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From Guy Ritchie, the writer/director of the acclaimed films “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” and “Snatch,” comes “RocknRolla,” a story of sex, thugs and rock ‘n roll.The action comedy takes a dangerous ride into high crime and low life in contemporary London, where real estate has supplanted drugs as the biggest market, and criminals are its most enthusiastic entrepreneurs. But for anyone looking to get in – from small-time crook One Two (Gerard Butler) to shady Russian billionaire Uri Obomavich (Karel Roden) – there’s only one man to see: Lenny Cole (Tom Wilkinson).

A mobster from the old school, Lenny knows the right wheels to grease and has his hand on the throat of any bureaucrat, broker or gangster that matters. With one phone call, Lenny can make the red tape disappear. But as Lenny’s right-hand man Archy (Mark Strong) tells him, London is ground zero for the changing times, with big-time mobsters from the East, hungry criminals from the streets, and everyone in-between, all vying to change the rules of commerce and crime.

With millions up for grabs, all of London’s criminal underworld conspires, colludes and collides with one another in an effort to take their cut. But as high rollers and petty criminals alike jockey for dominance, the true prize of one multi-million-dollar deal will fall into the hands of a junkie rock star (Toby Kebbell) – Lenny’s stepson, presumed dead but very much alive.

“RocknRolla” stars Gerard Butler (“300,” “P.S. I Love You”) as One Two, a street-smart hustler who tries to play both sides of the fence. Two-time Oscar nominee Tom Wilkinson (“Michael Clayton,” “In the Bedroom”) stars as the ruthless head mobster, Lenny Cole, part of London’s old crime regime, which is quickly losing ground to the wealthier foreign mob. Thandie Newton (“Crash,” “The Pursuit of Happyness”) stars as One Two’s love interest, Stella, a smart and sexy accountant with ties to the underworld. Mark Strong (“Body of Lies”) stars as Archy, Lenny Cole’s right-hand man. Idris Elba (“The Reaping,” “The Wire”) plays Mumbles, One Two’s partner in crime and best friend, and Tom Hardy (“Layer Cake”) is Handsome Bob, another member of their crew. Toby Kebbell (“Control”) plays missing and presumed dead British punk rock star Johnny Quid, and Jeremy Piven (“Entourage”) and Chris “Ludacris” Bridges (“Crash”) appear respectively as Roman and Mickey, two Americans trying to break into the music scene in London.

Guy Ritchie directed “RocknRolla” from his own screenplay. The film is produced by Joel Silver (“The Matrix,” “Lethal Weapon” and “Die Hard” franchises), Susan Downey (“The Brave One”), Steve Clark-Hall (“Revolver”) and Guy Ritchie. Steve Richards and Navid McIlhargey are the executive producers.

The behind-the-scenes creative team is led by director of photography David Higgs, production designer Richard Bridgland, costume designer Suzie Harman, and editor James Herbert. Steve Isles composed the score.

A Dark Castle Entertainment production, “RocknRolla” is being distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.


Gerard Butler…One-Two
Thandie Newton … Stella
Tom Wilkinson … Lenny Cole
Idris Elba … Mumbles
Ludacris … Mickey
Jeremy Piven … Roman
Gemma Arterton … June
Jamie Campbell Bower … Rocker
Mark Strong … Archie
Tom Hardy … Handsome Bob
Toby Kebbell … Johnny Quid
Karel Roden … Uri


Filming began in the UK on June 19, 2007 and was completed in July 2007. Film projected budget: $18 million

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UK – September 5, 2008
US – October 8, 2008 (Limited – NY/LA/Toronto)
US – October 31, 2008 (wide – 800 theaters)
Argentina – November 6, 2008
France – November 19, 2008
Australia – November 27, 2008
Germany – November 27, 2008
Greece – December 4, 2008
Belgium – December 10, 2008
Russia – January 1, 2009
Japan – March 28, 2009

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  1. Loved this movie! Very, very funny. Accents a bit difficult, at first, but the movie was soooo worth it! Everyone in the theater was thoroughly entertained. Gerry is hilarious!

