree with Donna Jean BBC needs to rerelease Little White Lies and Lucy Sullivan. Little White Lies is one the only ones I haven`t seen. Wish I could get a copy of it.

  4. I wish there was some way we could get the production companies to release all of his earier movies to Amazon or Blockbuster so we can by or rent them.

  5. Donna Jean and George Montalbano says:

    Hi There,
    I agree release all his older movies. My family has most of them from, but long ago I got a few mangie and i mean mangy copies of Little White Lies which was excellent what we could see of it. Acting was terrific. Also had a horrible copy of some of The Sullivan thingy. It was darn good acting on his part also. Most of the old ones I was able to buy from, but it truly is a shame, now that he is world known that we can’t get decent copies of Lucy Sullivan, Little White Lies and the older ones…I think the oldest I have are The Cherry Orchard, The Jury, One More Kiss all of these are really nice presentations, but the others Little White Lies and Lucy Sullivan are terrible…he was soooo good in them. Come on…lets get some new copies of these.

  6. Block Buster has alot of Gerry`s movies that you can order to rent. then if you want you can buy it on Amazon. That is what I have been doing I have watched over 20 of his movies and and quite a few in my collection.

  7. I would like to see this film, i think, i dream about it, but i can’t find it. There’s no dvd in the shop, no files on torrent sites. I found everythere only description and in all appearance the film would be very interesting. Does anyboby know where it’s possible to get it?

  8. I won a dvd of this movie when my name was chosen as a prize winner during the Global Birthday Celebration weekend. I was thrilled to aquire a copy of this tv movie to add to my collection of shows Gerard Butler has starred in. I was quite pleased to see his role as Peter kept him in the entire movie. As usual, his performance was excellent. I think this is a dvd every Gerry fan would love to see.

  9. Bernadette Digioia says:

    I would really like to see this movie. Due to the status of Gerry’s career right now I think that all movies made by Mr.Butler should be release to the public at this time. who ever is holding the rights to these movies at this time is sitting on a gold mine. come on people its a no brainer here.

  10. little me says:

    is there any way i can get this on dvd (or vhs)???

  11. i enjoyed this film greatly and gerry was so caring and understanding in it, its sad he didnt get the girl in the end so to speak. he looked so young in it but i suppose its understandable as it was one of his first tv performances back in 98. hes come so far now. 10years on.