08-25-09: Gamer Multimedia, Gallery Additions

Photos from a press junket held on Saturday, August 22 in New York City have been added to the gallery.  Along with an interview from USA Today and the Associated Press.

An additional image from the Los Angeles Times interview of last month has also been added.

And even more pics from work on The Bounty in New York City.

A whole series of clips, b-rolls and TV spots has been released by Lionsgate for GAMER.  They can all be viewed at Trailer Addict in various sizes and HD.

Watch a few of them below:

A new clip called “Van Rescue”:

TV Spot “Inside”:

B-Roll 1, 2 and 3:

A preview of GAMER, along with an interview with Gerard will air on Spike TV on Friday, August 28 at 9pm during the broadcast of Resident Evil.  Check your local television provider for channel information in your area.


  1. mjbooklady says:

    Wonderful new photos and articles.

    After watching the B-rolls of Gamer I can’t help but wonder how Gerry came away from that film without being seriously injured. I hope the movie is a success and I hope Gerry doesn’t ever have to do a film that is as physically demanding again. I also hope his hearing is still intake LOL

    Thanks GB.net & Lionsgate for the videos.

  2. eye opener says:

    The B-roll clips definitely changed my perception of the movie so far. I am from being not sure if I am going to see it to ‘”yeah counting me in” after seeing the clips. It’s gonna be quite a ride. The marketing guys of the movie should put these clips on Youtube IMO.

  3. Wow, I love the way they filmed Gamer. I understand why, too, but the camera guy on rollerblades?
    And like I’ve said many time, I like Gerry’s look in Gamer. It looks to be an interesting and fun movie. It won’t be long now…seems like we’ve been waiting for Gamer for a very long time.

  4. I’m not into this genre of film but after watching the behind the scenes of Gamer….I think I’ve changed my mind. This is going to be one, exciting film. Of course, Gerry is one macho, handsome man in this….and that certainly doesn’t hurt either!

  5. LilyMackay says:

    I was totally blown away by the B-rolls of Gamer. I knew, theoretically, what was involved in making an action movie for everything to finally come together, (e.g. the multiple takes, coordination, special effects and detail-work) but watching the videos was almost like being on the set. Thanks, GB.net, for giving me the vicarious thrill of being a part of the movie.