  2. Sandra Foley says:

    Saw the film last night. Dragged my girlfriend to yet another Gerry movie. I really liked this movie. I thought one of his better films, though I can see why it is not doing well in the US. The accents are at times tough to get & the brittish humor probably not going over well here. But I enjoyed the film. It was a bit choppy and a bit hard to follow, but Gerry’s performance was probably one of his best. I thought the love scene with Gerry & Thandie as poorly done, they should have just skipped it. I will look forward to the sequel. Hopefully it will get released in the US. Sorry I missed the end credits. Apparently very funny. I guess I’ll just have to buy the DVD. Hopefully it will have a lot of out takes. It looked like these guys really had a lot of fun. Looking forward to seeing them all together agan.

  3. Pat Brasher says:

    I agree that Warners needs to advertise this movie more. Most people I’ve spoken with have thought it was a musical i.e. RocknRolla. I’ve seen it twice. I was quite surprised. I normally don’t like action movies but really enjoyed this one. I think the humour plus not seeing all the gore that is present in some of the movies. Had a great cast and the plot was fast moving and enjoyed the music score. Thandie Newton is beautiful and Gerard Butler isn’t bad. 🙂 Very enjoyable movie.

  4. Linda Young says:

    My husband(who is a little jealous of my crush on Gerry)and I and another couple went to see the movie on a Monday night in Port Charlotte,FL. There was 4 other people in the theater. Hope more people will go on the weekend. The only reason I wanted to see the movie was to see Gerry. Didn’t care for the plots, but loved Gerry. I felt like I had just watched Gerry being himself. That was my favorite thing about the movie. My two other favorite parts were Gerry dancing with Thandie. WOW! He was sooo sexy. I also loved the scene in the truck, when he finds our Bob “wants” him. His reaction seemed so real and also kind of funny and cute. Also Gerry’s wardrobe for the movie looked just like the clothes he wears in his “real life”. I guess that is part of the reason, it seemed like we were really watching our Gerry, more than the person called “One Two”. I too want to see a movie that has more of Gerry, and also don’t kill him off in it!

  5. I seen the movie on Saturday night Nov. 1st with my friends that I have met through our support of Gerry’s career. There was some great funny parts to the movie that made us laugh but all in all not one of my favorites. The story line not so good, in fact I wouldn’t go to see this movie again or buy it on DVD. Gerry acting in the movie was great as he can always carry a role and make something great out of it. I guess I have seen Gerry in so many great films and roles that are not shallow, has real meaning in them that I am spoiled. I guess I am just a stick in the mud, I like his movies that I can take my young daughter too, and for those like 300 that I can’t, at least the story was great and powerful and the language fit into the right place.

  6. Shannon Ryan says:

    I saw “Rock N Rolla” last Saturday, and I believe Gerard was the best actor in the whole movie. His acting was great, but it definitley was not my favorite Butler movie. Overall, the movie wasn’t that great though, being very choppy and following too many characters. It wasn’t very clear most of the time either.

  7. Saw RNR yesterday and must admit, I originally went just to see Gerry Butler, however, I did enjoy the movie very much! The only trouble I had with the movie now and then was the cockney accents. I could understand Gerry fine, but there was a couple of moments when a sub title might have helped. Anyway, my favorite parts were when Gerry was dancing, both times. He’s got a sexy, seductive move about him when he was dancing with Stella, although he might have been trying to act a little “goofy”. Doesn’t matter with Gerry! He could act like a tree and make it look sexy!

    Loved the ending during the credits. Priceless! I just wish there had been a little more of Gerry in the picture albeit did get a good bare bum shot! That’ll tide me over, I guess for now.

    I love it that Gerry isn’t afraid to do things like the scenes in this picture, like with Handsome Bob. Says a great deal about the kind of person that he is and his character. There is absolutely no doubt or insecurity about his masculinity! He’s 100% all male and women adore him (they are dead if they don’t) and I’m sure there are a few males that wouldn’t mind giving him a go either!

