PS, I Love You

PS, I Love You
Now on DVD
Comedy / Drama (PG-13)
Richard LaGravenese
Running time:
127 minutes

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Holly Kennedy (Hilary Swank) is beautiful, smart, and married to the love of her life-a passionate, funny and impetuous Irishman named Gerry (Gerard Butler). So when Gerry’s life is taken by an illness, it takes the life out of Holly. The only one who can help her is the person who is no longer there. Nobody knows Holly better than Gerry. So it’s a good thing he planned ahead. Before he died, Gerry wrote Holly a series of letters that will guide her, not only through her grief but in rediscovering herself. The first message arrives on Holly’s 30th birthday in the form of a cake and, to her utter shock, a tape recording from Gerry, who proceeds to order her to get out and “celebrate herself.” In the weeks and months that follow, more letters from Gerry are delivered in surprising ways, each sending her on a new adventure and each signing off in the same way: P.S. I Love You. Holly’s mother (Kathy Bates) and best friends, Sharon (Gina Gershon) and Denise (Lisa Kudrow), begin to worry that Gerry’s letters are keeping Holly tied to the past, but, in fact, each letter is pushing her further into a new future. With Gerry’s words as her guide, Holly embarks on a touching, exciting and often hilarious journey of rediscovery in a story about marriage, friendship and how a love so strong can turn the finality of death into new beginning for life.(Synopsis From Warner Bros.)


Gerard Butler …. Gerry
Hilary Swank …. Holly
Kathy Bates …. Patricia
Harry Connick Jr. …. Daniel
Gina Gershon …. Sharon
Lisa Kudrow …. Denise
James Marsters …. John
Jeffrey Dean Morgan …. William
Don Sparks …. Mailman





Began filming in October 2006.

Locations include Ireland and New York.

Completed filming in December 2006.

The film was released in US theaters on December 21, 2007.


Netherlands – 20 December 2007
UK – 21 December 2007
USA – 21 December 2007
Australia – 26 December 2007
Belgium – 26 December 2007
Argentina – 17 January 2008
Germany – 17 January 2008
Egypt – 6 February 2008
Turkey – 15 February 2008

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  1. I’d just seen it, again. last week I finished the book, and I thought it has nothing to do with the movie, but otherwise, I couldn’t say the movie wasn’t good… at first, when I started to read it, it didn’t like me much, because Gerry almost wasn’t present, and some parts were quite boring (family meetings), but then, I just loved it! and I was postponing the end because it caused me so much sadness to finish it and to say goodbye to Holly (i think i had never had this strongly emotional sensation with a book). But, even though, I still couldn’t say that the film is bad (besides normally I detest when a film isn’t totally faithful to the book). And then I watched the film today (it had been some time since the last time), and definitely I can say that the film isn’t bad at all. it’s true that it has a lot of different things, but some of those things make the story more emotive (for example I prefer the way Gerry gives the letters to Holly in the movie that in the book, he does this in many different and emotive ways, and he sends her a birthday cake! in the book he doesn’t even wish her happy birthday in any letter…). On the other hand, I don’t understand very well some changes like why Holly has to be american? I suppose it’s because of the way they meet each other, it matches more with the ideal of a romantic movie and in the book is too normal, more like the real life.
    So, to sum up, what I realized watching P.s I love you again is that it isn’t as different to the book as I though when I was reading it, and in general the film tries to make constant references to the book, even when the scene is slightly (or totally) different as in the book (for example when the girls are in the lake and they can’t go back, instead of be in a beach, but they get lost there in a similar way). And of course, in this film we have OUR GERRY!! And I’m sure all of you will agree with me when I say that this is the highest point of the movie! 😉

    To finish, I have to say that I truly LOVE both, the film and book (is the first film that hasn’t disappointed me besides its adaptation from the book is quite different in many ways). This movie is one of my favorites in general and definitely my favorite romantic/comedy movie. And also is probably my favorite Gerry movie (I’m not sure about that, I’ll have to think about it… :p)

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  3. DawnMaria says:

    I am so in love with this movie, I watch it every night, well, every night that I can which is almost every night. Yea, I know, I have no life. But the story is just so perfect. I love Gerard Butler. I’d move to Scottland just to find his twin, were there be such a man…. His character is just so awesome…. funny, loving, thoughtful, devoted…. Every woman’s dream man…

  4. Bob Maher says:

    One of my favorite films of all time. Initially could not picture Hillary
    Swank vs. Gerard Butler, but the chemistry seems all too perfect. The sentiment of the film brings tears to your eyes with every viewing. Love Gerard Butler…will remain forever a devoted fan.

