Virtual Global Birthday Celebration 2009

Virtual participants are eligible for the gift drawings for every $5 donated to Kids Kicking Cancer via the Gerard Butler Dot Net Charity Group.  Anyone who already donated to the 2009 Birthday Charity Campaign is also eligible for the prize drawings.  Donations are tax deductible.  All thank you gifts have been awarded.

Thank you gift drawings will take place throughout the day on October 24 and October 25. See gift list and pictures below. Visit the convention website for a list of prizes and winners!

Many thanks to Gerard Butler Global Fans for allowing us to use their resources for everyone to enjoy!  Thanks too to everyone who came out to chat at and play trivia games on October 24 and 25!!  It was a lot of fun and we hope to do it again soon!!

Password for video available to virtual attendees logged into the GBGF Chatroom.


Happy Birthday from Seattle! from Gerard Butler Net on Vimeo.

Seattle Con Prep from Gerard Butler Net on Vimeo.


Chicago Bash from Gerard Butler Net on Vimeo.