  8. joy duffy says:


  9. Jersey Girl says:

    I went yesterday (Sunday at the 1:40 showing in Mays Landing, NJ) At first I was the only one in the movie and I was going to love that. It was like having Gerry to myself, then about 4 other people came in. That’s ok because we all enjoyed it. It made us laugh. I loved the scene also with One Two and Bob in the car and then the look that One Two would give Bob everytime he saw him. I saw Gerry all in the role of One Two. I don’t think there was much acting going on. It was like Guy gave him a few words and told him to do with the scene as he liked. LOVED the dancing. Did anyone stay and watch the credits and see the dance scene with Bob and One Two. Funny.
    It makes me sad that here in southern Jersey that Gerry’s films don’t get the crowds like SAW V or other ones get but that’s ok with me because we get to keep him to ourselfs a little longer, but I want people to know what a wonderful actor he is and he should get awards for his great acting. I can’t wait to add this movie to my collection. Love ya Gerry. Keep up the good work.

  10. I have been waiting forever this movie to come out forver. Warner Bros really needs to do more advertising and promoting of it here in the US though. If they just advertised that Gerard Butler was in it, I think it would have had a better following.The only reason I knew anything about it was because of this website and following Gerard’s career. The movie was fun. I love the fact that Gerard has so many diverse roles in the movies he does. They are so different in each movie. I love this about him. I am always talking about him to friends and collegues and they will ask who is Gerard Butler? I ask them if they have seen Phantom of the Opera, 300, shattered, PS I love you and they say “that’s not the same guy!” I love him! I think he is incredible!!!! I did not know who he was until I saw PS I Love you. After that I had to see everything that he has done. He is truly an amazing actor and a class act person!!!

  11. Sandy Meierhofer says:

    I thought it was a quirky, but great movie. I loved Gerry’s character!! At first, I wondered where all the different story lines were headed, but they were all nicely tied up in the end. I am so happy that RocknRolla is being shown in Atlanta!!! Keep up the fantastic job, Gerry!

  12. Great movie, Gerry’s character was the best comedy relief in movies in awhile. He was the actor to make the movie, supporting actor category????? Hey Judi Dench won for a few lines. Great movie, one you can watch over and over again. Just please don’t tell me he had an ass double.

  13. Marlene Urso says:

    I saw the movie a couple of hours ago and still feel like I am in a trance rethinking the parts I like best – mainly Gerry’s role. I have to agree with Pat (above me) that my favorite scene was between One Two and Bob in the truck. Gerry’s expressions and reaction was beyond words. He really knows how to put the emotions into his parts. The dance scene was a hoot as well. I can’t wait to have my copy of the DVD.

  14. MaryCade Mandus says:

    Two of us went to the first showing [11:00 a.m.] in Atlanta. There were 12 people in the theater and we were the only women. We throughly enjoyed it. Thought it was very funny with clever lines and portrayals. Gerry was, of course, “pear-fect.” I’ve been wishing for another “Dear Frankie” type role for him but must say that his comic timing is really enjoyable, not mention his dancing!Our only problem with the film was that it is not being promoted, at least not here in Atlanta. There have been no TV promos or articles [except for a good syndicated review by Roger Ebert, B+, on Friday] and we’re afraid it will get passed over – it didn’t make it to the top 10 weekend movie list. Gerry works so hard and is so good that it is a real shame if this gets overlooked.

  15. Nanci Chicago says:

    First time I saw i thought it was a good script for genre it portrayed.Everyone seems to have problem with Accents..I did not although My Husband didI guess it’s an individual thing.Geryy is a fabulous actor. His facial expressions are priceles.However since he’s from tough town Glasgow,it’s prob more from real life experience. Great comedy Timing.” The Ugly Truth” will prob show it up more.Did not care for the 200 Times :FU” was used. But as my Grown Son informs me that’s real Life. All in ALL Good Job GB

  16. Barbara Hughes says:

    I went to see RocknRolla Saturday afternoon here in Portland, OR. I enjoyed it very much and I found it to be very humorous. It seemed as though the actors were having a lot of fun. I have several UK friends (Scottish and English) so the accents and slang were familiar to me and I felt as though I had an avantage over the “average” Portland audience. lol Gerry was a hoot as 1-2 and the rest of the cast were excellent also. It is my opinion that Gerry was comfortable in his character. Toby Kebbell was great as Johnny Quid and I am looking forward to seeing him in other roles. I am a fan of Tom Wilkinson so I enjoyed his portrayal as Lenny as well. I feel the movie will play well in selected parts of the country. I know my southern relatives would not find any pleasure in this movie but I did and I have recommended to my friends.