  5. I love this movie, every time I see her cry and I laugh as if for the first time.
    It’s sweet, funny and sad at the vez.Una of the best stories I know

  6. It went right into my heart and stayed there….
    Gerard is not just a great looking body, he´s a funny guy in this movie.
    Just love it!!!

    Swedish hug // Nicka

  7. P.S. I love you has become my favoite of all movies!! Wonderful performances by all the cast. This movie has been life-changing for me….i could so relate to Holly and wanting to get her life so “right” that she was missing the love of her husband & friends in the meantime. Although a sad story, it is an encouragement to all to LIVE now….you just don’t know what tommorrow will hold.

    **oh and Gerry is well…..sigh…..just wonderful!!! LOL 🙂

  8. saurabh sood says:

    this is saurabh from India,, and i would like to say that the movie was a great fun to watch as it was a mixture of almost all emotions,.
    i wish for all the success n happiness for gerard butler

  9. i loved the movie i own it and i watch it atleast twice a week, it reminds me of how much i love my husband and how bad it would suck if he was to pass i belive the actors and the actress done a very good job on acting….. its not chezzy . and gerald butler is so fine lol

  10. Betty Beaver says:

    I watch this movie over and over and enjoy it more and more. I think Ireland has so much charm and warmth and beauty and Gerard Butler seemed so happy to play an Irishman, so close to Scotland, it was like being at home for him. Galway Girl was beautifully sung by Gerry, wish he would record it himself. I want him to record anything…I would love it. Back to the movie, cannot get enough of it. Especially ..when they first meet in the National Park and then continue walking along together…Gerard Butler just takes over the screen and he also takes over my heart, just like he usually does. He is such a versatile actor and such a wonderful person. Love him.

  11. Carolyn Horacek says:

    This is my MOST FAVORITE movie ever. I have watched it so many times just to see all of the scenes with Gerard Butler in them. He is totally awesome. I so wanted to be Hilary Swank so that I could have those big strong arms wrapped around me and be kissed with those sexy soft lips. I absolutely loved the opening scene. His emotions made a complete circle. He started out laughing and joking, then defending himself, then went totally serious when he thought she was thinking he wanted a different life, then he got mad because he couldn’t figure out what she wanted but he knew what he wanted and had it in his hands, then walked out angry, and finally came back all sweet, loving and mellow, and then went back to joking with the strip tease dance. OMG I just loved that entire scene from start to finish. And then in the Kareoke scene when he was goating Holly to sing – his facial expressions were indescribable. And when she sang Get Off – he looked like he was just TOTALLY HOT FOR HER. I also love when she finds him in the pub singing Galway Girl – he was so hot in that scene. And finally the scene where they first meet on the road in Ireland I could just play over and over again. I have never went so nuts over an actor before now. He just makes me melt and swoon like a school girl. I hope he makes more movies like this one. I plan to see everything he has ever made. And Gerry – PS I LOVE YOU.

  12. Loved the movie..
    They really showed what’s important in life: to love and be loved.

    Greetings from Belgium

  13. I simply loved it!!!!!

    Greetz from the Netherlands..

  14. I had never watched this movie, thanks to my preconceiving ability. I had thought who wants to watch a mushy love story. Little did I know this movie will move the Sci-fi fan like me to tears. The thoughts of losing my dad to death were difficult to part with, just wished my mom lives a happy life as she lost a very loving partner too. I think Hillary could have been swapped with someone more suitable for a mellow role like this one, GB did a fantastic job.

  15. Was flicking through the channels, and this film was on, heard alot about it so i thought it was worth watching. Was amazing! never cried over a film ever, Gerry was amazing x

  16. Heather Donovan says:

    My best friend’s husband, oddly enough died in 2007 of brain cancer. And he was an ardent fan of GB. So, when this movie came out, in respect to him, a group of us went to see it. And we cried for our Danny Donovan and also for Gerry, the wonderful hunky GB in the movie.
    What a wonderful man that Holly found to love her. I think the line, “I’m right here and I am not going anywhere” was so true of the movie and the story. When we lose people we love in sudden death, we do believe they are there with us or traveling with us until we find peace to let go. I cried a river that night, and hope that in my life, I’m lucky enough to have what Holly had, ever so briefly, a lifetime of love.
    Great movie, very tender, and I hope GB continues to make us smile and cry…
    Lovely man, thank you Gerry.

