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From Guy Ritchie, the writer/director of the acclaimed films “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” and “Snatch,” comes “RocknRolla,” a story of sex, thugs and rock ‘n roll.The action comedy takes a dangerous ride into high crime and low life in contemporary London, where real estate has supplanted drugs as the biggest market, and criminals are its most enthusiastic entrepreneurs. But for anyone looking to get in – from small-time crook One Two (Gerard Butler) to shady Russian billionaire Uri Obomavich (Karel Roden) – there’s only one man to see: Lenny Cole (Tom Wilkinson).

A mobster from the old school, Lenny knows the right wheels to grease and has his hand on the throat of any bureaucrat, broker or gangster that matters. With one phone call, Lenny can make the red tape disappear. But as Lenny’s right-hand man Archy (Mark Strong) tells him, London is ground zero for the changing times, with big-time mobsters from the East, hungry criminals from the streets, and everyone in-between, all vying to change the rules of commerce and crime.

With millions up for grabs, all of London’s criminal underworld conspires, colludes and collides with one another in an effort to take their cut. But as high rollers and petty criminals alike jockey for dominance, the true prize of one multi-million-dollar deal will fall into the hands of a junkie rock star (Toby Kebbell) – Lenny’s stepson, presumed dead but very much alive.

“RocknRolla” stars Gerard Butler (“300,” “P.S. I Love You”) as One Two, a street-smart hustler who tries to play both sides of the fence. Two-time Oscar nominee Tom Wilkinson (“Michael Clayton,” “In the Bedroom”) stars as the ruthless head mobster, Lenny Cole, part of London’s old crime regime, which is quickly losing ground to the wealthier foreign mob. Thandie Newton (“Crash,” “The Pursuit of Happyness”) stars as One Two’s love interest, Stella, a smart and sexy accountant with ties to the underworld. Mark Strong (“Body of Lies”) stars as Archy, Lenny Cole’s right-hand man. Idris Elba (“The Reaping,” “The Wire”) plays Mumbles, One Two’s partner in crime and best friend, and Tom Hardy (“Layer Cake”) is Handsome Bob, another member of their crew. Toby Kebbell (“Control”) plays missing and presumed dead British punk rock star Johnny Quid, and Jeremy Piven (“Entourage”) and Chris “Ludacris” Bridges (“Crash”) appear respectively as Roman and Mickey, two Americans trying to break into the music scene in London.

Guy Ritchie directed “RocknRolla” from his own screenplay. The film is produced by Joel Silver (“The Matrix,” “Lethal Weapon” and “Die Hard” franchises), Susan Downey (“The Brave One”), Steve Clark-Hall (“Revolver”) and Guy Ritchie. Steve Richards and Navid McIlhargey are the executive producers.

The behind-the-scenes creative team is led by director of photography David Higgs, production designer Richard Bridgland, costume designer Suzie Harman, and editor James Herbert. Steve Isles composed the score.

A Dark Castle Entertainment production, “RocknRolla” is being distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.


Gerard Butler…One-Two
Thandie Newton … Stella
Tom Wilkinson … Lenny Cole
Idris Elba … Mumbles
Ludacris … Mickey
Jeremy Piven … Roman
Gemma Arterton … June
Jamie Campbell Bower … Rocker
Mark Strong … Archie
Tom Hardy … Handsome Bob
Toby Kebbell … Johnny Quid
Karel Roden … Uri


Filming began in the UK on June 19, 2007 and was completed in July 2007. Film projected budget: $18 million

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UK – September 5, 2008
US – October 8, 2008 (Limited – NY/LA/Toronto)
US – October 31, 2008 (wide – 800 theaters)
Argentina – November 6, 2008
France – November 19, 2008
Australia – November 27, 2008
Germany – November 27, 2008
Greece – December 4, 2008
Belgium – December 10, 2008
Russia – January 1, 2009
Japan – March 28, 2009

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  1. Loved it. Just watched it again last night and I can’t wait for the sequel to come out. Does anybody know when??

