Phantom of the Opera, Andrew Lloyd Webbers

Phantom of the Opera, Andrew Lloyd Webber's
Available on DVD
Drama/Musical/Romance (PG-13)
Joel Schumacher
Running time:
143 minutes
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Gerard Butler …. The Phantom
Emmy Rossum …. Christine
Patrick Wilson …. Raoul
Miranda Richardson …. Madame Giry
Minnie Driver …. Carlotta
Ciarán Hinds …. Firmin
Simon Callow …. Andre
Victor McGuire …. Piangi
Jennifer Ellison …. Meg Giry
Murray Melvin …. Reyer
Kevin McNally …. Buquet
James Fleet …. Lefevre
Imogen Bain …. Carlotta’s Maid
Miles Western …. Carlotta’s Wigmaker
Judith Paris …. Carlotta’s Seamstress

A disfigured musical genius, hidden away in the Paris Opera House, terrorizes the opera company for the unwitting benefit of a young protege whom he trains and loves.

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Production Notes:
Released on DVD in the US – May 5, 2005
Release on DVD in the UK – April 28, 2005

2005 – Nominated – Academy Awards – Best Achievement in Art Direction, Best Achievement in Cinematography, Best Achievement in Musci Written for A Motion Picture-Best Original Song

2005 – Nominated – Saturn Award – Best Action/Adventure/Thriller Film, Best Costumes, Best Performance by a Younger Actor-Emmy Rossum

2005 – Nominated – Art Directors Guild – Excellence in Production Design Award – Feature Film – Period of Fantasy Film

2005 – WON – Critic’s Choice Awards – Best Young Actress – Emmy Rossum

2005 – Nominated – Critics Choice Awards – Best Picture 2005 – Golden Globes – Best Motion Picture, Best Original Song, Best Performance by an Actress-Musical or Comedy-Emmy Rossum

2005 – Nominated – Golden Satellite Awards – Best Actor-Gerard Butler, Best Supporting Actor-Patrick Wilson, Best Actress-Emmy Rossum, Best Supporting Actress-Minnie Drive, Best Art Direction/Production Design, Best Cinematography, Best Motion Picture/Comedy or Musical, Best Original Song, Best Screenplay, Best Sound Editing

Release Dates:
UK 10 December 2004
USA 22 December 2004 (limited)
IMDB Rating:
Filming Location:
Pinewood Studios, UK

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  1. I can’t even begin to describe how much this movie means to me. I’d never watched 300, never watched Tomb Raider….I had no idea who Gerard Butler was before I watched this movie. And pardon me, but I’m about to write a really long comment….

    Cut to exactly 13 months ago, August 2, 2008. I’m a huge fan of the European band Nightwish and I saw their live cover of “The Phantom of the Opera”, which is the very song that inspired the lead singer (female) to take classical voice. I knew about the musical because the classic mask icon had terrified me as a child, but I only heard a tiny bit of “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again” and I didn’t know this was tied to the musical. I was walking around my dad’s house after watching the video, and what would you know, I happened to see the 2-disc DVD for Phantom of the Opera! It was a freaky coincidence, but the pose of Gerry and Emmy on the cover took my breath away. So I popped the DVD into the player and watched the movie.

    Oh. My. God. There were entire scenes where I almost couldn’t breathe. The music was amazing, and even though Gerry’s voice took some getting used to, he was SO INCREDIBLY good in the movie. The last 30 minutes had me holding my breath; his acting, the passion behind every action, was so evident that I suddenly realized that I hadn’t seen acting this good for an extremely long time. His expressions: when taking Christine down to his lair, during Music of the Night, after the swordfight, Final Lair…………..AMAZING. I could go on forever about how beautifully he plays his role.

    The following weeks, I kept watching Phantom of the Opera, at least twice a day. As soon as the end credits started rolling, I would hit the menu and watch it again. And again. And again.

    After that, I discovered Windows Movie Maker, uploaded the movie to my computer, and now I make Phantom of the Opera wallpapers, Phantom music videos for Youtube and write fanfiction. And I keep adding Phantom-related pictures to my huge collection. Just because of one movie, I’ve become a huge fan of the musical, gotten the original book by Gaston Leroux, gotten the movie soundtrack, and driven my parents crazy in the process!!

    God, I LOVE this movie. So much. Gerard Butler’s nothing short of superhuman.

