One More Kiss

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Vadim Jean
Running time:
97 minutes
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Gerard Butler …. Sam
James Cosmo …. Frank
Valerie Edmond …. Sarah
Valerie Gogan …. Charlotte
Carl Proctor …. Barry
Danny Nussbaum …. Jude
Dilys Miller …. Mary
Ron Guthrie …. Robin
Michael Murray …. Market stall holder
Oscar Fullane …. Chef
Simon Tickner …. Chef
Lori Manningham …. Michael Angello, Frank’s dog
Hugh Wilson …. Frank’s false teeth
Robin Galloway …. Speaking voice of Shirley
Andrew Townsley …. Doctor Frith

Vadim Jean directs this strikingly photographed tale about Sarah (Valerie Edmond), a 30-year woman coming to terms with both her life and her terminal cancer. The film opens with her contemplating suicide on top of a New York skyscraper. Cut to northern England, where she returns to her widower father Frank (James Cosmo) and her now married ex-boyfriend Sam (Gerry Butler), whom she previously dumped to pursue a career in the States. Frank has settled into a melancholy housebound rut and is disconcerted by her sudden appearance. Sam still has some feelings for his ex, but his wife Charlotte is none too pleased with her presence. Told with humor and brevity, the film offers well-drawn characters who interact until the inevitable yet dignified end. ~ Jonathan Crow, All Movie Guide

Production Notes:
This film is available in the US, UK and Japan on DVD.

Release Dates:
UK – 18 February 2000 Japan – 31 August 2005 Japan DVD – 21 January 2006 US DVD – 06 June 2006
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  1. Karen Belyea says:

    I have to agree with Annette Brown (above) on everything she stated. I did not like the character of Sarah at all (poor casting), GB’s character was weak, and the only one I felt the pain for was the wife. It could have been a much better film but maybe it was realistic and not the way we would like things to happen. .

  2. Mister Gerard Butler very talented and versatile actor. Where he has learnt so to play? Thanks the director for shrillness and light grief. It as Anton Chekhov. Thanks for tears.


    i am from mexico city, where can i buy this movie one more kiss? i would like to watch it,

  4. One More Kiss is one of my favorite Gerry movies. While I thought the role of Sarah was miscast, I loved Gerry in it, and I thought the storyline was fascinating. It’s interesting to analyze what is really going on with each character. I really felt for Charlotte. And I loved that actress. AND, Gerry was so gorgeous in it that I had to watch it numerous times just to look at him.

  5. Annette Brown says:

    I have to be honest (though obviously I’m a huge fan of GB!) This is the absolute least favorite of all the work of GB (that I’ve seen). His performance was ok. But the character’s weren’t written very well. I found myself not sympathizing with any of them. I sympathized a bit with the wife. But she was written in such a way – that she was the “bad guy” – when clearly she was a woman who wanted to fight for her relationship. The character GB played was written (or maybe portrayed) in such a way that he didn’t have much of a backbone and made choices in a very weak way – So you couldn’t really root for the character or feel good about his choices. His old flame came off as very selfish and inconsiderate. Though she was dying, I found it hard to sympathize for her. So… you know, I just didn’t enjoy it. Of course, as with all film, it can be a very subjective experience. We all bring our life’s perspective to the theater. But it wasn’t bad enough to turn me off GB;)

  6. Joan Walker says:

    Gerard is brilliant in this movie. While watching this movie, I learned what a gifted actor Gerard is. It is my favorite movie. The interaction between the characters is very beautiful and real. Gerard has this knack of pulling you into his character. He has a softness and gentleness about him that is endearing.

  7. this is a lovely little film and gerrys character is so loving and caring. he is pulled between his old love and his new wife and it is very touching in places. i felt sorry for the wife at the end because she had stood by him but it was also hard on him because he was in the middle and was being pulled both ends. i loved the way he was there for sarah at the end but sorry for the wife who felt pushed out. very funny in places but also very sad. well worth watching to see how gerrys acting first started out and then obviously has progressed over the years. an early look at gerrys potential.