  2. Eugenie says:

    I like the movie, but it’s not my fav. I am fan of Gerard and i have seen all his movies many many times! I prefer him in dramas and romance movies! He is the best actor!!!

  3. Great movie! Fantastic. I was surprised how realistic and funny a movie can be.
    And the cast was great as well.
    I am a Gerry Butler’s fan.I have seen most of his movies.That one is one of his best.
    His performance is so natural, outstanding.I was blown away.
    I had a great time to watch it and this movie can be watch more than ones and still you can laugh…
    And it is important…….Thank you, Mr.Ritchie and thank you,Mr.Butler.
    Great job.

  4. sue grint says:

    i made a review about a year ago, but i like to read the comments of other people after me to see what they think. one person said they couldnt understand stellas part in it and she could have been removed from it. well that person obviously wasnt listening and watching this film, as stella was one of the most important people in the film when it came to the wild bunch, and she orchestrated the two heist to enable the wild bunch to get the money of the russians. so i dont know where her mind was during this film. the other thing is, as british, go and see upteen american films and get through the accents and the american humour, so why do americans always make out they cant understand us british. i know gerry was allowed to keep his strong scottish brogue in this film and a lot of people said they could only understand every other word but it was a rocket science film and easily followed. it was just a great humourous and ingenious caper.

  5. Have seen this movie a few times now and still enjoy watching it. The entire cast ensemble worked great together and was a hilarious movie – just like ‘2 smoking barrells’! Another great Guy Ritchie movie and of course GB played his part well – awesome!

  6. RocknROlla is a GREAT movie. There was never a dull moment, and the characters were full of surprises. I shared this with my friends on movie night, and it is now a favorite. The Wild Bunch are a great group of guys that compliment each other, And One Two played Stella as much as she played him. Awesome. Loved the sex scene – very cleverly staged. 5 stars!!!

  7. Once in reply to question “lover or fighter?” Gerard said “fighter”.
    Yeah, Gerard Butler is a crazy, funny fighter! I love this movie, this humor!!!
    Thank’s to Guy Ritchie&Co – “One-Two” has been played by mr. Gerard Butler.

    Much love mr. Butler from Russia.

    Bye bye

  8. I could hardly wait for this movie to come out, and when I did see it I was not disappointed. Unfortunately, where I live in the Midwest, we don’t seem to have a real appreciation for British movies. I was the only woman in the theater when I watched it on the Saturday after it came out. Also, there were about 20 people total in the theater. I thought it was great. The characters were all great. I would have gone to see it again, but I think it was in the theaters for two weeks total. I was so disappointed. Could not wait for the DVD to come out. I have watched it countless times and have watched it on Direct TV as well. Gerry’s scenes are great and funny! The scene with Handsome Bob when he comes out is just hilarious. I just love One Two! Fits GB to a T! This movie was certainly unappreciated by most of the American viewing public. I am so glad that I “get” British humor. There have been so many great British movies, mini-series, PBS series, etc. One in particular, The Jury, which was just excellent with Gerry’s character. He did a fabulous job. Cannot wait for the sequel to RockNRolla to come out. I hope there is not a big delay to it because of the disappointing box office here in the States. Love this genre of Guy Ritchie movies. Want to see the whole RNR gang again. Curious to find out if Stella managed to survive at the end. Great job everyone! I just wish more people could have realized what a funny well-acted movie this was last year. Great soundtrack as well. Hurray, Gerry!!

  9. I liked it. I love these wicked, nasty but humorous movies. Especially I enjoyed the scenes with the Russians. Definitely the best scenes in the movie. Gerard was great, but so where the Russians. Ten points! Absolutely great work =D If you want to have a good laugh, this is your movie, but it requires a certain kind of twisted mind… 😉

  10. I love Gerard Butler but I have tried to watch this movie 4 times now and have fallen asleep each time…………I don’t like it……….Hard to understand, very confusing and pretty boring. I would rate it one of Gerry’s worst.

