09-01-08: Gerard Attends the RockNRolla World Premiere

Gerry, Guy Ritchie and the RockNRolla cast attend the World Premier at the Odeon West End in London.  Check the gallery for more!

GB.net received a small note from the fans at the premiere saying, “Gerry great. Came over and signed banner. Margaret stopped for a chat. Gerry was on top form. From Team England x x” Thanks ladies!!


  1. ana pimentel says:

    He looks good! Great updates!

  2. Jamie: Unfortunately, he was not chosen as the face of Versace. Patrick Dempsey still fills that role and news reports to the contrary were just speculation, although it was very flattering for Gerry to even be mentioned as a possible spokesperson. 😀

  3. I just viewed the photos available, and I agree – he looks wonderful! No wonder he was chosen as the spokeperson for that designer. He certainly looks great in his suit! Of course, that half-smile that he wears so well always gets me! I wish him all continued success in his career. I hope the movie does well. Take care, Jamie

  4. He looks wonderful….more like his old self. Those eyes are a killer!