Fan Events

The heart of Gerard Butler Dot Net over the years has become the fans and the opportunities they plan for events where fans can get together to not only honor Gerard and his work (without expectation of his participation or acknowledgment), but also to get to know each other. In most cases, charity auctions or raffles are also planned. Check the information for each event to learn more.

Our official conventions have three main goals, 1) To give fans a chance to connect “in real life” with their cyberfriends; 2) to raise money for worthy causes and 3) to give fans a chance to explore locations across the US, Europe and Australia. Over the years, these events have evolved to not only offer Gerry-related prizes for raffles and auctions, but to go beyond that and support the local merchants and artists in the areas of the Convention by offering a wide variety of donated items that would interest a wider variety of convention attendee.


Several events are planned for Gerard Butler fans throughout the year by other groups. We list all those in this section as they are announced.

Check this link for additional events, large and small, in your area!!