  17. Laura McGinn says:

    What a wonderful movie. The whole ensemble was great, but it was the chemistry between Holly and Gerry that was incredible. My favorite part is when they meet for the first time and Gerry comes walking up and over the hill and sees her for the first time! I have been to both Ireland and Scotland and they are beautiful places “with beautiful people”. My husband is from Glasgow and has that beautiful Scottish voice and he has an Aunt in Paisley where Gerry’s family lives. My husband also loved the movie. All I can say, is they sure know how to grow em in Scotland!

  18. I had no idea what to expect from this movie. Gerard and Hillary got me right from the beginning. Gerard is incredibly hot, hunky, charming, adorable. I cried from the moment I knew he was dead while knowing my eyes would be puffy the next day. I couldn’t help it. How could Hillary ever ever find anyone to replace him!! I know he is Scottish, so do I want a Scottish man or an Irish one as he portrayed. Ha! They were both believable and perfect. The supporting actresses and Harry C. were great as well. There are not many movies I watch more than once and I am already on my second viewing. My first was 2 days ago. I dvr-ed it so I can watch Gerard over and over. Yum. Swank and Butler showed their enormous skill and diversity here as they do just as great with drama or action and adventure.

  19. I think I have this whole movie commited to memory, especially that opening scene. I can recite the dialog right along wiith them. I first saw this in an area movie theater with my daughter. We both cried through the whole thing. And then sheepishly looked at each other and laughed, while wadding up our Kleenex, that we were such big crybabies. It had been a long time since a movie made me cry. I think the last time was Titanic and that was only when Jack died. I had tears in my eyes practically the whole time during PSILY.

  20. Thanks for this movie, Gerry.MY HEART SKIPS A BEAT WHEN YOU SING GALLWAY GIRL!

  21. Judy Salatti says:

    This is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen… I laughed and cried at the same time… I think the chemistry between the 2 main characters was great… The rest of the cast was fantastic and the Ireland scenes were beautiful!!! I have watched it many times and still have the same reactions each time… I hope Mr. Butler will do more films like this as he is very funny and quite frankly a real “Stud Muffin”!!! My sister and I are planning a trip to Ireland and Scottland in 2010… I’d like to find a Gerry or William for myself… I rate this movie a 10… It doesn’t get any better than that… Mr. Butler I am glad you became an actor vs being a lawyer… The film industry is better off with you in it…. Looking forward to more movies from you… You need some Oscar projects, no doubt you have the talent!!! It’s so obvious!!! PS… I Love You

  22. I loved this film. I think I cried throughout the whole thing. Gerard is soo hot…

  23. Great movie. I cry a little bit when I watch. It’s as equally good as the book. Gerry is the only actor that was perfect for that role. Love you, Gerry!

  24. Michelle says:

    I’ve watched this movie three times now and i think i could still watch it over and over. I think it is a brilliant adaptation of the book and lets face it, there’s not many films that can fulfil this. My grandparents came from ireland and i think that gerold got the acting like a cheeky, charming and passionate irish bloke down to a tee! I must admit that i do not cry at films…ever, and it has been a running topic and challenge, i think, for my friends to find one that made me cry..well finally they have, i cried my ass off and they loved that fact! The humour, the music and the stunning locations..i’m definately visiting ireland now and may never come back and that will be the end of it…life as I know it.

  25. Christina says:

    This film is possibly my favorite movie, which says alot because I am really picky about movies. The opening scene, where they are walking home and she’s ticked and he’s trying to figure it all out about why she’s ticked….that would be my husband and I, going home and having an argument after going to a family dinner….then making up :). It shows a really deep love and understanding and the fears and laughter that come with really being with someone and sometimes fearing they will leave you in some way, then you won’t know what to do. I lost my mom about a 6 months before I met my husband and in that time frame, I felt like the bottom fell out because my mom was a large part of my life. Then my husband comes along, me never really having a really committed relationship and I fell in love with him in a month, though sometimes it feels like it was the first time he really looked at me, in the booth of a fast food restaurant while I was chatting with his cousin and he was sitting in the next booth over with his best friend and I knew. He’s my life-force, so to speak, the one that makes me laugh and ticked off all at once, so to lose him would be a giant void, so in that and so many other aspects of the movie, I can relate with the character of Holly. It’s a truly beautiful movie and guaranteed most people won’t want to watch it twice in a row if they cry at movies like I do 🙂

  26. Dear Gerry,

    We are so happy you believe in yourself (as we believe in you)
    It must be a wonderful feeling.