  17. Betsy Usher says:

    My sister drove us almost 200 miles to see i got to see it twice in Lexington, KY. (I live in Huntington, WV)..I loved it!!!! I would give it 4 out of 5 stars…I thought it was mostly fast-paced, funny, and exciting, and seeing our Gerard…bottom and all—was worth it! On the positive side: wonderful camerawork, excellent performances (especially by Gerard and Toby Kebell), clever plot twists, great soundtrack, and all such fun. I am a lover of Charles Dickens, whose novels had characters who were all connected in some way by the ends, and that was true of “Rocknrolla.” The three best parts were: the bottom, the wonderful sexy,spastic dance of Gerry and Thandie, the footchase with the Chetchnian war criminals…very funny. The first showing there were 10 people who were all men except for me; they would chuckle here and there. The sescond showing had 30 people, a mixed groupk who guffawed throughout and clapped at the end when Gerry…no spoiled here. I loved the dialogue, the film editing, and the “sex scene” which were a hit. On the negative side, the one death of the bouncer I didn’t think needed to be included, nor the overuse of the “f” word…I think I counted 30 times..which gets to be repetitive. I think the film was off-balanced a bit by really spending too much time with crime boss Lennie. His parts seemed to rather bore me…The overuse of the narration shouldn’t have been necessary if the script were a little better. Also, although the English and Russian (great subtittles) accents didn’t usually throw me, I didn’t get Gerry’s last lines at either of the showings. All in all, however, I loved the movie. I loved the esprit d’corps amongs the lads, the crashing truck scene, the juxaposition of the restaurant scnes and the battered Gerry parts..and the fact that many things ended up differently as one would think. Very clever! I cannot wait for the sequel…I hate Warner Brothers for only having it in so few theaters. I looked on , and it came in number 14 for the week at only 826 sites. A very good screen percentage , too! I wish WB would expand the theatres so i could see it here in WV, and I wish they’d publicize it more! For those who have to wait for the dvd…it’ll be worth your wait@ Gangsters, an informer, most violent eps off screen, rhythmic dialogue, and one very handsome god-man who dances(actually two dancesO, and a soundtrack that’ll keep you foot a-tappin’!!!!

  18. Claire Juliano says:

    I was so looking forward to this film thinking that Gerry would have a big part as his picture was used on the billboard. That said, I enjoyed the film after I got used to the accents. The film moves quickly and there were some funny parts. I’m still waiting for a movie where Gerry is on camera most of the time. Gerry was very funny and handsome of course.

  19. Stephanie Deutsch says:

    Hubby and I saw the film on Saturday and thought it was great; maybe one of Guy’s best films so far. We dig Guy Ritchie’s work so we had high expectations in comparison to his other films. Packed full of gritty, witty, and comical Britishisms which I always enjoy. I loved Archie (Mark Strong); thought he was pimp in this role.

    But of course … I had to go to see my man, Gerry. As usual he was funny (especially the dance scene with Thandie Newton), sexy, and always entertaining. He seemed right at home in this role and I always enjoy his comical talent.

    Great film, would see it again in a heartbeat.

  20. Saw the film on Saturday and found it worth the wait. It was a lot of fun and the mix of humor and violence was interesting. Great ensemble piece – everyone was on their game. Of course, Gerard Butler was super and he is really great at comedy/humor. His scene with Hansdome Bob was priceless. And I thought the “sex” scene with Thandie Newton was a good fit with the rest of the film. I’m sure I’ll go see it again.

  21. Finally got to see RockNRolla, and it was great to see a few more sides of Gerry’s “personality” revealed (oops! don’t mean to give anything away!). The film offered him the opportunity to show a bit of his own personality, his playfulness, combined with the tough guy image. I realize that he was sick during the filming, and they necessarily had to alter the sex scene for Thandie’s sake, but I have to admit I was disappointed that we didn’t get more of what we’ve been waiting for – a romantic, adult sex scene with Gerry! We’re still waiting for that.