  11. janet fox says:

    I loved this movie Gerard was awesome in it one of the best movies i have seen for ages!

  12. Cathrine says:

    I just went to Copenhagen to see it.
    And it is one of the worlds best movies.
    I had think of it to be borring, but it issent.
    I don’t understand the danish pepeol, they say it’s bad, but it issent!

  13. dominika says:

    genial! I love this movie. For its music, characters, plot, wits, and…GERARD of course! Love love love.

  14. I loved it! It was hilarious and you never knew what was going to happen next. Gerry was totally One Two, as always. The friendship was believable and perfect. I am proud to own, show and loan this movie.

  15. Right up there with POTO and Dear Frankie. I loved the scene with Handsome Bob. The expression on Gerry’s face was wonderful. He truly can become whatever character he is playing at the time.

  16. soupy from Jersey says:

    Some American critics and even some fans suffer from selective mental blinders. Enjoying films made in another country seems to be an acquired taste. This must see action film should be rated at the very tops in every way. Guy Ritchie gave us hysterical moments found in not too many movies. Gerry Butler, superstar, soarded to the limit in his role as 1-2. Unexpected so fine performances byTom Hurley and Toby Kebbell, added so much to viewing pleasure. A fine job done by all. Cheers!

  17. beverly belote says:

    Did not get to see is in theaters. Had to hunt for it in two stores before I found and bought it the day it was released here in Oxnard CA. Loved it! It really did look like Gerry was right there with Thandie! Paven as usual was excellent! Best revenge movie ever! Can’t wait to see “Law Abiding Citizen”, “The Ugly Truth” and of course “Burns”.

  18. I’m not a Guy Ritchie fan and this movie didn’t change that. It seemed too broken, too disjointed at times. I did like the humor of One-Two and Mumbles and Bob. But I never really got what Thandie’s character was all about. I know she was the ‘accountant’ but the character could have been removed and the movie would have gone on.

    The best part of the film was the nice bum shot GB flashed. Oh and the Bob coming out scene was hillarious too.

    The story line would have been much better had it have been presented in a different directorial style.

  19. helen biggers says:

    I’m sorry but didn’t like the movie at all. Think it was a waste of Gerry’s talent. He was cute and did a good job. The movie didn’t make any sense to me and was glad it was over.

  20. Sue Lambert says:

    I watched RNR for the first time on the DVD. The accents were a bit too hard to understand, so I switched on the closed captioning for the first viewing, so I could understand what they were saying. Then I watched it for the second time, and I thought it was GREAT. The roles were well written, and they interracted with each other very well. It would not have worked so well, in the hands of a lesser director or actors. Once again, Gerry changed genre, and knocked it out of the park again. Not that I thought he would not, but it is just uncanny, how he can switch roles like that, and really milk them for all they were worth. The look on his face when he was dancing with Handsom Bob was hysterical. He looked so uncomfortable, and I thought he was going to burst into tears. The way he would put his hands over his face to hide his hysterical misery…his comedic timing is uncanny. He seems to be enjoying himself very much. The chase scene was funny, especially when they went into the dark tunnel on the railroad…”thud”, and here comes Gerry with a club in his hand. I have watched it 9 times now, and everytime I do, I see something new. I cannot wait for the “Real RockNRolla” to get here. I do have to mention that I think Toby Kibble is a real talent. He will make his mark on the movie industry. Not as good as Gerry tho. I recommend that everyone give it a try. Try the closed captioning first, and then the second time around, it is so easy to understand, and enjoy it.