    On the humorous side, it is much easier for a cat to hide in a tuba
    than a trumpet- as long as the music is not playing.

  27. Donna S says:

    I love, love, love this movie!!! Gerard Butler is wonderful—-he makes me want to go to Ireland and find a man!!! Hillary Swank is also great and I love her in a romantic comedy! I have watched this movie about 5 times and that is after buying it!!!!!! I can’t say enough good about it—-I laughed and cried and felt hope is out there! Loved the movie from the beginning to the end!!! Gerard please do more movies like this!!!!!!!! You are so hot!!!!!

  28. Stephanie Simpson says:

    I loved/love this movie. I went to visit my sister in Missouri and she told me that I had to watch it. When I got back home…. I went out and rented it so I could watch it again… After that I bought it on DVD… that’s the 2nd movie I’ve ever bought. It’s sad, funny, and just a great movie all around.

  29. Rachel Frantz says:

    This is my fifth favorite film. I like this movie despite the fact that it is a romantic comedy. 🙂 I thought that portrayal of the grief process was realistic especially when Holly was crying on her mom’s shoulder and she says that she can’t breathe. You really feel that way when you are grieving, like you are being suffocated by the emotion of it. I didn’t cry watching this which is surprising because I am usually the first one crying, but I think that the rest of the film was so sweet and interesting and heartwarming that I didn’t feel moved to cry. 🙂 My favorite parts are the ones showing Gerry and Holly together, especially the scenes in Ireland. That was the other thing I liked about this movie the great shots of Ireland. It made me miss Ireland dreadfully. LOL 🙂 Gerard’s accent wasn’t bad, it wasn’t perfect but it wasn’t bad, I have heard a lot worse. 🙂 I really liked his performance in this movie, especially the one scene that actually got cut from the final movie. The deleted scene when he is sick and goes to the travel agency to book the trip for Holly and he starts totally picking on the poor travel agent. LOL 🙂 Brilliant!

  30. P.S. – I love you
    Que se pode dizer de um filme excepcional!!
    Simples mas excepcional…Uma história que não tem um ínicio de “Era Uma Vez”..nem um fim de “Felizes Para Sempre”.. mas sim um filme com uma história, que, porque não real!!? com o desenrolar que faz pensar o espectador..uma história de amor exposta de uma forma que cativa quem a está a ver .. temos a vontade de o ver até ao final para sabermos como irá terminar..e que ..sendo qual for o final, será sempre lindo.
    Um filme em que a mensagem que transmite é aceite com saudade e ao mesmo tempo com uma grande alegria, pois ficamos com força para que um dia, quando perdermos um ente querido, a dor não seja tão grande, pois teremos a certeza que ele está bem e que nos olha com ternura, que não se esquecerá de nós..muito menos nós dele..apesar de continuarmos com a nossa vida…
    Sim filme excepcionalmente lindo.!!

  31. I had seen the movies; Laura croft, beowolf and grendel, 300 and phantom of the opera, then I saw ‘PS I Love you’ and Gerard came to life! Took my breath away… Awesome; actor, looks, personality, accent. He is sweet and sexy. My wonderful husband laughs now and says “Hey there’s your guy” if he’s on TV or see’s movie previews. Gerard was on a plane with a friend (of a friend ) of mine and was a regular guy, talked to her and took a picture of them. I like that, so many celebrities are so full of themselves they forget who makes them a celebrity… Anyway CHEERS to Gerard, I have gone back and watched all his movies and look forward to the ones to come!!

