7-7-09: Esquire Covers Gerard

Gerard graces the cover of the August 2009 issue of Esquire Magazine.  The issue will be on newstands July 9 (or sooner at some booksellers).

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  1. sue grint says:

    i thought the article in esquire was brilliant, the way cal honestly didnt know who gerry was and gerry playing along with it was so funny. i had a lot of difficulty reading this original script as the print was so small, but resorted to using a magnifying glass and could just about read it even with that, but gerrys worth a bit of hasle. i did know mostly all the things said in this as i have been a fan of gerrys since 03 cradle of life, but i did love the bit when he said his mom went onto his balcony which overlooks la and said the boy did well. i think that just sums up everything about gerrys life so far, and look forward to following him for many more years to come. even though i love most of his movies for various reasons, as they are all so different, at the moment my favourite is rocknrolla, but ill always have a soft spot for dear frankie and beowulf which have been up on my top ones for a long time now.

  2. NYC KIMBERLY says:

    I am just learning who Gerry Butler is, and all I can say is “Me Likey!” – without recognizing him, I have pined after his characters in Phanton, PS I Love you and Rocknrolla separately but the same. Looking forward to The Ugly Truth, and loved the Esquire article, nice fresh look at Gerard Butler, the man…. rrrrRRRRRRR 😉

  3. neofyght says:

    Gerard is absolutely the most gorgeous man alive–sexiest also–he looks fab in a suit or torn jeans and a tee shirt–shaved or not this man can’t disappoint. I have most of his movies and can hardly wait for the new ones–that smile and those eyes just melt me–keep up the good work Gerry.

  4. Yvonne Georgiou says:

    What a great article this was on Gerry. Was quite difficult reading it but copied the full size piccies onto Word and enlarged it by about 200%…took me about 20 mins to read the whole thing, but was worth it. Both Cal and Gerry were so down to earth and honest that it was a pleasure to read. I think this was because they were two strangers getting to know eacthother. So Cal didn’t have the usual, boring, premeditated typical questions, and Gerry was modest enough to accept Cal’s ignorance of who he was and just be honest about things he’d done in his life and how he felt about stuff. It realy sounds like Gerry’s happy with his life, work and home and he deserves it after all the hard work he’s put in and all the great movies he’s made.Couldn’t have happened to a more nicer, decent guy. Love ya Gerry, always.

    Mrs G.xx

  5. Theresa Hebert says:

    I’ve been Gerry’s fan since Phantom of the Opera. He played the part so real & made it his own. I’ll forever thank him for the compassion he gave the character & for making me cry. He is such as wonderful caring person & just as gorgeous as he is funny & lovable…I also wished he wasn’t the same age as my son. LOL I can’t wait for the Ugly Truth. I’m sure the film will be a good as P.S. I love you. Thanks Gerry for making us female’s happy. 🙂

  6. I think what makes Gerard (. . . Gerry) so appealing is he is sexy, but there is something else there, that burning desire that seems to be sitting right there underneath the skin, and I think that he doesn’t take himself too seriously also is very appealing. It is that charm – I think Sean Connery has the same effect on women – it is very attractive. Also, I think his mother raised him properly to appreciate women for who we are! He definitely is one thing — very, very, very talented, and I think he is extremely attractive – in a normal everyday’s man’s way. This is meant as a high compliment, because I feel the same way about Paul Newman, Robert Redford and my all-time favorite – Gregory Peck. I know that these actors, rest in peace Mr. Newman, are older gentlemen, but they all possess the same appeal to women, I believe. There is something undeniable about them, that one thing that sets them apart, and we may not be able to actually describe it, but we know it when we see it, feel it. And, ladies, our Gerard most definitely has it, abundantly so! I wish him all the best in his careeer, and, more importantly, in his everyday life, his personal life! Jamie

  7. Oceanlady says:


    How can only a man’s body break up all the threads of time?
    How can a million possibilities break your freedom, thaw your heart?
    Is there a name for relentlessness when willing to touch so much,
    Be touched and become unbound, as you sense how your lust moans?

    Is there a shorthand for rapture; a symbol that’d cry out loud
    How two souls can find release, yet remain captive, enthralled?
    No signifier’s more eloquent in a woman’s silent world
    than desiring in exclusiveness the embrace of her one true love.

    When the magic of a kiss can indeed last for a lifetime
    And a swell of sweet caresses imprints itself on your lips,
    Invariably, when the sun shines, you will want to feel complete
    Relishing his soothing breathing and his hands upon your hips.

    Yet the joys of one lone night speak of restless commotion
    When a man’s eyes are so deep they awake arcane emotions,
    When a man’s feelings are written in his power and largesse,
    And the only hope for a heart is to give beyond reserve.

  8. Patti King says:

    I’ve loved and followed this man since I saw him in “The Phantom of The Opera”! Everything about him is gorgeous, fun, sensitive and I just wish he wasn’t my son’s age, LOL! Thanks, Gerry, for the wonderful person you are and giving me a “star” to follow. I’ve purchased all of his movies since first seeing him as the Phantom and will continue buying everything he stars in. I just wish he would sing more or even cut a CD!

  9. Yvonne Tetzlaff says:

    Wow, he looks good on anything.

  10. Angelina says:

    All the same I can not read through, and it is a pity, interestingly to observe of a course of his ideas. And on a picture – Gerry is faultless.

  11. sue grint says:

    he looks as gorgeous as ever, but he looks a bit awkward as though he is going to slip off.

  12. oh thats nice, gorgeous, sexy bloody man hee hee x