  21. Petra Cahill says:

    I watched RocknRolla and I liked it. Now people have to remember one thing, this is a British Movie! I read at a different Web site some comments about the movie before I actually watched it. And someone said exactly that. Believe it or not the person was right. I am from Germany living in the US and been a movie and television lover since childhood. Yes there is a difference! I can tell when a movie has not been made by an american. German’s have their style, British have theirs and pretty much all countries have a different style. I have seen Layer Cake before and this movie falls right into the same category. Yes it’s about Drugs and trying to make Money fast, the f… word is used a lot, but think of it, that’s how people like that talk. Would I let my 8 year old see that movie, absolutely no. My Teenager, yes, there is nothing in this movie that he hasn’t already heard somewhere. Times are different now a days. I thought the actors did a great job. I would have liked to see Gerry in a little bit more dominating part, but this movie In my eyes was about each Character. Like somebody else said, so many twists and turns. Because each Character was an important part in this movie. Without it I don’t think it would have been the same and the story would not have been brought over the way it was meant to be. The sexual favor that was asked of Gerry’s Character, well I think that was more thought of in fun. Just look at the others reaction when they found out. It was funny and should only be looked at as that. Gerry’s expression when he found out his best buddy Handsome Bob had a crush on him and had sexual fantasies was absolutely SUPERB!. That in my eyes shows true talent. He looked totally the part. It was great!!!! I’m glad I got the DVD so I can watch it over again, because there are some things I didn’t understand. I blame the British accent for it! Besides I think it is a movie that you just have to watch over again and again to find out more of the plot. I would like to say that if you don’t like British Movies don’t watch it. I don’t think you would be satisfied by it.
    Thank god I don’t have that problem or I would have missed out on a good movie.

  22. Carolyn M says:

    Saw this in the theater and couldn’t wait until it came to DVD.I have enjoyed it so much more now that I can
    rewind to get parts I missed.Some of the language is hard to understand so rewatching it helps.Gerry is great as usual.I can tell in parts how much he was suffering with his bad throat.I loved the Wild Bunch and hope they will come back.They made a huge mistake not giving this wider distribution.A lot of reviewers put this on their top 10 movie list for 2008.

  23. I saw this movie last night and I really think, Gerry; you wasted your talent. If I would have ever been blessed to have children, I would not have allowed my teenagers to view this film. That 4 letter word is about as common place in the human language as yes and no and I hate hearing it come from anyone’s mouth, so that was a turn off, but I got through that one. What really concerned me was all the glorifying of drugs that kills so many youth today. I know that Gerry did not write the script, but being involved in that kind of movie is disappointing. Gerry’s part was, at the most, a supporting role only and the man that played Archie (also had a supporting role in the Jury), was the strongest actor/character in it. Sorry Gerry fans; I would not recommend purchasing this film and I really cannot recommend it for viewing if you think Gerry is a great actor. The other thing that turned me off was the implication that Gerry’s character was in a sexual relationship-and it doesn’t matter how little to me-with another man. In reality, would Gerard Butler even think the thought if his best mate was spending 5 years in prison to succomb to that which is not meant to be? I will leave it at that. I await patiently for Burns and hope to be able to say now that is more like it.

  24. Marlene Urso says:

    I think this film is genius. If you really pay attention to the plot and how all the storylines meld together, it is remarkable. I have been watching it back to back since I received my DVD and love it. Gerry’s skill as a diverse actor shines through in his role and the way he brings humor to some difficult situations in the film only adds to my admiration. I gave it a five star rating.

  25. I did not have the opportunity to see this very funny movie in the theater as it did not play anywhere near me. I bought the DVD and was thouroughly entertained by all the performances.
    Gerry was very funny and I was glad to see that he had quite a bit of on-screen time. His two dance scenes were very entertaining. I loved his dance scene with Thandi-he is trying so hard to be so cool, I just had to laugh. His role as One-Two brings a lot of Gerry to the screen-sexy, playful, vulnerable. Go buy the DVD if you have not already is my recommendation!
    It is definately worth the price!

  26. The film showed for the first time here in South Africa on Friday 30th January 2009 and I made sure I was there to see it. The humour was good but as I have been waiting forever for it to be released here I was disappointed that there was not much more of Gerry in the movie. So now I wait of Ugly Truth and was disappointed that the release date was delayed. Am hoping there is not a long wait for Burns!