    Apart from my responses to Gerry’s role, I do wish that they had come at least half way in terms of the spoken English language for the benefit of American audiences. I realize that it is a British film, and not an American one, but Americans missed much of the dialogue, which we would have loved to get. That fact affects how many American screens they will put it on, so dollarwise, they would have been smart to have brought the pronunciation at least half way to us.

    (This issue is very much in my mind now as I just got home from over two weeks in Scotland. It was my third trip to Scotland, and the accent remains a challenge!)

  22. sadiephanobutlr says:

    The reviews I had seen were not promising, but I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Once the score started and the action began I almost (important word ‘almost’) forgot that my main reason for going to see it was Gerry. It drew me in immediately. I laughed out loud at several parts in the movie, hid behind my eyes in one scene, and sat drooling whenever Gerry was in evidence. I don’t know why the critics were so hard on this film. It was smooth, wry, well-paced, and simply fun. And who could resist the characters? Sure the story is over the top. Sure it’s been done before. But come on. It was a great ride! I will perhaps see it again if time permits. I will certainly own the DVD!

  23. I have just arrived from the movie theatre and I have to admit that I supposed more people would go to see the film. The good thing about that is that I could see Gerry without the bustle of people trying to find a seat in the theatre.
    I think I don’t have to say that Gerard Butler is the main reason why I wanted to see this film so bad. I had been waiting for it to be released in Brazil for over a month and today I could finally enjoy it! The scene with Bob is simply hilarious. And it gets even better when One Two asks the man what exactly he wanted to do with him. As it is not shown what exactly they did that night (you just find out some time later), we all get curious and wonder what happened…
    I can’t wait to own the DVD!

  24. Saw RockNRolla this morning with my daughter, who was home from college. I thought it was the perfect role for Gerry. Loved the dancing scene (with Bob). Our only criticism is that we were really disappointed we didn’t get to see that painting:)

  25. Laura Smith says:

    I saw the movie yesterday at 11am in Chicago. Being a Gerard Butler fan for the past four years, I pretty much like most of the things that he does. I would have liked it, if Gerry had more screen time, but the scenes he was in was good. As I prefer him as a dramatic actor, he can hold his own with funny stuff. I would recommend this movie. I hope more people get to see this movie.

  26. I saw the movie today and I love it!!!!

    Gerry was terrific like always. He really is a great actor. i can’t wait for the DVD to come out..

    I’m going to see the movie again this coming week with my friend

  27. Tamara K. says:

    What can one say about a Guy Ritchie movie – I’m a fan, so to me it was a RocknRolla rollercoaster ride. All the characters are well defined, but just give us a glimpse of who they are, setting us for the next adventure! Idris Elba is delightful as the strong, silent “don’t mess with me because I’m not just musclebound, but I have a brain” male. Mark strong as Archy was sublime. Toby Kebbell was simply amazing as that skeletal junkie rocker.

    Okay, let’s get to our beloved Mr. Butler. First, if you read this Gerry, do more comedy – you’re a natural! You were simply a joy to watch as One-Two, and the bum wasn’t bad either, totally unexpected, but greatly enjoyed – cheeky indeed! Can’t wait to see what you do in the next GR film. The scene between One Two and Handsome Bob in the car was priceless – quite a shocker to find out your friend is not only a pouf, but has desirous designs on you – the facial expression was bleeping funny! The scene played during the credits shores up how Handsome Bob and One Two spent their evening together – the slow dance sequence was hilarious while the Latin male dancers salsa’d around them. Well done!

    GB needs a gritty role – I’d love to see him stretch himself in a role that is completely psychopathic – perhaps in the next film, Law Abiding Citizen, (now that he’s changed roles) will let us see a side of him that might be just a little insane, a little vulnerable. Gerry is a fine actor, but he needs to find something that makes him stand out — he needed more screen time in both Nim’s Island and P. S. I Love You. Both were chick flicks, but his roles in both could have expanded. 300 was exceptional from all views: the ensemble acting, cinematography, direction – I’m a female who likes battle scenes and historical fiction. It would be great to get a 300 prequel!

    Can we please find a period piece for Mr. Butler? Also, I hope we can hurry up with the next Rockn Rolla installment as I want to see what happens to One Two next and all the others!

