Shattered (Butterfly on a Wheel)

Shattered (Formerly Butterfly on a Wheel)
Now on DVD
Crime / Drama / Thriller (R)
Mike Barker
Running time:
119 minutes

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Neil and Abby Randall have the perfect life and a perfect marriage. With their beautiful young daughter, Sophie, they are living the American dream… until today.

When Sophie is suddenly kidnapped, they have no choice but to comply with the abductors demands. The kidnapper – Tom Ryan (PIERCE BROSNAN), a cold and calculating sociopath takes over their lives with the brutal efficiency of someone who has nothing to lose.

In the blink of an eye Neil and Abby’s safe and secure existence is turned upside down. Over the next twenty four hours they are at the mercy of a man who wants only one thing. That they do his bidding. It soon becomes clear that Tom’s demands are all the more terrifying… because he doesn’t want their money. What he wants is for Neil and Abby’s life, the life that they have built over 10 years, to be systematically dismantled and destroyed. Piece by piece.

With time running out on their little girl, Neil and Abby realise their nightmare is about to take its most deadly turn: They will have to face Toms final, horrifying challenge – would they kill an innocent man to save their own child?

In the far distance a solitary light burns in the window of a lodge as the car glides to a halt – and Neil knows it is a question only he can answer – when Ryan hands him the gun…


Gerard Butler …. Neil Randall
Pierce Brosnan …. Tom Ryan
Maria Bello Abby Randall
Emma Karwandy …. Sophie Randall
Desiree Zurowski …. Helen Schriver
Dustin Milligan …. Mike Ryan
Claudette Mink …. Judy
Aaron Douglas ….
Malcolm Stewart …. Carver




Completed filming in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and Chicago, Illinois on May 8, 2006.This film now has the US title of “Shattered”

Lionsgate is released this title on DVD on December 25, 2007.

Shattered appeared on TNT basic cable on September 2 and September 8, 2007.

This film will be released theatrically in various countries.


US (Limited) Release – July 27, 2007 – Miami, Florida
US Television Premiere – TNT – September 2, 2007
Taiwan – 14 September 2007
Canada – 27 September 2007 (Calgary Film Festival)
Romania – 28 September 2007
Spain – October 2007 (Sitges International Festival of Fantastic and Horror Cinema)
Argentina – 11 October 2007
Poland – 12 October 2007
Belgium – 24 October 2007
Netherlands – 25 October 2007
Russia – 7 November 2007
Chile – 15 November 2007
Hungary – 15 November 2007
Philippines – 28 November 2007
Czech Republic – 6 December 2007
Mexico – 11 January 2008
Iceland – 18 January 2008

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  1. I think this was the first Gerard movie that I saw, at least the first in which I paid attention to Gerard and his performance, you know, I was firstly conscious that Gerard existed although he didn’t conquer my heart yet…(I don’t know if that makes any sense, sorry) but it was a first step…
    But, actually, this wasn’t the first Gerard’s film that I saw, I got really surprised when i first revised his filmography and I realized that he plaid Dracula! cos I remembered had watched that films years ago… but I had no idea! I like when this kind of things happen 🙂
    About the movie itself, I remember I was watching at it with my mother, and I couldn’t watch it till the end, and then my mother told me: ” you have to watch it! it’s really good, it has a surprising ending that I’d never expected!” and so I did, and of course, I LOVED IT! I think is one of the most dramatics roles of Gerard, and I have to say that I don’t understand why people who nominate for awards don’t recognize his great job, and I’m saying that because of the trailer on the top, have you seen it? ” golden globe nominee, Pierce Brosnan and Maria Bello, and… Gerard Butler” and just at that moment you can see Gerard paying a very dramatic scene in a magisterial way, and… personally, I don’t like Pierce Brosnan at all, I think he can’t express anything! and the woman, I don’t even know her, but I think she’s good actress.
    Anyway (I don’t thing anyone’s going to read this, sorry I didn’t mean to extend so much… but) what do you think?

  2. I recently rented this – and then bought it for the permanent collection. Neil has become my favorite Gerry performance with this multi-dimensional character. Great plot & the surprises! I literally jumped off of my couch screaming at the tv once I understood. And the best ending I’ve seen in a long while. Kudos to all 3 principal cast members. I think this film should have be an award winner. Can it be re-released????

