10-09-08: Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx in Law Abiding Citizen

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jamie Foxx is in final negotiations to join the production of Law Abiding Citizen.  More details about the plot are also revealed in the article.  Read more…


RocknRolla Premiere Video from ReelzChannel Thanks to mjbooklady for the heads up!

Gerard’s appearance on The Tonight Show is now available for viewing on The Tonight Show website.

Have you seen RockNRolla? Leave us a comment and share with other fans what you thought of the film (no spoilers please)!!

New images from Cinema Today (Japan) have been added to the gallery.

Many thanks to Christine London for sharing her pics from the LA premiere of RockNRolla.

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  1. Mary Jean Vena says:

    I attended the TIFF for the world premiere of Rocknrolla. The movie was funny and entertaining.
    The best part of the whole experience was being in the same room with the actors themselves,
    including Gerry and Guy Ritchie.

    It was a great experience. As for the film itself I think it would probably do better in England
    than here in North America.

    PS: I met Gerry and had a picture taken with him.

  2. Roberta Gintz says:

    I took my 19 year old son to see Rock N Rolla Friday at Arclight theater in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

    We both loved it. My son gave it a 5 out of 5 stars. I love anything Gerry’s in so I needed his

    view to see what others might think. I can’t wait to see it again. Guy Ritchie did a cameo but I

    missed it. There is so much going on you have to see it more than once to take it all in.

  3. I was so lucky that when I was in Englan for a big party , I got a change to see Rocknrolla..I really enjoyed it and it was so funny.. So many things happened in it, but it wasn`t hard to follow it..not sure I put it rigth, but I really love it..and the humor , just down my lane..
    Just remember to stay in you seat after the movie is finish, cause after the names there comes more, and I didn`t see it…
    I will have to wait until december when it comes up here in Denmark..
    So go and see it and enjoy yourself..and it is not just Gerard that is good in the movie.. but he sure dances well

  4. Beverly Celentano says:

    Loved it!
    I am hoping it will go city-wide ( Los Angeles) so I can see it at my neighborhood thetheatre again.
    I do plan on seeing it again for obvious reasons, but also because I was laughing so hard I missed some dialogue.
    I think this is G.B’s genre.

  5. Oh my god this movie was great. I went to see it on Wed when it opened here in New York and I loved it so much I went downstairs and bought another ticket and saw it again. I loved Gerry in this but the whole cast was wonderful. Leave one person out and it’s not the same movie. I have never in my life laughed so hard but in this movie you have eveything. Laughter, violence, romance, the works. Guy really did it great this time and I hope to see Rocknrolla part two soon!!!!

  6. This is an honest opinion. Personally, I loved Lock Stock and Snatch, but this movie was horrible. But in this day and age if you do something that remotely looks like your good past films it will suffice, which is sad. I think that Richie needs an editor or at the very least a diverging opinion on dialogue and editing because the idea was sound but not executed nearly as well as it could have been. Fundamentally, the problem with RocknRolla was that it was boring- though it ended better than it began. Right now there are much better and/or engaging television shows on both UK and American television (eg. the Wire, Hustle). When it tried to be funny for me it didn’t work in terms of flow of the film eg. Butler’s character’s friend who had secretly been in love with him. Huh? Mr Butler didn’t have the best material of the film, and I think the interaction with the accountant etc just wasn’t engaging. His best scene was the chase with the Russians. That literally brought energy into the film. Otherwise Mr Butler’s performance was rather flat.

  7. I’ve seen RnR 4 times and finally seeing it for the 4th time I understood everything about the plot and characters. It is an hilariously funny gangster comedy! And seeing it with a very responsive audience was amazing. I loved it and Gerry was perfect in his role as was everyone else.