  2. I can honestly say that Gerry, in this role of The Phantom Of the Opera, really changed my life. I’ve never been a member of a fan club, or ever followed an actor’s carreer, as I have done with Gerard Butler. I was so mesmerized by his performance in POTO, that I just had to find out who this guy was, and what other movies, he had been in. Just half a face!!! and I couldn’t take my eyes off of him!!! I believe he has what it takes to be wonderful in each & every role he plays.
    5 yrs. later, and he has yet to disappoint me!!! But without “The Phantom of the Opera”, he’d still be another handsome face, in the sea of handsome actors out there, to me.

  3. Sugarfoot says:

    I have every work on dvd that Gerry has done, Yes he has done some wonderful movies and not so wonderful, but his best has to be “The phantom of the opera”… it is obvious that he put his very
    soul into that work. Action heros are great, gotta give him that,,, but the Phantom, well I ‘m not sure
    that he will ever top his performance in that movie….. As one who saw Michael Crawford on state, I have
    to say the story and music were unbelievable, but the movie gives us insight into the very soul of the
    Phantom… and without Gerry;s portral and work and giving his 100+ percent, well, we would never have been able to see into the soul of “Erik” for me it was Gerry…. the one we all fell in love with. I can’t wait
    for his portral of Rabbie Burns….. Gerry is made for serious movies,,,,, action heros’ well that happens to
    be where the money is right now and we all (those that love him) know in order for him to do the movies
    that have his heart, he will need to make the money. That’s life. So God’s Speed, Dear Gerard. Gods Speed.

  4. Kendall C. says:

    I love Gerry in this movie. I have memorized every song with him in it. I’m always om the Phantom’s side. WHY DOES HE NEVER GET WHAT HE WANTS?

  5. I watched PS, I Love You last night and liked it, but not as much as Phantom of the Opera. I have seen the more common POTO movies, and Gerry is the best Phantom. After Christine left him, I have cried every time. I have followed his movies since watching Phantom of the Opera.

  6. Judy S. says:

    I absolutely love Gerard Butler. He was fantastic in Phantom of the Opera. I also liked him as Lara Croft ex boyfriend in Tomb Raider. I think he would make a fantastic James Bond, much better than who plays him now.

    How about it Mr. butler, why not do some James Bond. You have my vote. You are one sexy man.

  7. Kristin says:

    I love Gerrys performance in this movie. The way he portrayed the character and his beautiful singing voice made me just want to hug him. i have followed him ever since.
    Keep up the good work gerry:)
    Hugs from Norway:)

  8. LU QIAOyi says:

    I am a Chinese.I like this movie every much!
    I will always support Gerard Butler!

  9. sherry m says:

    I love this movie. Gerry made the Phantom come to life. He shows how a lonely person can feel. Not to mention his voice great He can be my angel of music. I will be waiting

  10. Sue Phagan says:

    I was bowled over with the performance of Gerard Butler in POTO, and have since seen all of his movies. He is the most versatile and passionate talent I have ever seen!

  11. C.J. in Ocala, Florida says:

    I can’t get enough of Gerard Butler’s acting. He is by far the most sensational actor I’ve seen in a long time. He was so perceptive in developing the depth of the Phantom. There have been a few renditions of the PTO, but Mr. Butler’s performance, in my mind, tops all of the them, which includes P.S. I Love You. I’m looking forward to seeing LAC and TUT. I wonder if he’ll ever become a Drama coach? He could teach a lot about acting and the timing of every line in a movie. I wish Mr. Butler much happiness and continued success.

  12. I loved this film. also it was the saddest ever. i cryed the whole time. i loved it

  13. This movie in my collection is number 1…i watch this movie in one breath. I think that after Dracula 2000 i will not see the same look and manner, but i was wrong and now i’m happy to see Phantom of the opera!

  14. carol patulak says:

    I watched P.S. I love you last night. When I saw Gerry , I knew those eyes. ( googled him today ) and , Yes there it was , My Beloved Phantom!. I would love to see him in another musical. He is so talented and believeable in his portrayal of the Phantom.

  15. Joan Walker says:

    I saw “Phantom of the Opera” on Christmas Eve on this huge screen. It was the best movie experience. Gerard is the Phantom to me. In fact, every role he plays I always believe he is that character. He takes you to another dimension like I have never witnessed in any other actor. I am totally fascinated by this man. His face, body, and voice reveal his emotions and I am swept up. We are so lucky to have Gerard in the movies, because otherwise it would be pretty dull.