  27. I finally saw this movie last night and am still laughing. It was hard to follow but it all made sense in the end. Very different from the usual mob movies. Gerard was amazing as usual. I think all the characters were. I must admit it was hard for me to even think of Gerard being with another man and thought this is unusual till I saw the favor he really did for Bob. I was relieved! I laughed so hard in the dancing scene with Bob. He is quiet possibly the most manly man I have ever seen on screen. He was great in the Movie and did a great job.

  28. I bought it the day it came out. I now have see it 5 times and it still makes me laugh every time. Gerry is absolutely funny in it. I loved the seen with him and handsome Bob in the car. Great movie! Can’t wait for The Ugly Truth!

  29. Amber Kisselburg says:

    I quite enjoyed seeing Gerry in a very open role. I liked seeing his cute butt, Bob coming on to him, his reaction to that, and of course him tied down to a bed. Him being in the movie was just a bonus for me. The movie itself was good. I always enjoy Guy Richie films. The entire cast, story line and direction was awesome. Good Job Gerry

  30. I quite enjoyed this romp through London’s seedier side. Inept criminals who aren’t out to kill everyone they cross paths with makes for hilarity when things go slightly off in their big plans.

    Gerry was, well Gerry. Funny, sexy, manly, with a bit of little boy thrown in for good measure. The Wild Bunch weren’t quite so wild. A little on the left side of the law but nothing too far out there. If I have to watch a movie about criminal activity I do prefer it to have a bit of fun in it as they poke fun at the criminal element.

    Gerry has proven once again he is a versatile actor. Guy Richie has won me over as I did enjoy this movie. At times it was hard to decipher what they were saying with the heavy accents but even that was part of the charm.

  31. Lise Leveillee says:

    This glimpse into the underworld of London, their dealings, their plots and schemes is very entertaining and interesting to watch as we see the old school mob boss, Lenny Cole, try to swindle two members of the new school, the Wild Bunch, led by One-Two, a charming young charismatic but gauche gangster into borrowing money from him and then arranging it for them not to be able to refund the loan so he can take over the property they were about to purchase with the loan. Add to this a crooked but beautiful accountant playing all sides of the fences by both working for a rich Russian billionaire and at the same time robbing him so she can help the Wild Bunch reimburse the loan to Lenny Cole. And if that were not enough, add to that a hit man with a conscience, a rock’n’rolla junkie, a gay gangster coming out of the closet, two unkillable Russian henchmen and you have Rock’N’Rolla. You can see that all the cast members had a good time making that movie. Lenny is played by the very versatile and extremely talented Tom Wilkinson, his right hand man, Archie by the very understated Mark Strong, an actor who made an impression on me when I first saw him in The Jury alongside Gerard Butler. One-Two is of course played by the very handsome, studly and also very versatile Gerard Butler who at times makes us laugh so much as we see his character react to the love declaration he gets from one of his henchmen, Handsome Bob played by Tom Hardy very convincingly when One-Two is not trying to seduce Stella, played by Thandie Newton, a great actress but who seems to be shrinking away more and more from one movie to the other. Our Russian billionaire is played by Karl Roden who was in Blade 2 playing the lawyer at the service of the vampire family. You also have Matt King who is a very interesting character as Cookie. Finally we should not forget Toby Kebbell, the Rock’N’Rolla of the title who has ties to Lenny Cole with whom he has some unfinished business. In this movie, you will find humor, even a short funny sex scene, two very funny dance scenes and if you’re worried about violence, well don’t be as it is more implied than shown. A definite must see. It got a standing ovation at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 4, 2008.

  32. I was fortunate to see Rocknrolla at the TIFF premiere, then saw it twice more when it opened in movie theatres in late-October, but I have to say that watching the Blu-ray DVD of RnR last night, blew me away. It’s rare for me to enjoy the DVD of a film more after having seen it in a movie theatre as I love seeing films in a theatre. The Blu-ray DVD really shows off the cinematography and Guy Ritchie’s use of colour and light. And the information/interviews on the special features really added to my appreciation of the film and Ritchie’s talent.

