Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married

Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married
Available on DVD in Australia
Comedy / Romance
Brian Grant and Sarah Hellings
Running time:
990 minutes
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Cameron Jack …. George
Niall Buggy …. Mr. Sullivan
Gerard Butler …. Gus
Debbie Chazen …. Meredia
Letitia Dean …. Charlotte
Zoë Eeles …. Karen
Simon Greenall …. Richard
Andy Henderson
James Hillier …. Steve
Pascal Langdale …. Daniel
Dilys Laye
Sam Loggin …. Lucy Sullivan
David Simeon …. Ken Kennedy
Shirley Stelfox …. Mrs. Nolan
Sara Stockbridge …. Megan
Gwyneth Strong …. Hetty
Oliver Tobias
Frances Tomelty …. Mrs. Sullivan
Michael Troughton …. Ivor

Fun, sexy, half hour drama series new to Romantica. Lucy Sullivan is getting married, she’s just not sure who is the best man.

At 24, Lucy Sullivan is a late bloomer. Now she’s making up for lost time and that means it’s goodbye to Mum and Dad, her home town and boyfriend and hello London, new friends and the wonders of shared accommodation.

And one more thing, Lucy Sullivan is getting married.

At least that’s what the fortune teller told her and now the rumour has a life of its own – especially around work. If that’s not bad enough, the fortune teller didn’t say who the lucky guy was going to be – only that he wouldn’t be Lucy’s “usual type” and it would happen in a year’s time.

For Lucy Sullivan and her many willing friends, it’s more than a challenge, it’s destiny.

Join Lucy Sullivan is getting Married for a funny, sexy half hour as Lucy and her flatmates, Charlotte and Karen, and her work mates, Megan, Meredia and Hetty, party their way around London looking for a husband.

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Production Notes:
This tv series is not currently available on DVD or VHS in the United States.

Release Dates:
1999 by Carnival (Films and Theatre) Ltd.
IMDB Rating:
Filming Location:
United Kingdom

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  1. Beveelevee says:

    When will this dvd be available in USA format, this and “Young Person’e guide to Being a Rock Star” are the only movies of Gerry’s I don’t have.

  2. Here is where you can purchase this DVD and they make it easy. It arrives promptly. The only qualification is that it is not in North America Region so you need a regionless DVD player.

  3. How can I order copies of these series tapes/dvds ?

  4. Bernadette Digioia says:

    So how do I go about ordering it in australia, any Ideas.

  5. sue grint says:

    i got the whole series of this a few months back, and ever now and again i will watch the whole series, as once you start you cant stop and watch another day, so you have to have a lot of time on your hands as its 16 episodes long. i thought gerry was a right bastard in this but a lovely bastard and very funny at times. i loved his first part in it when he met lucy and was telling her about what to call the star, and also when he was throwing the bottle into the thames to show his undying love for her. he was so full of shit, but he was so convincing that he was an honest and caring person. but he obviously wasnt as they all worked out at the end. if you have the time it is well worth watching for a really good laugh.

  6. This is somewhat like watching Travolta steal every scene in Welcome Back Kotter–except it is Gerry playing Gus with so much energy and youthful hubris. There is good chemistry between Lucy and Gus, and the scenes really are funny.