08-21-09: Gamer TV Spot

Check out the television spot for Gamer now running to promote the release on September 4.

More pics from the set of The Bounty have been added to the gallery.

Larger version of the Law Abiding Citizen poster from The Film Department website has been uploaded.  View larger…

It’s FollowFriday on Twitter…don’t forget..F. Gary Gray is still looking for more followers on Twitter.  Follow him and let him know @gerardbutlernet sent you and you may be eligible for tickets to the premiere of Law Abiding Citizen!

JUST THE FACTS...  The rumor about Gerard playing Captain Britain that appeared on a few online sources today is not true.  😀


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  2. moodybluz1112 says:

    Darn – was starting to get excited about the possible Captain Britain role.
    Would be cool addition to the Marvel Universe.

  3. Love all the TV-spots for Gamer that I’ve seen. My only complaint is that to see them I have to watch cage fighting or some other ‘macho’ sporting event. Not my usual fare. :LOL:

    Good Luck with Gamer. Looks like The Ugly Truth is a winner for you and I hope the same for Gamer. And may Law Abiding Citizen and How to Train Your Dragon make it a grand slam! (From the game with a bat! LOL)

  4. Gerry’s eyes are mesmerizing in the LAC poster! I saw the Gamer trailer the other day on TV. I was pleasantly surprised to see it.

    I like the new Fandango zip code image on the right, Gb.net. Nice touch and makes it easy to find movies in your area. 🙂