Young Person’s Guide to Becoming a Rock Star

Young Person's Guide to Becoming a Rock Star
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Sheree Folkson
Kieron J. Walsh
Running time:
35 minutes
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Ciarán McMenamin …. Jez MacAllister
Simone Lahbib …. Fiona Johnstone
Nicola Stapleton …. Joe Nardone
Stephen McCole …. Wullie Macboyne
Duncan Marwick …. Psycho MacPhail
Eric Barlow …. Kenny Dick
Gerard Butler …. Marty Claymore
Ricky Callan …. Simon
Frank Gallagher …. Ossie
Forbes Masson …. Art Stilton
Barbara Rafferty …. Alice

The Young Person’s Guide to Becoming a Rock Star is, a six-part satirical take on the music world written by BAFTA award-winner Bryan Elsley (The Crow Road, My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star), centered around a young Glasgow band – Jocks Wa Hey – as they struggle to find success. The unlikely chart-toppers who go to form Jocks Wa Hey are Jez, the cocky lead singer played by Ciaran McMenamin (Titanic Town, David Copperfield); his best pal Psycho, the unkempt, scuzzy little bass player played by Duncan Marwick (Titanic Town); Wullie ‘The Bigot’ MacBoyne, psychopathic drummer played by Stephen McCole (Rushmore, Band of Brothers); the hard-hitting, ballsy lead guitarist Joe Nardone played by Nicola Stapleton (EastEnders); and Fiona, DSS Officer by day and Queen of Electronica by night, played by Simone Lahbib (Thief Takers, Bad Girls). Across six episodes they recruit new members, revolutionize their sound, acquire management, arrange a showcase gig, get signed, record a hopelessly over-budget album and cut a chaotic swathe through the cut-throat world of marketing and promotion, finally resting at the dizzying height of no. 7 in the singles chart and �3 million in debt. On their journey they encounter such characters as Slick Sloan, the disingenuous A & R man; Derek Trout, record producer; and their slimey manager Art Stilton. The series also includes cameo appearances from celebrities from the worlds of music and television, including Noel Gallagher from Oasis, Chrissie Hynde, Jamiroquai’s Jay Kay, Denise Van Outen, Sara Cox and Samantha Fox.

Production Notes:

Release Dates:
UK – 10 November 1998 (Channel 4 Television)
IMDB Rating:
Filming Location:
Overtoun House, Dumbarton, West

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  1. “You can park underneath, that’s the beauty of Cowdenbeath”. Brilliant.

    I get to my room Arty… and there’s nae foocking avacado’s!!!! LOL

    Brilliant appearance all round from Gerard. Agree with Sue, the fruitbowl was a classy touch!

  2. Jovial Mom says:

    Responding to the above comments, Gerry does not actually sing in this TV series. Another singer’s voice was dubbed in order to achieve the sound that the filmmakers were after. I wish this series would become available on DVD. I’m sure a lot of Gerry’s fans would love to own it. He gives a hilarious performance as the full-of-himself rock star.

  3. this is when we first heard gerry singing, although it was a naff song about cowdenbeath, but we could hear he had talent. his parts in this were very funny and i especially loved what he did with his tongue. i have this down to a tee. very enjoyable but a bit silly but worth a look. i loved what they did with that bowl of fruit.