03-29-10: MTV Movie Awards Voting, Paris/Berlin Pics

Now is YOUR chance to determine the nominees for the 2010 MTV Movie Awards and get Gerard nominated in ALL categories (except maybe the actress categories, but this is the MTV Movie Awards, so stranger things have happened 😀 ). How To Train Your Dragon, Gamer, The Ugly Truth, Law Abiding Citizen and The Bounty Hunter are ALL eligible for this years awards.  Some categories tailor made for Gerard Butler movies include Best WTF Moment (the judge in Law Abiding Citizen), Best Villian (Law Abiding Citizen), Best Male Performance (pick any film) and, of course, GLOBAL SUPERSTAR!

So register with the MTV site today, use your Facebook and Twitter to spread the word and secure some nominations for Gerry!!  Voting for the nominees ends APRIL 9, so cast your votes today!!


Gallery additions for The Bounty Hunter Berlin Photocall,  The Bounty Hunter Paris Premiere and The Bounty Hunter Berlin Premiere are now available.

Many thanks to moodybluz1112 for her fan pics from GMA and The Bounty Hunter NYC premiere.

The Post’s Mandy Stadtmiller talks to “The Bounty Hunter” star after defending his BFF Godfrey onstage.



Gerard sends a get well message to an injured friend:

How to Train Your Dragon took the NUMBER ONE spot at the box office this weekend!!  Read more…

Check out the fan reviews from FanReviews on YouTube below:

AND FINALLY….Gerard talks about Machine Gun Preacher (

02-11-10: HTTYD TV Spot, KKC Campaign, Hello Magazine Vote

A new TV spot for How To Train Your Dragon (with an additional peek at Gerard’s character) is now online. Watch it below:

Check out the Q&A with the author, directors and producer of HTTYD here.

Kids Kicking Cancer
We are in the final week of our campaign in support of Kids Kicking Cancer and to date, an estimated $56,590 (final amount to be announced at the end of the campaign) has been raised from 1371 donation receipts submitted!! Our most successful campaign to date!

It’s not too late to send in your donation receipts (we DO NOT collect the actual donations so please DO NOT send us your credit card number – DONATE HERE FIRST – then fill out our form HERE with proof of your donation)!

Hello Magazine
Gerard is one of January’s monthly candidates and a chance to be in the 2010 end of the year poll. Cast your votes today! Please note that you are only allowed to vote once every 15 minutes.

02-02-10: Pre-Grammy Party, Hello Magazine

Gerard took in a pre-Grammy party hosted by his Law Abiding citizen co-star Jamie Foxx on Friday, January 29 in Los Angeles.  View larger pic…

Reelz Channel caught up with Gerard at the Artists for Peace and Justice art auction in Santa Monica last week. Watch the video below:

Hello Magazine
While Gerard placed 4th in the 2009 end of the year Hello Magazine Most Attractive Man poll, he starts 2010 as one of January’s monthly candidates and a chance to be in the 2010 end of the year poll.  Cast your votes today!  Please note that you are only allowed to vote once every 15 minutes.

Amy MacDonald inspired by Gerard Butler
Scottish musician Amy MacDonald recently released her song Ordinary Life as she launches her new album A Curious Thing.  She tells the Daily Record that Gerard inspired the track:  

I was at Gerry Butler’s premiere in Glasgow. At party, Gerry told me he loved me and had me on his iPod.

I stayed in the background but felt bad because so many people were talking to him.

He had the premiere here because he wanted his family to come and was trying to talk to them while other people were hounding him.

He must have posed for 100 photos and it made me realise I want to hold on to my ordinary life.

Gerry doesn’t know he inspired the song but maybe one day he might want to use it in a film.

Listen to the song, Ordinary Life, here

01-25-10: Scot of the Year, Burns and Haiti

The results are in and Gerard has been voted Scot of the Year 2009 in the annual poll conducted by ScotsCare, a London based charity for first and second generation Scots in need of help.  Gerard took 66% of the vote.   Read more…

Gerard attended the Artists for Peace and Justice Brunch held in Santa Monica, CA on January 24. Held at the home of director Paul Haggis, fresh from a trip from Haiti, the event raised four million dollars for Haiti.  Gerard Butler, Simon Barker and his wife, Rebecca Rigg, Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig were just a few of the attendees who each pledged to give $50,000 per year for five years toward building the future of Haiti.  Read more… | View pictures…

Pictures from the “Help for Haiti Now” telethon have been added to the gallery.

Burns is back in the news with Vadim Jean, director of the film, speaking to the UK’s Sunday Mail about the steamy story he is ready to tell about the Scottish poet.  Read more…

Thanks to Lori Shepler for permission to post hi-res photos taken of Gerard in December 2007 for the Los Angeles Times.  Please do not repost without her permission.