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Short Film
Paul Black
Running time:
15 minutes
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Gerard Butler …. Peter (as Gerry Butler)
Kate Ashfield …. Molly
Danny Midwinter …. Thug
Bernice Stegers …. Agent
Lauren Cooke Gannon …. Lucy

Peter is a novelist who is going out of his mind because his wife and daughter have left him. He’s bought a Smith & Wesson and put one bullet in it… View the short:

Production Notes:
This film was available free as an online download only from Atom Films. It as never available for purchase.Best Live Action at the Palm Springs International Short Film Festival

Best Short film at the British Academy Awards

Official Selection at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in 1999

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  1. Celeste Martinez says:

    This short film, so, depicts what most of society deals with on an every day basis. Doesn’t matter what it is in our everyday life that brings us to this point but it shows just how fragile we humans all are. The short film, “Please”, touched me with such a dose of reality and really made me think of how tightly wound we all are in every day life. Gerard did an excellent job of depicting the raw emotions of such a delicate character. BRAVO!!

  2. Wow…that was really really good- thanks for posting that for us.

  3. Heather Donovan says:

    It was engaging to say the least, and you never knew how really upset he was until he’s in the agents office, and then things come together.
    Gerard as always is a perfectionist, and as he is a Scorpio, I’m not surprised that he did this so well.
    I think he does all the genre parts he can to see what works for him, but coming down from Law Abiding Citizen, was an undertaking.
    If you can imagine him doing Please now, I think he would also have to take a step back and re-energize himself.
    Still a good short, and I am glad I saw it.

  4. OMG!!!! I had not idea about this short. It was very well written! I’m sure many a novilist can relate to Peter/Gerry! I know what it’s like just to want someone to hear you out! It’s so amazing what 5min. of kindness can do in this world! The end was quite thought provoking! Now his novel is sure to be a hit!!!! Sorry, but I’m really sad that Gerry seems to die in like 7 out 0f 10 movies!!!LOL!!! It’s true, I can’t take much more of this insanity!!! Why do they always feel the need to kill him off!!! I admit he does die well!!!!

  5. Ann Fassetta says:

    I absolutely loved this. It was acheingly realistic. My heart was in tatters. I did not see the ending coming. I thought the little girl would shoot herself thus ending his chance for redemption and happiness forever. Obviously, his death did that also. One think I saw which struck me was when his wife picked up the gun and put it to her head, he did nothing. A very interesting scene to me. Amazing actor so full of talent. Never fails to make me think and feel.

  6. Karen Frost says:

    I found this film amazing and i really didnt expect that ending. Gerry was brilliant as always.

  7. This was a very great short film. Gerard Butler’s acting was excellent, so much so that you could feel his pain and tears actually came to my eyes at the end. I wanted so much for him to be happy with his family the way it was turning out to be, even though it was a short film. In that 15 minutes, it had the feel of a normal length movie, and has left a mark on my heart too. 🙂 I can see why it won the award for best short film!

  8. Rachel Frantz says:

    I love this film! I think that it is very intriguing. I love the performances of Gerard and the actress that plays his wife! The story as a short film is sort of a 1-2-3 kick average story but as a full length film this could be a very compelling drama, because I was watching this film wondering what Peter’s story was, that is, why was he so freaked out about his future as a writer, why did he and his wife break up, how did they meet and what brought them together and what drove them apart. I loved the suspense of the ending but I was bummed because I so wanted this poor man to get it together and be okay. Also, this film as feature length drama would showcase Gerard’s abilities as a dramatic actor which is what I would love to see. It so depresses me that he seems to be going down as action hero man. I mean no offense to Mr. Butler in any way but I think action movies are a waste of his abilities. That being said, I trust his judgment and hope that he is just trying to invest in his production company and hence his future. I really like this movie! 🙂 Much Respect.

  9. Awesome short film ,brilliant acting fom Gerard Butler ,amazing.

  10. Very short film, but has entered into heart and has left an unforgettable trace! Tears flew by itself, and the soul was ill!! To a pain it was a pity the hero of a film. Gerry, my boy, “don’t die” more in the films!! You have played remarkably if it is possible to name it game! You LIVED there!!! , ?ravo, my boy, bravo Gerry!

  11. Brenda Ramstadius says:

    Excellent acting and I know this could be someones reality but I hate sad endings…………prefer to escape to happiness……………couldnt Peter and his family just have made it?!!!!

  12. I was captivated from the get go and could literally feel the anguish Peter was suffering..he just wanted to be heard..just wanted to be loved. Heartrendering performance by Gerard..brilliant directing from Paul Black.

    I agree with Sue above..amazed at the varying emotions I experienced within 15 min…Bravo!

  13. i thought this was a very clever short film and the ending was a real shock, not at all expected. how someone can make a film of 15 minutes so good amazes me.