  8. It movie isn´t in Brazil. Please, come here !!!!!!

  9. Helen Sharp says:

    I thought this film was fantastic. I too have not any thing by Gu Ritchie before but thoroughly enjoyed this. Even though there are some violent moments it is not that gruesome. The humour runs right through the film and Gerry of course has a superb sense of comedy timing. Of course he looks absolutley gorgeous. It is well worth a look.

  10. Bridget Jones says:

    Rock n Rolla

    I love the film and have seen it four times now.

    I’d not seen any Guy Ritchie movies up til this point so wasn’t fully sure what to expect.

    But it has pace and humour and some cold, sobering moments. The plot isn’t that difficult to follow and the performances are brilliant. There are some very funny moments – the robberies and dance scenes especially

    Mr Onetwo is portrayed brilliantly by Gerry – a lovable, charming rogue. What woman could resist that?

    Everyone should watch it.

    Now, when’s it due out on DVD :p

  11. Scottishdreamer says:

    I was lucky enough to see R&R at VIFF. It was a fun movie. Gerry is wonderful in it. His story line surprised me. Lots of laughs in this one. He looks fantastic as well. There are a lot of characters so a few viewings may be necessary to catch everything going on. I think we can handle that. The whole cast impressed me. Watching Gerry dance was delightful to say the least.

  12. Thank you GBdotnet for all this great info. It is good to see that the pieces are beginning to come together for LAC ~ Hopefully all will work out in regards to Mr. Foxx, an excellent choice!!!

  13. Ann-Johanna says:

    I saw it yesterday- FANTASTIC! I love “Lock, stock..” and “Snatch” so I was a bit worried can Ritchie ever make anything as brilliant as these two were. Fortunately the plot, cast, music- everything was just perfect. As an Estonian I must admit the parts with Russians were the greatest. Those guys looked perfect. I liked that they talked to each other in Russian (mostly), because it irritates me when two Russians talk to each other in English-it`s unrealistic. The translation (Russian to English) was hilarious. I never paid much attention in Russian lessons but even I realized that it was so wrong. So for Estonians it`s even funnier- Thanks Guy!
    And of course Gerry was amazing …. as always.

  14. RocknRolla is GREAT! It is so funny, exciting, and just totally entertaining! Gerry was right when he said lick your lips and sit back and watch!! It’s fantastic and the entire cast did a fabulous job.
    Gerry was perfect and everyone should see it!!!! The music will rock you too!

  15. I hope Jamie Foxx ends up confirmed for LAC. I think he is an exceptional actor and would be an outstanding co-star for Gerry.

    Thanks for all the new pics as well.

  16. This is one of the best comedy’s I have seen in a very long time. This cast truly knows how to work together as a team. Know matter how many twist and turns this movie takes you, you come out thinking these people are nuts, but it works. The story line is a bit strange and by the time you finish watching, you’ll want to see again because you might have missed something.
    I totally recommend this movie to you. You’ll love it like I did.

  17. denise1955 says:

    I saw RnR last month in the UK and it was great Gerry made me laugh out loud and all the stars were excellent. I loved it and it should be shown IN EVERY CINEMA WORLDWIDE so everyone can get to see it!

  18. Vickie Snyder says:

    Saw it at TIFF! It was awesome. Laughing one minute and tense with excitement another. Fast action from beginning to end. Strong accents but nothing that after a few moments were able to understand. Gerry is outstanding as One-Two. Thandie is beguiling. All the other characters were great in their respective roles. The dance scenes (both) are a hoot as well as the quickie love scene. This is definitely going to be one of my favorites of all Gerry’s movies just because of the humor and rockin’ music. Couldn’t keep still in my seat. I already have the soundtrack in my car and find myself “Wayne’s Worlding” with head bobbing as I drive anywhere. Highly recommend this to adults over 18.

  19. RRuin(Robin) says:

    I saw a screening last week of RockNRolla and loved it. I want to go back as a paid
    customer and see it again.
    It’s a great deal of fun and Gerard Butler is terrific in it.
    Here’s my review for Film School Rejects: