Wrath of Gods

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Jon Einarsson Gustafsson
Running time:
70 minutes

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At the beginning of July 2004, Canadian filmmakers Sturla Gunnarsson, Paul Stephens, Andrew Rai Berzins and Eric Jordan went to Iceland to make a movie, a co-production between Canada, the U.K. and Iceland. It was the beginning of the most difficult project any of them had ever been a part of. A series of events continued to put the project in jeopardy. Halfway through production, the financing had not closed, the film was seriously over budget, and the bonder was alarmed enough to send a representative to Iceland. The entire production was put under intense scrutiny while the cast and crew were fighting the onset of a ruthless Icelandic winter and diminishing daylight. The storms tore roofs of buildings and swept away equipment, and Gunnarsson slowly seemed to take on the characteristics and physical appearance of a troll as he struggled to fight gigantic obstacles. The strong determination of the filmmakers (Sarah Polley called it a “sheer demented ambition”) was the one thing that seemed to be able to steer this troubled ship through the storms and guide it to harbour. Two days before the end of principal photography Producer Paul Stephens admitted that is was a “miracle” that they were about to complete the shoot without having closed the ‘bank’. To most other people on the crew it was a miracle that no one had died in a series of accidents and other unfortunate events that haunted the production.


Gerard Butler …. Himself
Sturla Gunnarsson …. Himself
Sarah Polley …. Herself
Paul Stephens …. Himself



Gerard also serves as a co-producer on the project.


Audience Award – Best Documentary Feature – Oxford International Film Festival
Jury Award – Achievement in Filmmaking – Stony Brook Film Festival
Jury Award – Best Documentary Feature (shot in digital) – Napa Sonoma WineCountry Film Festival
Jury Award – Bronze Remi Entertainment – WorldFest Houston International Film Festival

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  1. wow! I think it’s really cool to make a documentary that shows the “making off” of a movie, normally there are only a few scenes included in the extras of the movie DVD and that’s all. I wish all Gerard movies had a “making off documentary” 🙂

    ah! and Eugenie, if you read that: I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! days ago I was thinking EXACTLY the same! 😀

  2. Eugenie says:

    Gerard Butler is soooo versatile actor!!!!! Amazing how easily can change each time!!! He can play everything, dramas, comedies, action movies, musical, family movies and romance so well!!!!! I admire him and i adore him!!!!!!

  3. Wrath of Gods takes you to awesome Iceland. located in the North Atlantic Ocean. where. at this very moment, Mother Nature is calling all the shots, sending ash into the air from a volcano beneath Eyjafjallajokull glacier and spreading it like a blanket over Ireland, UK, Scotland, Scandinavia, and most of Europe, bringing air travel to a halt….unpredictable outcome. a wild situation in a wild and stunning land. Just like to ask, “Gerard, is this the glacier you drove up when you and friends vacationed in Iceland? I know you love Iceland and it takes only second place to your beloved Scotland. I wish you well, always.”

  4. I say to everyone, this documentary is so well done, it is just a pleasure to watch it over and over, which I do…Gerard is so awesome and his magnetic presence is the reason I love this film.

  5. Eugenie says:

    It’s just perfect!!!

  6. Kathleen McGury says:

    This was an amazing documentary, not just because of the way it told the story of the film, but also because there was a story within the story telling the incredible obstacles that the filmmakers overcame. The photography is awesome and the scenes of Iceland are really beautiful. At times,it did seem that the gods were against the film, but due to some dedicated and courageous people, the film was finished.

  7. Catherine Piraino says:

    I followed the making of Bewolfe & Grundel as it was made and purchased a DVD as soon as I could get my hands on it. My sister and I went to see the film in a theatre in San Francisco when it opened here. It is not the kind of movie in which we would normally be interested but we are avid Gerard Butler fans and we go to see and we purchase anything that he is in. We were pleasantly surprised with this movie and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a wonderful story and very well done.

  8. this was an amazing film showing us the behind the scenes of making a film. how it ever got made was a miracle. the hurdles they all had to overcome were amazing to get through this shoot, but they persevered and got it made. gerrys interview towards the end of the documentary was enlightening and so natural, as he had just literally finished shooting for the day early hours and looked exhausted and knocked about, but still managed to give an hilarious account of what had happened during the making of the film.