  28. I have been waiting for Fandango’s email advising when RnR would be here in the Seattle area — they did — and I went the next day (driving 20 miles to the theatre). I watch BBCAmerica and CBUT, so the accents are familiar; the British have a unique approach of presenting convoluted intriguing plots in an entertaining way — Guy Ritchie brought it all together at the end (I am usually good at figuring things out, but I was completely surprised at the snitch’s identity). Getting there was fun and entertaining. Tom Wilkinson was, as usual, superb. Gerard Butler was in top form; it is so very nice to see someone so good to look at doing such a firstrate job of making fun of himself. I hope the sequels follow soon!

  29. I saw the movie on September 30th, before it was release in Hollywood at The Moltanban Theater. My daughter and I had a wonderful time!! As you can imagine the place was completely packed and not a seat in there was empty. The movie like all of Guy Richie’s, was action packed and was done with a great sense of good humor. Gerry was great in this movie & made us laugh several times. When the movie was over, actor Idris Elba came out & took questions from the audience which was a great surprise. You guys have to go watch this movie!!

  30. Have admit, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy & laugh so much during a “gangster/mob” movie! Everyone of the main characters had great lines. ( Okay…some were better than others! giggle ) Since this is Mr. G’s site, I’ll restrict my comments to his character “One Two” and Mr. G’s portrayal. If this acting thing doesn’t work out for him, he might consider doing a bit of stand up comedy. FUNNY, FUNNY stuff with the “Handsome Bob” and “One Two” characters during the rolling of the credits. Was I seeing things, or was “Handsome Bob” having trouble keeping his hand off “One Two”‘s bum!!??? ( though…..after seeing the scene when “One Two” requests “Mumbles” to come talk to him privately and states, “I’ll make it worth your while, Mumbles” … then proceeds to be a bit “cheeky”……I too would have problems keeping my hands to myself!! giggle I do so hope that a “gag” reel is planned to the DVD . Mr. G & the others MUST have been cracking each other up!! Should Mr. G see any of these reviews we’ve all left, I’d like to say keep up the good work…you’re coming along nicely. (wink wink giggle ) OH! BTW, too bad about the awaful cold he fought while filming bits of the movie, but IMHO…gave his voice a D*MN sexy quality. Like he dunna have one already!! I give the film a thumbs up!!

  31. I have to say I did enjoy it even if parts were hard to understand because of those adorable accents. Love English and Scottish accents but sometimes they are a bit garbled to the untrained ear.

    The violence was minimal and covered with hilarity so one didn’t take notice of it for too long. The sex non sex was clever and only took a few seconds from start to finish and no one got naked darn it. Love to see Gerry bared.

    Their are hilarious crooks and there are real bad assed crooks. Gerry’s character makes you want to root for the bad guys. I have to say I was really surprised. I mainly wanted to see it because it had Gerry in it and for no other reason. It was worth a looksee even if Gerry hadn’t been in it although I doubt I would have seen it in that case.

  32. I absolutely loved this movie. I hope the other 10 people who were in the audience enjoyed it as much as I did. I was really glad Rock-N-Rolla made it to my city. I have been telling people in my group of friends to watch out for it. The characters were very well developed and each one added to the story. The music was really good. Knowing ahead of time that there will be a sequel just made the movie that much better. Seeing these cast of characters again will be something to wait for.

    Watching Gerry Butler was the main reason I saw this film. He is a very good actor and I love the movies he chooses to make. It is good to know he does not want to be type cast into one specific role.

  33. I went to see the movie Friday night. I thought it was great and can’t wait for the next one! Gerry did an awesome job (as usual). He definately stood out among the group with his humor and of course I always love to hear him say the F word. ;). I will definately go to see it again. The entire cast was great. I never once checked my watch.

    Awesome job Gerry!! Xoxo

  34. I saw RnR yesterday and I have to say that I LOVED IT! Even if dear Gerry weren’t in it, I’d have seen it. I love Guy Ritchie’s films. Snatch being my favorite, but this one is right up there! Bravo for Gerry! He nailed the role of, “One Two!” He’s excellent in this genre of film. It reminded me a little of his role in “Fast Food.”

    I’d see RnR in the theatre again if I get the chance and I’d definitely buy the DVD. It’s nice to see Guy Ritchie back to the type of films he does best.

