09-03-09: Fox 5 San Diego, LAC at Urbanworld

Gerard Butler will appear on Fox5 San Diego this morning, according to their Twitter for “Movie Star Thursday”.  Watch their live feed on their website (not sure what time during the show he will appear).

OTHER MORNING APPEARANCES: (edited 9/3/09 – 9:20am)

GoodDayLA on Fox 11 Los Angeles.  Click here to view live feed. Thanks to Jillian Reynolds’ Twitter for the head up!  Watch it below:

Good Day Sacramento – Watch Live Feed Thanks to @SageSpiritWolf on Twitter.

Gerard appears on the cover of Short List Magazine (UK).  Read the interview…

Some fans have had the opportunity to see Gamer in advance screenings and other countries.  Follow us on Twitter to see the retweets on what they have to say about the film!!

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Law Abiding Citizen

Law Abiding Citizen is set to kick off the 13th annual Urbanworld Film Festival held Sept. 23 in New York.  Read more…

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