  32. This is one of the best movies I have ever watched!! Was going to buy the soundtrack but it isn’t the music from the movie 🙁

  33. look… i dont know what to say…..this movie is great and gerard u r genius…really u r…every move you did .every word you said.i felt as if it is my story….in the scene when said that you know what you want,and you have it in your hands…i have no words to describ my feeling….any you can consider this post as afeed back from all egyptains….me and my friend keep crying each time we watch it
    p.s. i love you

  34. Cathy Frederick says:

    I love this movie! I have seen it a number of times and could watch it hundreds more! I loved the characters Gerry and Holly and the addition of Harry Connick Jr was genius! I think I love the “little quirks” to this movie like the characters taking Gerry’s ashes along with them. That was a touching and warm aspect to this movie. I think that the day I stumbled upon this movie was the best day ever, I love this movie and I especially love Gerard Butler! He is a great actor and I plan on seeing as many of his movies that I can. I cant wait to see them all, so far I have only seen PS I Love You and Phantom of the Opera, so I have a long (but exciting) way to go.

  35. Yvonne Georgiou says:

    Actually I take it back, Gerry’s character wasn’t immature, he was just fun and lively. It was Holly that was a bit immature as she married him very young and was unsure of herself what she wanted to do in her life. She was so lucky to be married to Jerry as even though he drove her crazy, he always reassurred her and stood by her no matter what she wanted to do. When he said he knew what he wanted and that he had it here in his hands, I just melted.

    Mrs G.xx

  36. Yvonne Georgiou says:

    Although I had seen Gerry in 300 and Rocknrolla, I didn’t notice him until I saw PS I Love You in January. After this there was no turning back and I’ve been a fan ever since. I’ve never cried so much watching a movie before, and have since bought this and 11 other movies of his (and still counting), and they are all wonderful.

    Such a touching and funny movie showing how you need to live every day as if it’s your last, and appreciate what you have in life. Gerry was sexy, funny, charming, immature and yet totally lovable and 100% solid in his love for Holly. I love the scene in the film when Holly bumps into him at the pub and he comes off the stage and swoops her into his arms…so romantic!

    Sue J, keep watching Gerry’s films, you won’t be disappointed as he has such great range. Watch 300, Phantom, Dear Frankie and One More Kiss for starters and you’ll be hooked.

    Mrs G.xx

  37. OMG i loved it.
    Made me cry my ass off but laugh the same time. Gerard in the movie reminds me of my husband. Actually we are like him and hilary in the movie. i give this move 12 thumbs up.

  38. Mariella says:

    Beautiful movie

  39. I love U till the end …. and that’s enough for me 😉

  40. Meg Deneen says:

    This film is so wonderful. I bought it a week ago, and have watched it almost every night since. I have never had such an extreme reaction to any film or book.
    I love the Gerry was so happy, through everything. This movie has taught me that perpetual happiness can get you through any of life’s speed bumps. I love it so much!
    If I could buy the extended movie, with all the extra clips included, I would. I wish there was a 3-hour-long version of this movie….Love it!

  41. It is my favourite film. Emotional explosion. Such people, such attitudes – I dream, they can really exist. And I did not cry, no. Film is full of a life and humour. And music…. ммм…. My love.

  42. sue jackson says:

    i really love this movie.i have never cried so much . i love the humour in the film. i think the opening scene between gerard and hilary is superb. they bounced of each other brilliantly. i also loved the music in the film. the beautiful scenes of ireland were stunning. i only got this movie a few days ago. i am telling you its addictive. i cant stop watching it. i have cried everytime. i am quite a new fan of gerard butler. so i havnt seen many of his films yet. but if this one is anything to go by i will certainly be watching more. gerard plays this character perfectly. you instantly fall in love with him. he has the irish charm and the looks to go with it. the journey you go on with the holly and gerry characters really tugs at your heart strings. this is a superb film with a brilliant supporting cast. if you like a good weepy movie then your gonna need boxes of tissues.
    wonderful and heart rending story.

  43. sue grint says:

    i thought this film was great, although i have never cried so much before. there are about five sketches, that even now i have seen the film countless times still touch me and bring tears to my eyes. there were also a lot of funny sketches as well. the characters were played brilliantly by all the main stars, and i thought the chemistry between gerry and hiliary was really touching and electric. it seemed to come so naturally to them. the opening sketch was brilliant as they had to act that for about 15 minutes before the film even started. i thought gerry was great in this as it showed us another side of him, and more like we imagine hes like with the comedy, charm and boyish way he acted. the shots taken in ireland were beautiful. i throughly recommend this film to both men and women, as a man friend of mine enjoyed it and cried, but i would insist that you have a large box of tissues close by. its a very beatiful and touchy story but very enjoyable.