02-23-09: Gerard Attends Oscar Night Parties

Hollywood’s biggest night of the year brought out the stars and Mr. Butler was no exception.  Looking suave in his best threads, Gerard appeared at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party and the 17th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Viewing Party.

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  1. He looked gorgeous! He is such a lovable guy and to me he has the cutest big puppy dog personality. I saw The Bounty Hunter yesterday. Gerard did a great job. Loved it!

  2. What a whirlwind of TV appearances for Gerard…from presenting awards to attending the great fun after parties…then movie promotions and Premiers…I watched them all and they were great…I never get enough of watching and listening to him…he is such a naturally magnetic and talented wonderful diamond in the rough, looks more rugged and handsome than ever with his thick and dark scruff which he is growing for his new film Coriolanus. Gerard, you are a great source of joy for your Mom and stepfather..it was there on their faces as they watched you today when you appeared on the Regis and Kelly show. Joy for your many, many fans, too, Honey, Honey. Wish you the very best always.

  3. Lisa Voisin says:

    Gerard Butler is just oozing with sexiness. He is also a fantastic actor.Just love him!

  4. Yvonne Georgiou says:

    p.s. Mr Butler, can you go easy with the gorgeous suits and the handsome smouldering looks already. I don’t know how much more my heart can take.

    I get it o.k? Can you just look crap for a change?

    Mrs Gxx

  5. Yvonne Georgiou says:


    Mrs Gxx

  6. sherry mcguire says:

    hot hot hot

  7. Hola:
    que decirte.principalmente, que me encantan , al menos tres de tus peliculas.
    Ayer en concreto, volví a ver, P.D I LOVE YOU, que me pareceuna de las historias de amor
    más generosas que he visto.
    Pero reconozco que una de mis favoritas, es 300, e incluso me divertió y gustó la Isla de Nim.
    Darte la enhorabuena por tu trabajo, y desde aqui Barcelona ( España) seguiré tu carrera
    con entusiasmo.
    Felicidades por tu trabajo y como decimos en España , UN BESO CÁLIDO.

  8. Lisa A. GRIFFIN says:

    Ahhhh….I love to just bask in the afterglow…

  9. Lily MacKay says:

    Gorgeous, just gorgeous! I know he was joking when he gave his “Oscar acceptance speech” in Pennsylvania, but I can’t wait to hear him give it when he wins an Oscar for real.

  10. Gerry always looks great in anything he wears. He has that inate power to attract women and dare I say it men, without any effort from him. He is such a good actor any role he takes on becomes his personality until the final “cut” is spoken by the director.

    He can play any role I think and own it. Those who critiqued his singing in POTO and found him less than professional must remember he was not trained as an operetic singer nor was his character, the Phantom. His voice in my opinion was perfect for the role.

    Some of his movies may not have gotten him the credit he deserved but we, his fans, know how talented he is and just how versitile an actor he can be.

    Gerry has a loyal fan base and that many people can’t be wrong. The rest of the world just needs to catch up with what we already know, Gerard Butler is a star on the rise and is reaching the pinnacle at last. He’ll soon be known by everyone and recognized for his greatness by everyone and not just those who have followed his rising star all along.

  11. Sandy Hargett says:

    He always looks fantastic and especially in this picture. He is the perfect male in all ways.
    He has the looks, and talent. The best voice around and can sing anything and do it well.
    He can become any character he wants to play. He is kind spirited and just a really good guy.
    God loves him and so do I.

  12. ronnie mickens says:

    I think gerard looks great in suits too, he is so handsome,and whats with those eyes so mesmerizing.

  13. Betsy Usher says:

    He looks so handsome…I just could look at him all day!!!! I watched the entire Oscar telecast, and I didn’t see him. Did anyone else see something i didn’t? He looks so dapper in all of his suits…this man is amazing!!!! I wouldn’t need anything but the stills to love him…but when he opens his mouth…I’m a billion times more entranced! Thanks for the pics!!!!