  3. dawn lavender says:

    i saw this movie before i fell in love with geradr’s films.
    he is always poignant, compassionate & georgeous.
    great in roles of the heart or action.
    best new actor to date.

  4. Amazing movie!!! Super twists and full of complete surprises throughout!! All 3 actors were terrific especially Gerry!!!

  5. I have to say I’m like alot of the reviewers in a way. Like CJ I watched with my husband who doesn’t think at all in those terms. “Cheating and jealousy are wasted emotions”! So, I can usually figure out a movie especially where there is a cheating spouse plot. Not so much with this one. We had both figured she (Abby) had something going on, either in with Tom or something else. I can’t believe this wasn’t shown on the big screen nation wide!!! I would have easily spent the $$$ this was one of those movies Gerry does almost effortlessly. I was constantly trying to guess Toms next move. My two teen boys watched with mixed emotion. (They get tired of hearing how great Gerry is from the females in our family). They wanted him to kick Toms arse and get some answers from the begining. Called him a wuss! Then when the cheating was exposed they were even more angry with him. “Why would you cheat if it didn’t mean anything?” “Why would you risk your families happiness for a fling?” They are almost 14 and almost 18 and the thought of cheating to them is the worst betrayal of family that they can imagin. Which also makes me afraid as a parent with the state of marriage today. I tend to agree with them why cheat? Why not just move on? I felt sooo much for Abby in the end! Angry, yes! And even that she’d gone a bit mad! But, the way she expresses her anger in the end was almost as heartbreaking. The loss, abandonment, and self doubt that his cheating put her through for months…I can’t say I blame her! Or Tom!!! If he had only come clean after all they’d be put through? Would it really have changed her mind? Or was she SO broken down that she couldn’t forgive him regardless? I don’t know. If she went through such an elaborate ruse and then said,”well you’ve confessed I forgive you” I would have lost my empathy for her. Because then it would just be pure revenge! Not that she wanted him to feel what she’d be through

  6. Yvonne Georgiou says:

    DON’T READ THESE USER REVIEWS IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE FILM YET AND INTEND TO! The beauty of this film is the mega suprising twist at the end, so we don’t want to spoil it for you.

    If you’ve seen the film then it’s safe to read mine and the other user reviews….

    Sue and Pat, as much as I love every single character Gerry plays and totaly forgave him as the murderous Phantom because of his love for Christine, his character as Neil got exactly what he deserved. As a Cypriot married woman I can personally say that if my husband cheated on me twice and still tried to lie about it like Neil did, I wouldn’t have been as kind as Abby and would have pushed him off the top of that building.

    What a rollacoaster, nail biting gripping film. I too have a realy bad habit of guessing the end of a film, which realy annoys my husband. But this film had me totally stumped until the end. All three characters had such depth and were wonderfully played by Gerry, Pierce and Maria.

    Great film.

  7. sue grint says:

    i found this film was brilliant. i was sitting on the edge of my seat most of the way thorough it trying to work out why pierce was such a bad arse and giving this couple so much grief. i usually can guess the ending of thrillers before you get there, but this one had so many twists and double twists, that i was totally shocked when it came to the end. i loved the way it also went back over the clues at the end of what was going on. i felt so sorry for gerry and what they put him thorough but he was a smug selfish bastard, if the truth be known, but you didnt realise that he deserved something for cheating on his wife twice, but i dont think he deserved all he got. he played the part brilliantly and although it wasnt a physical challenge this time, it shown how he can play a character so mentally tortured as well. thoroughly recommended to any one who loves their thrillers, and wants a rollacoaster ride of excitement and intrigue.

  8. I loved this movie….I don’t know why it never made it to the big screen. It would have been wonderful to see it there. I’m sure it boiled down to money! Anyway, Gerry played this with his usual total grasp of the character. To go from this cocky guy in the beginning to this broken, unsure man at the end! You just were hoping that he would admit the truth to his wife about the affair but he couldn’t do it!! At the end, was Neil’s affair with Judy worse or was Abby and Tom’s revenge worse? It left you hanging!

  9. This was a fantastic movie with a super surprising twist at the end! I literally jumped off the couch yelling in surprise! Of course – not one to watch with husband who has any of the least bit of jealous or suspicious tendancies….. groan!