10-02-09: Fan Site Conference Call

lac-smallOverture Films is sponsoring a fan site conference call on Thursday, October 8 with Gerard Butler in promotion of Law Abiding Citizen. As we have in the past, we are asking YOU, the fans, to submit your suggestions for the question Gerard Butler Dot Net will get to ask Gerry during the call.

We will collect questions until October 4th and put the top five (as chosen by GB Dot Net admins) to a vote on October 5.   The question with the most votes will be used during the call.  The conference call will take place at 10:50am PST and we will post the audio of the interview to the site shortly afterwards.

ALL questions submitted should pertain to the making of Law Abiding Citizen.  One question per person please.

To submit your question, send an email to fans@gerardbutler.net include your name so we may credit you during the call.  Do not leave your question in the comments for this post.


  1. I’ve already submitted my question. (An earlybird trying to get the worm!) I hope y’all will consider that it’s not your run-of-the-mill question.

    Went to the LAC prescreening here in Jacksonville, FL and every seat in the auditorium was
    taken! Good audience participation and reactions during the movie and a very eclectic group
    of people.

    True>>>>….I hadn’t been that excited since I met Cousin Brucie and Dan Ingram at
    Palisades Park, New Jersey in 1961!!!


    “First Coast Tart” – “Keeper of green eyes behind a white mask” – Gerry’s personal orange
    juicer” – “Keeper of Gerry’s Giggle” – and a GB-Dot-Netter Forever!