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Adventure / Fantasy / Sci-Fi (PG-13)
Richard Donner
Running time:
116 minutes
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Gerard Butler …. André Marek
Paul Walker …. Chris Johnston
Frances O’Connor …. Kate Ericson
Billy Connolly …. Prof. E.A. Johnston
David Thewlis …. Robert Doniger
Anna Friel …. Lady Claire
Neal McDonough …. Frank Gordon
Matt Craven …. Steven Kramer
Ethan Embry …. Josh Stern
Michael Sheen …. Lord Oliver
Lambert Wilson …. Lord Arnaut
Marton Csokas …. De Kere/Decker

A group of archaeological students become trapped in the past when they go there to retrieve their professor. The group must survive in 14th century France long enough to be rescued.

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Production Notes:
Filmed in: Harrington, Quebec, Canada; Los Angeles, California, USA; Mascouche, Quebec, Canada; Montreal, Quebec, Canada; Prague, Czech Republic; Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada

Release Dates:
USA – 19 November 2003 (premiere)
USA – 26 November 2003
UK – 5 December 2003
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Filming Location:

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  1. Mona Moreschi says:

    Honey Badger dont give a … And neither should others.. I love this passion because there are many reasons to own one of these cool boats. One is the find. there are guys that love the hunt, others like to preserve and save.. Curators.. They are a museum of sorts. Others like to work on them, and others use them. No one is right or wrong.. In fact if you are smart, you can have a wonderful time being pals with all the different types..

  2. I saw this movie when it first came out, i was oblivious to the fact that Gerry was in it until now. Because it was over 6 years ago i don’t really remember the story. I think i should rent this movie again because i remember enjoying it!

  3. Just want to say your hair looks great in this movie, and that this type of movie suits you because of your height and physical beauty. You look phenomenal in sword fights.

  4. I just happened to see this movie on TBS right after I “discovered” Gerry. I enjoyed Timeline mainly for the parts with GB in them. I loved the part with him and Claire in the boat scene. He was so adorable and that smile of his! I thought they had a nice connection. I agree with a prior comment, Paul Walker was a dud in this, but I am not really a fan of his. He seemed to have an air about him because he had top billing over GB. I thought the movie could have been better than it was, but I watch it time and again just to see Gerry. He looked so big and strong – just the type to protect me and fight for me! I just loved to hear him say his name “by the way, my name is Andre Marek”. He makes my day just to hear his Scottish voice.

  5. Rachel Frantz says:

    This is my second favorite Action/Historical movie that Gerard has made. I love this movie because I like the idea of being able to go back to the past so any movie that explores this topic I like. I also like Richard Donner’s films and I like the cast of this movie. I thought everybody did a good job in their roles the only one that I thought was lackluster and mediocre was Paul Walker. He doesn’t hit me as an actor, I have seen in the Fast and the Furious and the sequel and he just seems like a one-note Johnny to me. Aside from Gerard and Billy Connolly who were my favorites the others I like were the great David Thewlis, Marton Csokas, Michael Sheen, and Rossif Sutherland. Rossif is the son of another of my favorite actors the great Donald Sutherland and judging by his performance he is a chip off the old block like Sutherland’s other son, Kieffer.

  6. i enjoyed the going back into the past and how they all coped with it. the twists in this film were interesting and the characters were great. gerrys performance was lovely and he was a very caring and emotional at times person. great adventure film

  7. I really enjoyed this movie and especially Gerry’s performance. He gave an especially moving performance in the scene when Andre Marek kills a man for the first time while protecting Claire. The action scenes at Le Roche were great too.

  8. Great fun movie! Love the twists and mental game of figuring what happens with time travel.