Chasing Mavericks out on DVD February 26! Playing for Keeps out on DVD March 5!

TWO new Gerard Butler movies out on DVD over the next two weeks!!  Chasing Mavericks will be out on DVD tomorrow!  Mark your calendars for the DVD release of Playing for Keeps on March 5, 2013!! 

Order both from below:


  1. Love “Chasing Mavericks”! It touched my heart.

  2. sue grint - gbutts greatest london fan says:

    im getting these both for my birthday on march 14 from my daughter to add to my large gbutt collection. i have every movie, documentary etc. he has ever made in this collection. i have only managed to see playing for keeps once, and chasing mavericks never made it to the cinema here in london, so that will be a first. really looking forward to seeing that.

    i am even going to iceland with my daughter to one of gbutts favourite places to visit to celebrate my big 60 going on 30 birthday to see the northern lights intially but i know i will be looking out for the places gbutt filmed beowulf and grendel as well. it looks amazing there and i cant wait until the 11 march.