  16. Patricia says:

    Bueno hace poco vi la pelicula…no la habia visto nunca y kede gratamente sorprendida por ella…algo sabia de la opera ke habia de ella…aunke no entiendo por que no keda el fantasma con la niña….si esto pasara en la vida real bien ella podria haberse quedado con el fantasma…un final triste…buena actuacion de gerard butler….me encanto.

  17. My fav film everr!! Gerard plays the phantom better than anyone and his voice is soo enchanting .. I LOVE HIM!!!

  18. The depth of emotion and acting chops Gerard Butler portrayed in Phantom was great. I had seen three stage productions in Toronto during its ten year run and appreciated the cast for what they brought each time along with the technical aspects of the show. The Joel S movie was in my estimation perfectly cast, wonderfully directed, choreographed and certainly as well acted, probably better, than anything I saw on stage. It brought the sadness of the story to your attention and in my case changed my thoughts about a person who is so challenged that it brings out the worst and then the best in them. If they do develop a new story , Love never Dies, and it does make its way to the screen, hopefully the cast from the original will be available to make the sequel. If it is recast with other actors I think there would be great resistance as while this film was panned by the “critics” it was well received by the public. It has a huge “Phan” following and could possibly be another success for Gerard, Emmy Rossum and the rest of the cast.

  19. I totally agree this was Gerard’s best.. Gerard is the best phantom ever. When I first heard of this I was only 10 and I did not know it was a movie. I went to see it on the big screen in christmas 2004 and I’ve been obsessed with this film ever since. I have seen many other movies including musicals but I’ve never experienced the feeling I did when I watched this film for the first time. I was so amazed and hypnotised by it all that I kept talking about it forever. Gerard is so amazing and if he didn’t take part in this film I’m sure that I wouldn’t have loved it as much as I did and do. He managed to be the lonely disfigured man but still sensual and sexy. I just love him and the movie so much!!

  20. Deborah says:

    Its funny, when i first saw Phantom of The Opera, I fell totally in love with the Phantom, having no idea the part was played by Gerard Butler. I was totally hypnotized by this actor’s portrayal of the character. Perfect in every way. Sexy, tender, passionate — a great love story. Years later, while watching 300, I became a huge fan of Gerald Butler. What a presence. He is captivating in the Phantom of the Opera. You cannot help to fall in love with him. I wanted him so to prevail at the end. I would have taken him over the other one in a heartbeat. What a Man!!!!!

  21. My son gifted us with tickets to see the stage play of Phantom, he knew how much I had always wanted to see the play. I was very disappointed, it did not come close to my expectations. I went home with an empty feeling wondering why it had become such a hit. A few weeks later I was at the video store and they had Phantom playing on one of the monitors. I decided to give it one more try and rented it. Well my life has not been the same since!! I fell totally in love with the movie and the next day I bought my own copy along with the sound track for my car CD player. Gerard was fantastic, and captured my heart as no other actor ever has. I love not only the tender scenes but also the sceen where Christine rips off his mask and he throws her aside in rage and calls her a little viper. I am totally convinced no one could have played this part better, he is an amazing actor.

  22. Violet28 says:

    Gerry you are the best of the best.

    Mi admiradisimo Gerry: no hay palabras para decite lo muchisimo que te admiro ,desde que vi
    Attila en 2001, sigo tu carrera cinematografica ,para mi eres el mejor actor de todos los tiempos ,aparte de tu prefecta e inigulable belleza como hombre,que me encanta ,en The Phntom of the Opera ya cai rendida como una incondicional fan y tu voz me cautivo ¡¡que voz mas bella ,gracias por deleitar mis oidos ,amo todas tus peliculas, ni que decir tiene que es tu presencia las que las hace hermosas y bellas y que las vo una y otra vez solo por el hecho de ver tu maravilloso trabajo y como no,soy una mujer y me encanta verte,eres un sueño ,ya se que estars cansada de oir todas esas cosas,pero asi lo siento yo ,mis peliculas preferidas son “The Phantom of the Opera,”300″ Attila” Mi querido Frankie”y “Timeline”.PS Y LOVE YOU
    Que DIOS te bendiga todos los dias de tu vida.
    Gracias por hacerme tan feliz con tu maravilloso trabajo,eres adorable .
    Recibe todo mi cariño desde BENIDORM -ALICANTE-ESPAÑA-


  23. I live in Taiwan and I’m so happy that I can watch the movie and buy the DVD here.
    I really admire Gerard’s performance. He is so excellent at his singing and acting. The way he interprets “Phantom” is so pathetic and charming. I just love it and hope to see more his works.

