12-09-08: Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston Team Up for Andy Tennant Comedy?

Variety reports that Gerard and Jennifer Aniston are in negotiations to star in a yet untitled comedy directed by Andy Tennant for Columbia Pictures.  The story centers around a bounty hunter who is hired to find his bail-jumping ex-wife.  Read more…

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  1. Butler’s acting abilities far exceed Anniston’s. I enjoy some of her projects, but she is always a slightly modified incarnation of Rachel. Butler can act circles around her. I don’t think his career would be harmed by this movie … I just do not expect it to go down in history as an all-time best … but you never know.

  2. C. J. in Ocala, Florida says:

    I believe Mr. Butler may have too many irons in the fire. I feel he needs to stop where he’s at, take a step back and look at the path he is following to make sure it’s the path that will truly lead him to his heart’s desire. He has so much talent. Does he want to act? Then, he needs to find scripts that will challenge him. Does he want to produce? Again, find some meatier scripts that does him credit. Does he want to direct? Well, this is one arena he will need to explore and take a closer look at. And, if it’s all three, then, Mr. Butler is the only one that can decide what’s best for him. He needs to be careful with whom he associates with. And, don’t allow himself to get burned out. He’s come so far. T’would be a shame to fizzle out now. My prayers are with him always. And, Mr. Butler, if you have time to read my note, would you also please give Lolita a hug and a pat on her head for me. She’s adorable. God Bless and much continued success in 2009.

  3. Linda Young says:

    I have mixed feelings about this project. I think that the main thing Gerry will get out of co- staring with Jennifer Anniston, will be a whole lot of press and publicity which will get him more noticed, and chased after by the press, just like Jennifer has to put up with. I don’t know how this project will will affect his career, hopefully it might help. I wonder how Jennifer feels knowing she would be working with someone who has already co -stared and had a love scene with Mrs. Brad (Angie) Pitt. What a coincidence for Gerry. I love to see Gerry in roles where he acts a lot like himself, but he needs to find a great script that is going to get him the Oscar he so much deserves. Personally, I think he should have gotten one for the “Phantom”. Gerry knows that all of his supporters will love anything he decides to do.

  4. I am probably one of the few people in the universe who has never watched Friends and I haven’t seen any of her movies (I do want to see Marley and me). However I have seen her in the rag mags–I don’t buy but do look at the store while waiting in line–She is very attractive and seems to be a good actress. I think her and Gerard would make a very winning pair and play off each other very well. Wishing Good luck to both on this project and will be in the theater to see it when it is released.

  5. I think Jennifer is beautiful and she is doing more movies than she has ever done before. However, her movies are big sellers at the box office. I think Gerry should be careful in considering a collaboration with her. His career is being to sky rocket and I would hate to see him make a mistake at this time. BUT, this is only my opinion

  6. Gerry and JA-please say no! She is a one dimensional actress playing a different version of her role as “Rachel” on Friends. Gerry has many more dimensions and deserves an actress that is more than Hollywood fluff. I will wait for LAC, but will skip this one or wait until it is released on DVD at the Red Box dollar rental. Don’t get me wrong, I want Gerry to have success, but not by playing too many rom/com.

  7. Gerry is nothing if not a proven acting professional with great potential for a solid acting career. I would hope that every step he takes and every project he decides upon would be a step to move him forward along in his career path as a talented and respected pro. He’s proven to us, in a wonderful way, that he can do rom/com and I know that he’s won over many new fans because of this. if his choice to do a film with Aniston helps him along toward his goals, and if it gains him respect from the type of Directors and Producers he needs to impress – then I’m all for it.

  8. I agree with Jamie. Mr. B. if you continue with so many comedies, I feel you will lose your “passion”. I don’t want to see your spectacular talent become soso. We already have enough soso actors. You are the exception. Please don’t throw your talent away. So many young people aspire to have the same kind of passion for acting as you do. You are a leader, my friend. Accept it. Continue to be a non-conformist. I hope one day, Mr. B, that we may have a chance to meet. I just want to shake your hand and say thank you for being an inspiration to me. God Bless you, Mr. Butler. Please give Lolita a hug and a pat on her head for me. I’m looking forward to buying the DVD of Law Abiding Citizen. From what I read, it sounds like it’s going to be a blockbuster movie. That’s my fervant prayer. Happy Holidays.

  9. I prefer drama myself – JMHO. Gerard is a very fine actor, and we’ve heard him state, in the past, that he chooses diverse roles. I think Jennifer did a great job in “God Almighty” with Jim Carrey. The problem I feel is with having too many comedies and not enough “meatier” roles. Gerard may not be considered a “leading man” in bigger pictures, which I feel, like the most of you do, he is quite capable of doing and being a “Gregory Peck,” or “Paul Newman,” – no disrespect to either actor [Peck is my all time favorite] – I’m just choosing them, because they were very talented actors and “leading men,” and I want that for Gerry! But, like Gerry said in the past, he picks his roles for a reason. I just hope the powers that be realize that he’s capable of so much more than romantic comedies!