  33. Jane Beins says:

    RNR is just great fun! Everybody in it shines and everybody works well together. Gerry as a comically tinged crook is priceless and I hope he does more of this kind of thing with or without Ritchie. The film is stylized, fast moving and clever. Unlike some, I didn’t find the plot at all difficult to follow and the large cast is well deliniated but it’s true that with repeated viewings more reveals itself and the film holds up well when seen over and over again. Toby Kebbel, Mark Strong and Tom Wilkinson are also thoroughly satisfying in their character portrayals, as is the entire cast, but my heart lies with “The Wild Bunch”. Tom Hardy, Idris and Gerry are great as the hapless thiefs – watch the second robbery for some high-class “3 Stooges” shenanigans – a real hoot!!! RNR never takes itself too seriously and isn’t aiming for any deep commentary on modern life – it’s just a good time made by talented people behind and in front of the camera. And that’s more than a lot of films I’ve seen this year!!!

  34. sue grint says:

    i thought this film was brilliant. i didnt know if i would like it as i hadnt see a guy richie film before, but i found it very lighthearted and enjoyable. there were so many excellent parts in it and all the roles were played brilliantly. all gerrys parts were hilarious, especially handsome bob, the dance sketch, the sex sketch and the chase, not giving too much away for those who havent seen it yet, but it jumped to the top of my favourite gerry films, and i have had dear frankie and beowulf and grendel at the top for many years now, so thats saying something. it seemed that the part was made for him and he played it off so well, i think because one two is so similar to gerry in many ways.

  35. I’m sorry. I do adore Gerry Butler, but the only good parts in this movie were the parts he was in. I just found it very confusing – two of the other characters looked very similar, so it was very confusing. However, Gerry shines as always. He doesn’t always get the best films, but he’ll always shine no matter what. Even my husband said, “bad film, great actor.”

    Must add – felt no chemistry between Gerry and Thandie.

  36. Sue Campbell says:

    I saw it last Sundat night, you had to pay attention to it real closely to catch what was going on, I did manage it. In serious times, gerry always makes you laugh, especially when he was being chased by the Russians. I can’t wait for the second movie. I’m glad there are a few separate ones in between.

  37. Suzanne Hoffman says:

    I’ve seen the film three times with my husband and we both enjoyed it very much. The evening shows on the weekends got fairly good crowds in our area, with a lot of laughter (and funny reactions to the Handsome Bob/One Two scenes). The film did seem to attract males, especially the ones in the usual target demographic (18-30). If it had received some decent publicity, it would have cracked the Top 10 at the US box office, IMO.

    I’m looking forward to buying the DVD when it’s available, because I felt this was an excellent and quirky ensemble piece in addition to being another Gerry Movie. The entire cast was strong, the plot took us on a fun ride and the soundtrack was perfect. How can I not love it?

  38. A few comments about RockNRolla. I love gangster/mob films (Hong Kong over-the-top stylized violence), if they are not too bloody and not too much nasty language. So I was expecting RnR to be what it is – a gangster film with lots of cussin’ and shootin’ etc. Actually, I was surprised it was shot in such a way that some of the mayhem is off screen and you just hear it or the others are talking about it. There is a lot to be said for quick cuts.
    The cast are all so good it is a pleasure to watch them morph into these mobsters, lowlifes and druggies. Gerard Butler is One-Two, the leader of The Wild Bunch, and is full of doofus charm.. The character isn’t brilliant, but he is good-hearted to his mates. His dancing scene with Stella (Thandie Newton) the crooked bookeeper for the Russian mobster, is very funny. He is either a good dancer and playing an awkward one; or really a bit awkward. Anyway, it is very cute and he and Thandie are darling together.
    Idris Elba (Mumbles) & Handsome Bob (Tom Hardy) are the rest of The Wild Bunch. The encounter between One-Two and Handsome Bob is funny and sweet and even though One-two is shocked at first, he handles it so well and the two actors are just very good. Nice script writing. Or did the actors improvise some? Then One-Twos conversation with Mumbles about Bob is so funny and puts a human face on these violent criminals.