  24. Perfect movie.. we really liked it.

  25. Gerry I with pleasure look all films with your participation, but to the best for me remains Phantom. My angel of music! It‘s-your triumph! I wish to wish you as much as possible such significant roles. You the best of the best! Bravo, Gerry!!

  26. i just luv the music! and i adore gerard, needless to say! it’s really amazing how conviencing he is in so many and so different roles. he gave the phantom an adorable side, a side that caused sympathy and luv.

  27. The best Phantom. There nothing else to say……wow.

  28. Hey, Im only 10 and phantom of the opera is my favorite movie ever! I want the phantom to win it always makes me so mad!

  29. The Phantom is my love. The Phantom must go on. Gerard, that’s all I ask of you.

  30. Melissa Perry says:

    Amazed at Gerard’s range. From Atilla to Laura Croft’s sideman, a scottish servant, a timetraveling historian, chairgripping emotion in Shattered, the 300 and now the sexiest Phantom of the Opera yet. I agree with many – why did she go off with Raoul? He could stand up in his coach and drive standing, big deal. A pretty face and empty head doesnt last. I would have gone with the Phantom in a heartbeat. He’s a genius. Just needs the love of a good woman.
    I’ve seen POTO twice on Broadway – different performers – and neither of them engendered the sympathy and passion that Gerard did. You can listen to the soundtrack and weep from the emotion in his voice. What possibilities are ahead for him. I wish him success but never lose your joy in what you do.





  32. Well, I’m convinced and won over and I am a total skeptic. I saw “300” and liked it…especially impressed by the great physical shape of the actors but thought that was probably computer generated. I do not remember G.B. in “Trainspotting…where was he?” When I bought POTO, I thought, “Who is that man? I’ve seen him somewhere before…” Looking it up on the web, then I remembered “300.” Perhaps in a world in which there is too much alienation and too much emphasis put on looking just a certain way in order to find acceptance, I understand the loneliness and anger of the phantom. But even with the disfigurement of his face, he is still the man…he has beautiful eyes and a stage presence that is overwhelming. And when he caresses Christina’s face, my knees buckle. I do not think I have ever seen a more erotic scene in any movie (and I’ve seen thousands…) That is what women want…not to be grabbed and slobbered over. The touch promises everything and one gets the feeling he can deliver what he promises so subtly as well. I loved that the story was so powerful, the music so moving, and the juxtaposition of a handsome young man with a mature unusual one. I would take Butler in a heartbeat over any handsome face. Because looks fade but character remains and what a character! I love the movie and have watched it many times…I skip to the scenes where Butler upstages everyone anyway. And I was surprised to learn that he and the other actors were actually singing their parts! That is not an easy thing to do, especially when one has not had the years of training needed to possess an operatic voice. Joel Schumacher’s decision to go with a “rock and roll” voice for Butler was a wise choice….I love the timbre of his voice. All I can say is, what a man.

  33. My Marriage of 30 years had broken up and I had gone into freeze mode. Still walking around but not on the planet really. My family were watching and waiting for a breakdown. Then my daughter bought me Phantom of the Opera. I had always wanted to see it but never had the time. I played it one night and it unlocked all the frozen emotion and I watched his pain and rejection and I connected. I understood and ached for that man and the tears rolled. Gerry’s voice is so expressive that it draws you in and you believe his love and his heartbreak. No-one could have played this role better. I love the Phantom and he touches my very soul and always after hundreds of viewings still brings me to tears. No other actor has ever done this. He saved me and I am totally devoted to the actor and the man. I have met him and he is kind caring of his fans and a wonderfully generous person. We are lucky to know him Thank you Gerry. A Hug.

  34. Tina Fravel says:

    I love this movie. I think Gerry did a wonderful job. He has a amazing voice. I have watched it over and over.


  35. I have loved and appreciated Gerry’s talent ever since 2000 with Dracula and 2001 in Atilla. This man can do anything! Of course, Phantom is his shining star; and I agree with all the other comments that no one else could play this role as magnificently. For those of you who are “new” to Gerry, you might want to see “One More Kiss” (you can really appreciate his Scottish dialect) and “Miracle Match” in which he plays an American soccer player. And we don’t want to forget “P.S. I Love you” and “Shattered”. When it comes to versatility, Gerry’s got it all! One reason he seems so unrecognizable is because all the roles he plays are so different from each other. To go from tragic, unrequited love as in Phantom to cute, light funny comedy as in “The Ugly Truth” takes unbelieveable talent. Let’s hope that more and more people come to appreciate Gerry in the future. We wish him the best and many more successes.