  10. Attila, Dràcula, Phantom send Gerry to the stratosphere, is it possible all those soso comedies will pull him down? hope not, I want to see him always up there.

  11. I’ve watched all of gerry’s movies,but if jen will be included in the movie,I will definitely boycott the film.She will pull him down.All of her movies were soso at the box office despite the hype and angelina bashing and all.Sorry gery,I like u,but definitely,I’ll skip this one.

  12. What happens Gerry? comedy after comedy, take a break you are not a comedian. Please wait for a better script.

  13. Quote:
    “He is a fine actor not a comedian” I agree. We had P.S. I love you, Nim`s Island, that is enough. I would like to know who is the main character in Rock’n Rolla? certainly not Gerry, I think it`s the fat and old actor with dark lenses.
    Gerry is Attila, Terry Sheridan, Phantom, Leonidas, he must be always the main character. Gerry is an actor to leave mark in strong themes, action, dramas, not light comedies forgotten in short time.

  14. I’m not a proponent of Aniston. I feel she’s too weak in the characters she portrays. Mr. Butler’s strengths lies in drama, although, it’s nice to do some fluff characterizations from time to time, but not back to back. This is one movie I won’t be seeing. No offense, Mr. Butler. I feel you need to work with good scripts where I know you’re capable of building strength in your characters.

  15. I think this whole idea is a waste of time. He is better than this.

  16. Theresa Hebert says:

    Sorry, I don’t see Jennifer Aniston as a good enough actress to pull the roll asked of her with Gerry. He has a much stronger presence on all his roles then she does. Personally, I think Sandra Bullock would carry the role better. Of course, that’s just my opinion.


  17. Janita Pretorius says:

    I quite like the two of them together!!

  18. this sounds perfect!!!! i’m sooooooooo excited to see Gerry being Gerry!
    i heard there will be a re-make of Romancing the Stone this year – hopefully,
    this will be like that, only better – of course cuz there’s Gerry!!!!

  19. I think thry would be great together. I have been hoping they would make a picture together.

  20. Loved Jennifer Aniston in ‘Friends’ but her movies are, more than not, unsuccessful. Sounds like it could be a good movie especially with Gerard in it but the movie would need a stronger leading lady for it to work…just my opinion.

  21. Sue Murawsky says:

    Great idea, pairing these two. I think Gerry is just the right partner for Jennifer. Much better than the Gerry-Hillary Swank combo, although I enjoyed P.S. I Love You movie. Then again I enjoy Gerry in any movie. I guess I’m hooked!!!!

  22. Congratulations, Gerry, on making the 2008 top 10 star list on IMDB! You’ve replaced Tom Cruise at #10. Your friends at GB.Net always knew we were backing a winner. Keep up the good work. We continue to admire you as an actor and a person.

  23. NO! Why? It is cliche, so – risky. Jennifer – a star of tabloids (I have nothing against it personally). Scarcely it can become noteworthy. Only for the sake of you Gerry. Sandra Bullock in this case it would be looked more interestingly. Sorry. I hope you well all has considered. In any case, you certainly know more.

  24. Kathryn P. Dorff says:

    I personally don’t see it, but if it happens, and it is not rated R, I will probably want to see it.

  25. I will be glad to see Gerard and Jennifer work together.They both have an inate sense of humor.They have a lot in common as it seems like they have been both dogged by the papps.I like Jennifer,I think she does a lot for charity without blowing her own horn.Gerard does too.I will look forward to this movie.

  26. This one should sizzle as Gerry is such a natural foil in this type of role. I hope Jen is enough of a bad girl to match Gerry’s bad Boy. Luvya Gerry.

  27. by the way can you do a priest in a movie ???? THAT I D LIKE TO SEE …. 🙂 :):) , that will be a comedy….


  28. “ANISTON” and romantic comedy is always the same …. SO BORING … she could be more diverse no????

    Gerry you could give us so mutch more, why comedy ….. AGAIN … someday i wake up and there you are ” Gerry the comedian ” …

    never put comments to anyone but when i see Dear Frankie and the Phantom i see it again, and that s not normal, i tell you for a person like me, movies like this are important this days , and that s why i like you in first place …
    that s why i leave comments here from time to time … if i like to see only comedy i d leave comments to Seinfeld …. right???’


  29. The movie in its self sounds great but Jennifer Aniston playing someone who did the crime but skipped on payin’ the time and is being chased by a bounty hunter who is her ex-husband just doesn’t fit her, it doesn’t work. Gerry most defintately could play the bounty huter no doubt. but the role of the bail skipping ex should go to someone better suited for that type of romantic comedy, someone like: Sandra Bullock,Kate Beckinsale, Uma Thurman, Amy Smart and that’s just to name a few.

