Mrs. Brown

Mrs. Brown
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Drama / History / Romance (PG)
John Madden
Running time:
103 minutes
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Judi Dench …. Queen Victoria
Billy Connolly …. John Brown
Geoffrey Palmer …. Henry Ponsonby
Antony Sher …. Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli
Gerard Butler …. Archie Brown
Richard Pasco …. Doctor Jenner
David Westhead …. Prince of Wales (Bertie)
Bridget McConnell …. Lady Ely
Georgie Glen …. Lady Churchill
Catherine O’Donnell …. Lady-in-Waiting
Sara Stewart …. Princess Alexandra
Finty Williams …. Princess Helena
Claire Nicolson …. Princess Louise
Hattie Ladbury …. Princess Alice
Oliver Kent …. Prince Alfred

Also Known As:
Her Majesty, Mrs. Brown (USA)
Mrs Brown (USA)

Queen Victoria is deeply depressed after the death of her husband, disappearing from public. Her servant Brown, who adores her, through caress and admiration brings her back to life, but that relationship creates scandalous situation and is likely to lead to monarchy crisis.

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Production Notes:
Queen Victoria, the world’s most powerful woman. John Brown, a simple Scottish Highlander. Their extraordinary friendship transformed an empire.

Release Dates:
USA 18 July 1997
UK 5 September 1997
IMDB Rating:
Filming Location:

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  1. melissa, gerry was only 27 in that film, and he was running into the solent which is off the isle of wight which is off the coast of southern england, and it was his first every film debut and he has definitely improved with age, talent wise and looks wise. when you see him now in films like the ugly truth, gamer, rocknrolla and 3oo to mention a few, you can see how his career has slowly risen through the ranks, so to speak. it just shows us what talent he has with all his varied roles he plays, and i just love the way he chops and changes from comedy to action to thrillers. i am really looking forward to law abiding citizen but as in the uk have to wait until november, but seeings we have seen him two months running thats not too bad a time to wait.

  2. Gerry delivered great acting in this film, and should do more similar work and beware of doing only “hollywoodesque” films (which, don’t get me wrong, are enjoyable too; he makes the ultimate action hero). He looked too thin, but boy, those eyes are his trademark. He has always been a great actor and deserves more respect than he gets. May I say, I think he looks better at a heavier weight, as in Rock’nrolla. Very sexy.

  3. Melissa Perry says:

    The film is wonderful, but you have to love history and know something about Victoria. This is based on a true relationship between the Queen and John Brown. I think Gerald as Archie, his younger brother was very appropriate for the role he was playing – a servant. But yes, the wig was ghastly. As for looking scrawny running into the sea, he’s only about 32 here and plenty hot as was Billy Connolly (from a backward shot). Get real people, who of you would run and dive naked into a cold Scottish Sea. BRRRRRRRRR! Bravo to the both of them for doing it – I understand it was the first film shot. It’s just a foretaste of what’s to come. He caught my eye even back then and I knew he would become more well known.

  4. i wasnt really into this film and i didnt recognise gerry until his voice gave it away. he looked horrible, but i suppose it was true to the times. he looked so scrawny running into the sea, but im glad now hes added some meat to his bones, and when you see him naked in 300 and his arse shot in rocknrolla it is a terrific improvement.