  35. Patricia Kathryn Shields says:

    I have to preface my review with a little background. You know the poll has been running to vote for Rocknrolla to play in our respective cities? Well, I voted, and I had all my friends vote, too. From the cumulative vote tally, it didn’t look hopeful. Anyway, I continued to check my local listings and the list of upcoming films. No Rocknrolla. I had finally accepted that I’d have to wait for it to be released via Netflix (which I have already put in my que). Then, yesterday (November 1st) I receive a text message from one of my former classmates, asking if I’d seen Rocknrolla yet. At that point, my body began to shake and I began to sweat as I said to myself “ROCKNROLLA IS HERE???!!!!” I immediately went online and checked my local listings and voilà. There it was! Still reeling from the shock, I immediately made plans to make the 2:40pm matinee.

    Okay, enough background. First of all I loved the movie score. Great music. For the first 15-20 minutes of the film my head was spinning because I couldn’t figure out what was going on. I really didn’t care because I got to feast my eyes on that beautiful specimen of a man, Gerard Butler, who absolutely stole the show. I thoroughly enjoyed it as it had a good mix of humor, suspense, sexual tension and gangster antics. I wouldn’t have seen this movie if Gerry hadn’t been in it. He is the eye candy that makes this film so worthwhile.

    By the way, I was one of only about half a dozen people in the theatre. As I was leaving (don’t forget to sit through at least the first part of the credits) the one other woman who departed with me both said we had both seen the film just because Gerry was in it and we both agreed. He was HOT, HOT, HOT! Can’t wait to get the DVD.

  36. I loved this movie. It was original and entertaining. I won’t lie the only reason I went to see the movie was b/c Gerry was in it. He was wonderful but so were the other actors. It had a cool plot that intertwined many characters. If they come out with a sequel I will definately see it.

  37. Loved RocknRolla!! Awesome movie!

    I could not stop laughing, oh my gosh what a hoot! Guy Ritchie’s script writing is amazing, intense with humor, anger and all seeming so real.

    Gerry was fabulous, so damn funny.

    All the actors were terrific. The music was rockin. The photography wonderful; I’m glad it had light and dark contrasts and wasn’t all dark.

    It was great to see the real London and the accents were delicious to listen to. I was surprised at how much I loved this movie. I’ll be going back, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the general public responds really well to this movie. It is very, very cool!

  38. I saw the movie Friday afternoon and was so surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Not having seen any of Guy’s past movies I was impressed by his writing talent. I thought the script was clever and it kept me interested the entire film. As for Gerry, he was at the top of his game. It’s just so wonderful to see him in action. His facial expressions can say it all. Gerry is a fantastic “serious” actor, but can turn on a dime and nail a comedic role as well. He’s just the best, not to mention being the best looking human on the planet

  39. Watched it again… always a pleasure to watch Gerry, he’s so expressive and can be hilarious !!!
    Actually every single actor was great even in the smallest part they had… Mark Strong was brilliant, Tom W. he’s always great, Toby K. was amazing, oh the Russians were priceless (hope they are back in the sequel), the tank character, the wildbunch ofcourse, the junkies selling stuff et all !
    I sure admire Guy Ritchie for making the kind of movies he likes making …it’s so evident that they must have had a riot making rocknrolla. (Dunno how people go n watch movies based on just reviews. it’s something so subjective, everyone’s so different and has different tastes/opinions)!Just go see it for yourselves …have fun!
    WELL I certainly Can’t wait for the Dvd to come out !

  40. Loved it, but then again I love Guy Ritchie movies, GB looks like himself at last and loved his “relationship outing” with Handsome Bob. Of course I’m biased I thought he was fantastic as usual!
    Great performances from “The old school” of Archie and Lenny, and the new junkies and crooks, Johnny, Malcolm and Handsome Bob will be seen elsewhere no doubt, they were wonderful too.
    Even though it was funny I found the famous “Back handed slap” and the perpetuation of violence through the “family” gang or real, very sad.

    And when money and power corrupts, it really corrupts. STELLA! STELLA! and oh and Johnny and” UNCLE” Archie at the end sent shivers down my spine.