  36. Gerard Butler, you r a genius as the phantom, I m totally besotted nd i love you.

  37. ¡¡¡Bravo Gerry!!!
    Phantom of the Opera was my first experience with Gerard Butler. I had never heard of him before. Phantom of the Opera is my all time favorite movie. Gerry you are the best of the best.

    Gracias Mr. Gerard Butler por todo tu maravilloso trabajo,aqui en España somos miles de admiradores los que seguimos tu maravilloso trabajo,
    Muchas felicidades por tus magistrales interpretaciones de todas tus peliculas y gracias por hacernos tan felices de poder contemplarlas que DIOS te bendiga ,te deseo todo lo mejor del mundo,sigo toda tu magnifica obra Gracias,muchas gracias.
    Mi name is Isabel of Benidorm, España.Europa

  38. sherry mcguire says:

    This is the best movie ever. I have a 9 year old who also watches this over and over. She is so in love with this movie I hear about it every single day. God bless you gerry you make the angel of music come to life. I hope when the new phantom comes out you are in it.

  39. sue grint says:

    i had seen the stage show, but enjoyed the film much more, as there was so many added parts to it that you couldnt have in the show. the whole spectacle of the film was so much more and glamourous. the singing was unbelievable especially gerry as he had to train so hard for this part as he didnt come into initially as a singer. he portrayed this character brilliantly and the end bit when christine gives his ring back to him and he cries still gets me in the heart each time even though i have seen the film upteen times. my favourite part in the film is the point of no return sketch, especially the part in the water when the three of them are singing at the same time. the first time i heard this i thought it was unbelievable as the three different voices blending in together was out of this world. im not normally a musical type of person especially this sort of era, but i thoroughly recommend this film to anyone even if they dont think its there cup of tea.

  40. I have loved the stage production since it first came out. I have seen it so many times and places. The movie touched me in a way the stage version never did. Gerry spoke and gave the character life. He showed love, lust, sadness and so many emotions, he made me understand the character for the first time. It is my all time Gerry favorite movie. I have watched so many times. Before when I saw the play, I never understood what drove the Phantom, but after the movie, I felt all the sadness of a man who only wanted to feel loved.

  41. Phantom of the Opera is my all time favorite movie. From the first note to the very last. It was also the first Blu Ray disc I bought. I first saw it by borrowing my brother in laws copy. My girls loved it so much they had to have their friends watch it. My youngest daughter she was 4 at the time would, would sing Down Once More every where we went. I would come home and my 2 girls and there 2 friends would be playing my disc and acting out the movie. And everytime we watch the movie we keep hoping for movie magic and the Christine chooses the Phantom. After seeing this movie I went out and bought all Of Gerry Butlers movies and have since replaced them with blu ray. And I have honestly enjoyed watching Gerry grow as an actor.

  42. I saw this at the theater on opening day. I bought the soundtrack and wore it out. I have loved the music from this musical since I was a teenager and saw the stage production for the first time in London on my honeymoon in 1996. However it was the phantom’s voice that stuck with me- not the stage production or Crawford’s but the actor in the movie. However, until this past month, I did not know who that man was. GB’s voice is magical and perfect for the phantom!

  43. veoma mi je drago to sto ljubitelji filma”duh opere” u performansi gospodina gerarda butlera zele da se film obnovi-nastavi-.uzevsi u obzir i to da gerardu divno stoje uloge “romanticnih likova” kao sto je to “duh opere” zatim uloge “ratnih likova “kralja” “princa” “pravednika” i pravednih licnosti na pimer “film hunskog kralja”atila” zatim vojvode od transilvanije i karpata “vladislav tepes”ne iznenadjuje me i nema niceg “sporno”u zelji gerardovih ljubitelja filma…smrt vencane supruge “vilhemina”grofa “tepes” i danas je pokriven velom “misterije” to nije poznato u istoriji .grof tepes je takodje voleo jos jednu zenu a to je grofica “ilona szilagbdi”…inace ja volim ove istaknute uloge sa gerardom ali film “duh opere” je definitivno najbolje delo sto je gospodin butler uradio…moji preci su “kelti” …preci gerarda.b. su takodje “kelti” pa stoga i moje interesovanje i ljubav prema ovakvim zanrovima filma .sve moje pohvale i cestitke upucujem gerardu butleru… …tha gradh agam ort…

  44. Mary Jean Vena says:

    I too have seen Gerry for the first time in the POTO. It is now my favorite movie ever. Gerry’s performance was outstanding.