    Other acting standouts are Toby Kebbell as Johnnie Quid (the RockNRolla) as the druggie step-son of Tom Wilkinsons mob boss (although I did get tired of Tom acting at the top of his voice), and his right-hand man Archie played by Mark Stong, who is a violent man, but Stong’s expressions as things take crazy twists and turns are priceless. Another good performance.

    The Russian mob after The Wild Bunch, who have stolen from them, is the funniest chase in a long time, which just ends because they all are so tired they can’t run anymore.
    Oh, and the McGuffin priceless painting, which we never see except from the back, which is stolen many times, ends up at Stella’s place. The Russian kingpin is not happy when he sees it (originally it belonged to him and he wants it back.) Will he have Stella killed? He’s just asked her to marry him – but now, here’s his painting – what’s a billionaire mobster to do? We’ll have to wait for RnR2 “The Real RockNRolla,” to find out.

    Since this is an ensemble film, no one is featured more than The Wild Bunch, I like that. I love The Wild Bunch, and hope they get to make 2 more films, writer/director Guy Richie has already written. They’re cooool, just not as cool as they think they are.
    And when they ramp up the music near the end, it is a like a jolt of caffeine to the brain. WOW! Once around again! 8/10
    by Jane/purplelady

  39. This was my first Guy Ritchie movie, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I only went because Gerry was in it, but I really enjoyed it. Such a wild story with great performances. Gerry was really funny – I just loved his reactions to Handsome Bob. I also thought the actor who played Johnny Quid was really talented. Looks like they’re planning a sequel too which would be great. Definitely a must see movie!

  40. Helen Concepcion says:

    I went to see this movie with a few friends and there was mixed emotions. My best friend and I thought that Guy Ritchie did an excellent job. The story was absolutely great and I hope he directs the sequel. I even felt that Mr. Ritchie would be an amazing novelist because he has a great talent for making dark characters, extremely appealing. As far as Gerard Butler’s role, it was extremely amusing. I couldn’t stop laughing and he oozes charm on the big screen. I would definetly see it again.

  41. Sandy Hargett says:

    I have see RNR 5 times now and enjoy it more every time I see it. I hope it holds on long enough to see it a few more times on the big screen. I’ll buy the DVD and watch it all I want, but I’ve been
    desperately disappointed in the turn out when I’ve been in the theater. Very few in the seats, and mostly men. I thought the audience would be 80 /20 women. Where are all the Gerry fans?
    The film is outstanding, the accent is not that hard to follow if you pay attention, the action is wonderful and, of course, Gerry Butler is supreme as One Two. He creates that character from jump city and adds layer after layer of hilarity. Loved the film, loved Gerry’s character, loved the RockNRolla character. Toby is magnificient. He really rocked the part. I’ll be watching for more of his work, loved it. Loved Mark Strong in this. He is such a good actor, puts himself into it. This was my first Guy Ritchie movie, loved the presentation of underground London. I’m hoping we get enough interest for a sequel. I’d love to see Gerry in that character again.

  42. It was great. My hubby and I were travelling through Albuquerque this past weekend and stopped for lunch and to see Rocknrolla. I thought it was great and my hubby thought enough of it to want to see it again to pick up on lines that he might have missed. It is too bad it hasn’t opened wide enough to get to our mountain community in Colorado where we could see it again on the big screen. Guess we will wait for the DVD.

  43. Kathie Cirelli says:

    I never saw a Guy Richie movie before, I only went because of Gerry, I went over the weekend and only two of us

    were in the theater, I found Gerry’s character very funny. He just knows how to play TwoBit— I laughed out loud.

    I thought he did a good job. He seemed to be enjoying himself.

    Could I ever write a bad review about Gerry???

    The movie was ok. but not one I would of gone to see if Gerard Butler wasn’t in it.

    Everyone did a good acting job, I thought. All and All I give it an 8 on a 1-10 scale.