  30. Wow, that’s two movies back to back in the first half of 2009. It all sounds good to me…LAC in January and this one in May. I like Jennifer; I think she and Gerry will be great on screen together.

  31. Personally I do not like comedies. I prefer to watch Gerry in Action Movies to realize his strenght, his sexuality his unambiguous masculinity. I do not like to watch him in light comedies, must of the time laughing and making laugh, of course he is a great actor and make good work in all of his films.
    300 was wonderfull for him, and the misterious Phantom too.

  32. No! Not Jennifer! It is always the same. Boring actress.

    SARA RUE -could play harmoniously with Jerry.
    She was humorous and, in a tragic role, will be interesting.

  33. DottyinCA says:

    I think these two will be a good team no matter what they co-star in together. For some reason they seem to me to be extremely compatible in a lot of ways. Both have great comedy timing and can not only say funny things but can also say things funny!


  34. Hey all,

    I think Gerry and Jen will do a great job. The story does sound interesting. Hopefully lots of romantic scenes.

  35. I can totally picture Gerry as a bounty hunter. He’d always get his man,er, woman.

  36. mjbooklady says:

    I think Gerry & Jennifer Aniston will be great together. And I like that the movie is going to be a Action/Comedy.

    Also, I think it is great that Gerry will be staring in a another lighter role since his character in the “Law Abiding Citizen” is going to be a “psychopathic mastermind”.

  37. Jeanne Ackerer says:

    Wow! a comedy with Jennifer aniston. Gerry is a very versatile actor and i really think he can pull this off.
    He was really great doing Nim’s Island with Jodie Foster and Abigail Breslan. this will be excellent.

  38. Jovial Mom says:

    I am already picturing this pairing and think they would make a perfect comedy duo. Gerry as a bounty hunter sounds wonderful. I will be waiting for more information. Yay for more Gerry comedy! I really like Jennifer, too.


  39. i can see gerry in this role and he would be great as always but jennifer anniston dosen’t strike me as a strong female lead and for me will always be rachel from “Friends”. if this goes ahead i will see just because of gerry.

  40. Kristine Lesher says:

    This sounds good to me, amd besides I think that Jen and Gerry should hook up, they are 2 of my favorite actors. They would make a cute couple in real life.

    I bet the movie would be cute.

  41. I am in total agreement with Lanah. PLEASE GERRY!-when are you going to do something Oscar worthy again?????? I have never cared for Aniston-I think she is way over-rated and I don’t know how or even why she stays in the news unless it is because she is so cute. Gerry, I think, is really wasting his time and talent on all the movies he is currently making and I would tell him so if I was in his inner circle. He is a fine actor; not a comedian!

  42. I’m not sure yet how I feel about this pairing. It seems to me JA is a one-note actress. I don’t like the way she is in the tabloids every day. I’d like to see Gerry do more meaty roles. I hope LAC is one. But other than that I’ll be putting my money down to see it!

  43. I think this would make a great movie. Hope the deal gets sealed. Gerard and Jennifer would have wonderful chemistry together. It’s one I would definitely see. But then, I see everything GB stars in.

  44. Jane Beins says:

    I think as a screen couple they could be great!
    It’s always hard to know, from a one-line synopsis, what a film will be but this certainly has a lot of potential for comic , combative situations and, maybe, a little grittier comedy texture. (I always start comparing for tone to old films like “It Happened One Night” or “The Hard Case”, for example, but who knows? LOL)

    I look forward to it. By the time it comes out we’ll have had the MUCH grittier Game and who knows what else! Can’t wait!

  45. titian haired mona says:

    This pairing sounds FABULOUS.
    WooHoo! Can’t wait to see.
    Never have enough romcoms with GJB.
    HIS smile shines brightest with beautiful women.

  46. LadyMacbeth75 says:

    I like the description “romantic action comedy”. Leave it to Gerry to create his own genre! And my husband has had a crush on Jennifer since “Friends”, so this works for us in a lot of ways!

  47. I don’t like anything that Jennifer does except “Friends” but I will still see it because Gerard is great in any movie he plays in. However I would like to see him in play a tortured soul again — like in Phantom, only better. There are many undiscovered scripts waiting to be discovered… hope to see him in one soon.

  48. BriannaRandall says:

    Gerard Butler as a bounty-hunted looking for his bail-jumping wife played by Jennifer Aniston? Just reading this had me picturing the bickering, the fighting, the making up and I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. My sides still ache from it. What creative casting! I can definitely see those two together in a romantic comedy especially if there is a lot of bickering and fighting between the making up sex scenes! I definitely want to see that one! Those two are a great screen match.

  49. The plot sounds hilarious – although I’m getting a little tired of Aniston – although all the stupid media attention is not her fault. I just don’t think she’s very diverse as an actress but she can do romantic comedy!


  50. OH, I LOVE this! What a fantastic couple Gerry and Jennifer will make! Looking forward to more details.