1-11-09: Gerard Arrives at The Golden Globes

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  1. Marshadee says:

    I prefer the clean & georgous look, but he appears to me to be more comfortable with the “designer” scruff. He was not his usual laughing, joking, clowning around self in any
    of the photos or footage I’v seen. Was this his 1st time as a presenter? Maybe a few
    nerves that night. Never the less, wherever, whatever he does or looks like, he’s still my
    shining star and will always be so. Love You Gerry. Marshadee, Melbourne. Australia.

  2. Kathleen McGury says:

    I agree with all the above comments. He’s just the best!

  3. hola gerard vi toda la ceremonia solo para verte a vos ,estabas hermoso como siempre,me alegra mucho saber que te esta llendo muy bien por lo que puedo ver,espero que estees feliz te mando muchos besos ,te quiero elizabeth chauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yes, but he always has a very melancholic look. I think that’s what makes so sympathetic, even more than his external appearance. It must be rather tiresome being commented on your looks so much…

  5. Marlene Urso says:

    He was the most handsome, stunningly so, at the Golden Globes. Very impressive and so self-assured and gorgeous in that tux. He certainly cleans up REAL nice!!!

  6. Maria Cristina de M. Rodrigues says:

    What can I say? Gerard was perfect in black tie.
    He is really a very handsome man. And he is, also, a very good actor.
    Success, my dear.

    Cristina ( from Brazil )

  7. gerard butler et le plus belle homme de la soirée -golden globes- il est élégant et charmant avec un petit brun mystérieux qu il à en lui… toutes mes félicitations m. butler je vous adore et je vous envois un -bisou- de salon de provence… slavica.

  8. titian haired mona says:

    Do the words stunning, drop jaw goodlooking describe Mr. Butler at the Golden Globes?
    You betcha! The MAN has “it” all. Nobody else is even close.

  9. Wow, love the scruff but that clean shaven face made him look 10 years younger! (Or is it my imagination?) Either way he’s gorgeous!!

  10. Gerry was by far the most handsome man at the GGs. As many posters on websites have stated, “Now there is what a movie star is supposed to look like.” He was simply perfect. Because he is so tall and has those wonderful long legs, he looks much better in a tux than the others. Isn’t it amazing how he can change his looks from adorable scruffy to man of the world overnight!! I love both looks.

  11. Gerry looked so different! The clean-shaven jaw line, the cleft in the chin. The curly hair and the tux made him the hottest guy last night, in my book. Soooo handsome! I like the new look.

  12. Mr. Butler looked fantastic. I guess I’m old fashioned, but I prefer a guy who is clean shaven. Mr. B. looked downright handsome without the scruff.

  13. What can I say I think she said everything I was thinking. He is just plain perfect from what I can tell!!!!!! Perfect!!! To be honest I am not sure if I am ok with other people talking about him that way, but then againwho am I to stop a genius thought!!! No laughing!! Thanks!!

  14. sue grint says:

    he looks really dashing in his suit and bow tie, but i do prefer him with a bit of scruff rather than clean shaven, but he still looks hot.

  15. The announcer introduced him as “handsome Gerard Butler”. Right-O ! He was really striking and looked so HOT in that black number. I wish we could have seen more of him. 6’2″ is tall, but not unusually tall. If he is truly 6’2″ tall, why is he almost always the tallest one. Some guys lie, and say, they are 6’2″ (but they mean they are that tall with 2″ shoe heels or more on). Gerry is honest to his word as usual. He truly must be 6’2″ or more barefooted. He more often than not, is wearing pretty flat heeled shoes, or tennies. So, if he wears shoes with any kind of heel on them, or a running tennie that has a deep heel, (like most of the guys do) he could be 6’3″ to 6’4″, with shoes on. That would then make sense why he is almost always the tallest in photos.

    Does that sound logical ? Any comments? Thanks,

  16. Gerry looks so incredible handsome! Smooth shaven, slender, eyes so blue/greenish, and perfect in black tie. I don’t believe there has ever been other actor that looks as good as this hot Scot!
    He’s perfect in jeans, unshaven, and rumpled, He’s just plain perfect.