  44. I saw the film about 2 months ago and I have to say I liked it. It was not hard to follow although there is a lots of going on and your head is spinning at the beginning. I mean its Guy Ritchies film so we should not be surprised. I only expected more scenes with Gerry as leading man. Love the car robbery scene, so funny. Definatelly I will buy a DVD

  45. A terrific movie, full of energy, action and a roller coaster ride. The music for the soundtrack was also excellent and you left the theatre on a high and lokking forward to the sequel.
    Guy Ritchie is excellent at showing us the quirks and humour of London’s criminal side although he cant win with some of the critics. They complain if he tries a new genre and also if he returns to what he does best. Never mind the film was a great experience and the excellent cast looked as if they had a ball making it!
    As a contrast, I saw the new Bond movie ‘Quantum of Solace’ and in spite of the special effects and huge budget it wasnt nearly as much fun.Grim faces on most of the characters and no humour.

  46. Saw the film while vacationing in L.A before it hit my town on the east coast. The theater was surprisingly less than half full. Love Gerry in everything he does in film…and out 🙂 But….this one, not quite a winner in my opnion. I have to agree, the accents were a bit tough to understand which made it more difficult to follow. The only hightlights were the funny scenes. Gerry did not have enough camera time. The love scene was cut due to his illness..why couldn’t they make it better when he recovered? All in all, Gerry “rocked”, but the film needed to “roll”. Maybe that’s why they called it RocknRolla? Keep ’em coming Gerry! Looking forward to “The Ugly Truth”.

  47. I was looking forward to seeing RNR because I just loved Guy Richie’s film “Snatch” which was a great film.

    I have been a fan of Gerry’s since 2004 and have seen almost all his films. Any role he takes on he becomes that person and he did that in RNR. You are the best in my book!!!

    Gerry you did it again….but I was not impressed with this film. I look forward to The Ugly Truth and all the ohter films to come. Keep them coming……….

  48. sue grint says:

    i thought the film was brilliant. i hadnt seen a guy richie film before, as i thought i wouldnt like a gangsterl movie, but this was so lighthearted and entertaining it was great. there was so many funny moments in the film, especially gerrys parts. my favourites were the handsome bob scene, the dance scene and the chase scene. this film went straight to the top of my gerry list of films, and thats saying something as dear frankie and beowulf and grendel have been my favourites for years now. all the characters added something special to the film and there were many hilarious sketches other then the ones gerry was in. i thoroughly recommend this film to anyone who wants to enjoy a good laugh and entertaining 114 minutes of fun and enjoyment.

  49. Hope Grasso says:

    I saw rocknrolla tonight 6 people in the show all together, I was the only women, Gerry was very
    sexy, but it was hard to follow, it isn’t one of my favorite Gerry movies, but enjoyed looking at him!

  50. DonnaJean Montalbano says:

    My sweet George and I saw ROCKNROLLA (for my birthday gift) which was on Halloween, October 31.but I spent that evening, however, handing out candy to the wee little ones in our town of Chula Vista, CA. We saw RNR the next day, November 1 and loved every moment of Gerry on the screen, he pulls you into his movies and you are THERE!. Gerry is the absolute “male ~~~MAN.” Loaded with testosterone ~~~~he walks, talks and dances it for all of his fans with such charisma and charm. We adore listening and watching Gerry. He was hysterical during that part of the movie where he is IN and OUT of the car when Bob suggested he wanted him. The funny looks on his face said it all. Dancing with Bob and the guys during the credits was delightful. Of course some of the accents were a wee bit hard to understand…but no problema with Gerry and after all that is who we came to see! The complete movie was a a lot of fun and loved that UK humor. When DVD comes out will watch it many more times.

    We can hardly wait to see UGLY TRUTH with Katherine Heigl…It sounds like it might be an UP-TO-DATE version of Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracey type movie. We can hardly wait for that one and many more. In the meantime, we have a library full of Gerry Butler movies that we will enjoy.
    Luv and hugs from Donna Jean and George & clan