07-30-09: Gamer Interviews, New LAC Release Date

Gerard talks about what attracted him to GAMER, his physical structure in the film, the style of Neveldine and Taylor, the look and feel of GAMER, how 300 prepared him to play Kable and what audiences can expect.

Directors Neveldine and Taylor talk about casting Gerard Butler:

New Clip from Gamer (source: CinemaBlend)

Check out the two new international posters for Gamer!


Listen to The Ugly Truth press conference (42 minutes long with some language). Click here to listen.


MORE on set photos from filming of The Bounty with Jennifer Aniston have been added to the gallery!

The release date for Law Abiding Citizen has been moved up from March 26, 2010 to October 16, 2009.  This date is still subject to change, but is listed by Overture Films as the current release date.  Tell us what you think in the poll below, and/or leave us a comment!

What do you think of the new release date for Law Abiding Citizen (October 16, 2009)?

  • Yeah! More Gerard on the big screen sooner! (60%, 257 Votes)
  • Unsure. Could be good, could be bad. (14%, 60 Votes)
  • Nay! What's the rush? Too many GB films released too close together. (26%, 111 Votes)

Total Voters: 428

Poll End Date: August 16, 2009 @ 12:00 am

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  1. sue grint says:

    i think it great gerry is bringing out his films more regularly, as he is someone completely different in each of them, whether they are comedy, action or thriller. because they are not in the same category it is fine. it would be different if he was in say three comedies back to back because that would be too much, but these three films couldnt be more different. i am only upset that us in the uk have to wait till march 2010 to see lac which looks awesome, but i am hoping because there is a gap he might be able to do a london premiere with it, that would be great as i always like meeting and greeting gerry at these occasions. i have met him 3 times so far and he is so down to earth and friendly to his fans, its great.

  2. Patricia Shields says:

    I am anticipating LAC more than any other of Gerry’s recent films. This looks like an intense film but Gerry plays intense to the hilt. He’s no stranger to both bottling his inner volcano from erupting and keeping a smooth, calm and collected look. He can also deliver that same volcano in a burst of intense emotion that few actors have ever been able to achieve. Gerry’s a master of his craft so the more he can crank out, the more films I will watch. He’s worth every penny.

  3. Sherrell/Bermos says:

    I think this is awesome. Three months in a row for new Gerry movies. I am very excited to see LAC and Gamer. I to hope that Gerry finally gets the recognition he deserved. Way to go Gerry. I will be at all opener.

  4. While I personally, would love to see another GB movie right away, I think too many movies in a short space of time will be detrimental. The public can be really fickle, and put off by another round of GB tv spots advertising another movie, so soon after TUT.
    The ultimate turnout might not be as high as it would be if they had a bit longer break in between movies. You have to make the public hungry for ANY movies and want to see them, rather than have a new one every month or so. Above every thing else, you don’t want them to get tired of hearing his name, and think negatively of him, regardless of the quality of his movie.

  5. Jerry Hibbs says:

    The movies are okay, dont see enough of G.B. on screen. Bring them on. I cant wait to see the action, drama movies, It seems like a long time since P.S. I love you. Gerry, is so talented,from drama to comedy to action. The movie release dates are just right.

  6. I’m excited about LAC being released sooner. I personally cannot wait for this one. I love Gerry in dramatic roles and I think this one is gonna rock for him! He is gonna get to show the “other side of the coin” of his acting ability!!!

    Guess I’m gonna have to start saving my money in order to support these three movies of his. Looks like I’m gonna be at the movie theater….a lot in the next few months. LOL

  7. Emily Bronte says:

    I am glad LAC will be released in 2009! Maybe there will be a possibility of an Oscar nominations!