    I have seen the play on stage many times, but the movie is by far, much better than any performance I’ve seen. Gerry’s portrayal of the phantom is amazing. He is a great actor.
    He sang very professionally, especially that he had to learn how to sing for this performance.

    I can watch this movie many times over, and still feel as if I am seeing it for the very fist time.
    I can’t wait to be Burns, and hope that he brings this character dept and intensity as he did in the

  45. I had never heard of Gerard Butler until Phantom of the Opera. Wow! He knocked my socks off, so to speak. I truly fell in love with him while seeing this remarkable movie. It is my very favorite movie of all time now and I have watched it hundreds of times. It never fails to thrill me because it just has something really charismatic going on. Of course, Gerry is the best thing about the movie, tho I also like Emmy and Patrick Wilson in their parts. His handsome looks, wonderful sexy voice and everything about him just makes my heart skip a beat or two. I am so thrilled to hear that he will be making Burns soon. I have been hoping for that to happen for years since I first read about it. He is going to be fabulous as the great poet from Scotland.

  46. I can’t describe the feeling this movie gives me, its like I become part of it and it captivates me right from the opening scene to the very last moment, including the credits! It is so passionate, beautiful and tragic at the same time. The music is so vibrant and emotional and breathtaking. The acting, particularly Gerry, is phenomenal, its as though he actually becomes the phantom, he understands the character so perfectly and intimately and truly brings the character to life with all his complex emotions. I truly feel his sadness. Emmy was perfectly cast as Christine, her innocence, beauty and voice are magnificent.

    When I watch this movie it stays with me for days afterwards, the characters, the emotions and the music. There aren’t many films that do that. I actually don’t want to watch this movie too many times because I don’t want to lose the magical effect it has on me.

    Like many others this was the first time I had heard of Gerry and after this spectacular performance I am definitely a fan! I don’t think there are many actors around that can perform this role with such conviction and dedication, he truly gave himself to the role.

    I have now seen most of Gerry’s other roles and I think that he is one of the finest actors around at this time. Also watching and reading interviews by him I get the feeling that Gerry is just a normal down-to-earth guy that happens to have a fantastic talent. He hasn’t forgotten his roots and comes across as having such a likable and funny personality. I look forward to seeing him in his future roles and wish him the best of luck with his success!

  47. Phantom of the Opera was my first experience with Gerard Butler. I had never heard of him before. Gerry became the Phantom! I’ve seen 5 stage performances of POTO and the film was my very favorite! He put his whole being into this role. He made it so personal for me. His eyes and his expressions were priceless! He grabbed my heart as no other actor has ever done before. That walk with Christine down to the Lair was mesmerizing for me. I actually gasped when I saw that gorgeous face or half face in this scene. After that, I found out everything about this wonderful actor. It’s a shame a few critics were so hard on him…..I don’t think another actor could have possibly shone like Gerry did in this film! I think the more people see this….the more of a masterpiece it will become!

  48. June Holmblade says:

    I agree with Anna

    I too never heard of Gerry until Phantom and I love all of his work, but Phantom is most definately his very very best. I don’t think anyone could have been more convincing or could have done a better job at playing the phantom. I fell in love with Gerry at that moment and I have watched Phantom at least 20 times. Gerry is a superb actor who does not get enough recognition as far as I am concerned. I am looking forward to seeing “The Ugly Truth”, “Game” and “Burns”. Burns sounds really sexy. And Gerry is sexy all together.

    Gerry you are the best of the best. Keep up the great work.

  49. Hello Everyone,

    I feel the same way as Anna, after Gerry made this movie, I could hardly wait till his next movie.
    I just loved the movie “Frankie”. Gerry was just great and played the role with such sentiment.
    I am soooooo happy that he is finally getting the recognition that he is getting.Bravo Gerry!!!!!

  50. This is by far Gerard’s best. I think I have watched this movie 10 or more times and for me, only a classic can still make me put it in the dvd player and become mesmorized with the characters and the story unfolding. The characters were wonderfully developed throughout. I was completely captured by music of the night and innocence of the love portrayed by both Gerry and Emmy. Gerry believed he was the phantom and that is what makes the viewer believe he is the phantom and why I was so caught up in the drama. At the end, I wished for the phantom to retain Christine as his love-the only pleasure he had in life. We all have our wishes and desires that we know are impossible to become reality, but we dream them anyway in the privacy of our minds. Great work, Gerry. I had never heard of Gerry before this movie, but always loved the music. I hope Burns brings out the inner depth of this actor the way the phantom did.