  41. Joanne Rasmussen says:

    I saw RockNRolla yesterday Oct.31. I loved Gerry in it but the movie STUNK. The theatre that I went to had absolutly no posters for this movie. 25 screens. I am glad I seen it though as I really love Gerry and I think he’s a great actor. Sorry Gerry. The young generation probably will love it.

  42. Realgypsygirl says:

    Hubby and I went to see the movie today. I can see why there have been a few comments about the plot being a bit strung out … but it wasn’t hard to follow as everything seemed to come full circle. The movie’s characters were well fleshed out and the movie was very entertaining. The entire situation with “Handsome Bob” and “One Two” is a hoot and I loved how “Mumbles” made sure he rubbed it in with “One Two”. I was expecting way way way more face time for Gerry. Given the fact that HE IS basically the poster I expected him to be in the LEAD role. Given his resume and his recent successes … I don’t understand why he keeps taking what I would call “second banana” roles – his time has come and he certainly can carry a meaty lead role regardless of genre. This IS disappointing. Won’t see again in the theater but will certainly buy the DVD.

  43. Saw the movie tonight and it was so good, my husband even really liked it after balking about going with me. Very funny, very fast paced, great acting & characters.

  44. I saw Rocknrolla today. Of course I knew before I went that it was not my cup of tea, but Gerry is so cute and funny. The things I have found that I like about British comedy over American films is that I heard no one say God D—-. There were enough F–ks to sink a ship and a few sh-ts. If it was said, maybe I missed it but I have noticed this before in British made films and that is something that is in their favor. I didn’t have to cringe one time from the language.

    Of course my main complaint would be not enough face time for Gerry. lol One two is a very good role for Gerry and does show off his well rounded acting ability, but he reallly needs more roles where he has to carry the film.

    Overall it is full of situation humor and I had no trouble understanding anyone because of the accents. The dance scenes were priceless.

  45. Sandy Hargett says:

    I saw RNR twice last night and had to go back today and see it twice more. What a fantastic
    performance by Gerard Butler. This man can make any character believable and lovable. The scene when Handsome Bob professes his desire for One Two is absolutely unbelievable. This is exactl;y the way you expect someone to respond given those circumstances from a best freind. First total SHOCK then, apology for flying off into left field, then calm acceptance, then lovable understanding. What a man that can BECOME these diverse characters with such perfection.
    I’ll probably see this a few more times if it stays around and then a few more when it hits the $1 theater. I can’t wait to own the DVD, and I can’t wait the “The Real Rock N Rolla.” I have found a
    new movie genre to love, I never cared much for gangster movies, but this a totally new turn on this particular genre. Humorous, human gangsters. I ABSOLUTELY loved it. I give it 10 stars, even though you can only give it 5. It was MUCH more than I expected.

  46. saw the movie today, the movie started off bad then half way it started getting good and more funny and Gerry was just smoking hot through out the whole thing!

  47. I saw the movie today and probably won’t see it again at the theatre. If Gerard had not been in it, I wouldn’t have bothered. I don’t really know what I was expecting, but a little more rock and roll would have been better. I guess after watching Phantom of the Opera, Dear Frankie, 300, and The Jury – I was expecting more.

  48. I just got back from watching in at Briar Creek Mall Regal Theaters in Raleigh, North Carolina! I LOVED IT!! What an amazing job Gerry did – a totally different kind of roll for him; sort of an innocent bad boy type – the alter-boy-gone-bad kind of thing – ADORABLE!!

    The language is rough, but that was expected in a crime/comedy, so I was able to enjoy the movie despite it.

    The humor is situational and totally hilarious!!! A must see!!

  49. I saw the movie last week and loved it! It’s crazy, wild and convoluted but keeps you laughing all the way through. There are so many twists and turns that you’re not sure where you’re at at times but it all comes together in the end with a couple of real surprises thrown in.
    Can’t wait to own the DVD!!

  50. Pat Marcum says:

    Saw it last night at 5p in Grand Rapids, MI. There were only about 10 people in the theater….two of them were women…me being one of them. I loved it….Gerry was adorable in this. My favorite scene was the scene with Handsome Bob. I loved Gerry’s expressions in this scene…..he really can pull them off. His timing is absolutely perfect! I just feel bad for the people who cannot see this on the big screen!