08-11-09: Gamer Promotion, Ugly Truth Box Office

YouTube presents an interactive ad at the top of their website today for GAMER.  Check it out before it’s gone! A few screencaps are in the gallery.

Some fans report seeing the trailer on television as promotion gears up for the September 4 release.

The Ugly Truth continues to hit box office gold by taking the NUMBER ONE spot in the United Kingdom and Australia.  The film stayed in the top ten in the US, placing 6th and bringing in $6,750,125.  Total worldwide gross is now at$76,107,164 and still climbing!  Source: Box Office Mojo

Gerard attended UFC 101 in Philadelphia on Saturday, August 8.  Pictures are in the gallery.

Gerard now has a new fan mail address.  All fan mail may be sent to:

Gerard Butler
c/o Spanky Taylor
3727 W. Magnolia Blvd
Burbank, CA  91505


  1. sue grint says:

    i am so pleased for gerry and kathy and the whole tut team thats brilliant they are no. 1 spot, well deserved. i think this film is unique in comedy and absolutely great. i have seen it four times already and cant get enough of it. it is so raunchy and close to the mark, but that is why it makes this film so great and very different from any other comedy. it shocks you in places and you cant believe whats coming out of mikes mouth, but you understand it all which is why it is so comical.

    gamer looks as though its going to be a great film also, again showing gerry in his action mode. he is so versatile in all his different roles he takes on, which is why he is so interesting to watch and it is very hard to find a favourite film of his, because of them being so different.

  2. Any guesses on who Spanky Taylor is, LOL???

  3. MissDebbieBlue says:

    Way to go #1 in the UK.