11-14-08: Gerard Butler Dot Net and Kids Kicking Cancer

Gerard Butler for Kids Kicking Cancer

WOW! We are EXTREMELY grateful for the tremendous support of our Annual Birthday Charity Campaign and Kids Kicking Cancer! We have EXCEEDED OUR GOAL again with a net donation amount of $4234.98 and will keep the campaign open until December 31, 2008 for anyone who would like to help us exceed the goal even more!

Today is the deadline to submit recipes for our Annual Charity Cookbook, which will also benefit Kids Kicking Cancer.  To date, we have over 60 recipes for this year’s theme “Party Favorites”, but we could sure use more!!  So, we will extend the deadline to Monday, November 17 for submissions.

2009 promises to be an exciting year for KKC and we are proud that the Gerard Butler Dot Net Charity Group can be a part of it. Below, we continue to share more about their mission with our visitors and how it can benefit not only the children but every one of us.

POWER, PEACE, PURPOSE…. that is the mantra of Kids Kicking Cancer.  Below, Gerry shows his support by reciting that mantra for the kids (many thanks to Meagan and Gerry for the clip and pictures):

For more about KKC, visit our Kids Kicking Cancer informational page, which includes more video and a link to a touching story about Gerry and a KKC patient named Stephen.   We will update the page regularly with Kids Kicking Cancer news and events.


  1. Esra Erdonmez says:

    Hi Gerry, today is 18th Nov 2010 and the anniversary of my first message here 🙂 lots of love from New Zealand and dont marry an ugly woman pleeeeez.

  2. annette cheramie says:

    P.S.I Love You…..what a great love movie. It gives me hope there is life after love after love. For Mr.Right to come into my life would be so breath taking. They all did a wonderful job in the movie. I love movie with lots of music.
    Yes, I do have to say he has a body to die for and smile that goes very far.
    Ride Sally Ride. The very best to you and all that keeps going your way.

    Merry Christmas.

  3. Frauke Köndgen says:

    Sehr geehrter Herr Butler
    Erst einmal herzlichen Glückwunsch nachträglich zum 39.Geburtstag.
    Wollte Ihnen ja auch nur mal sagen, das, wenn Sie eine Frau fürs Leben suchen, dann nehmen Sie bloss keine Schauspielerin oder ein Model.Die sind alle nicht wirklich.Ich meine, die sind eben nur hübsch, weil sie Geschminkt sind und in wirklichkeit ist da oft nichts schönes zu finden und auserdem sieht man es ja an den ganzen Ehen von Schauspielern, sie halten nicht wirklich. Nehmen Sie sich eine normale Frau, damit meine natürlich ich nicht mich.Ich bin wohl schon ein bisschen zu alt ( 42 ) für Sie und nicht wirklich hübsch genug.Es täte mir nur in der Seele weh, wenn Sie sich eine suchen, die Ihrer nicht gerecht würde und überhaupt.
    Leider kann ich Ihnen das nur auf Deutsch mitteilen, da ich so gut wie kaum Englisch kann. Na ja, wenn Sie trotzdem interesse haben, dies zu lesen, dann finden Sie bestimmt eine möglichkeit, es übersetzen zu lassen oder so und wenn nicht, dann ist es ja auch egal, nicht wahr.
    Wünsche Ihnen noch alles gute für die Zukunft und ganz,ganz viel Glück.


  4. I agree with Ezra E as well as the rest of the people that I know that love Gerry like I do. We need a whole lot more men like Gerry for a lot of reasons, but for his support of this charity as well as some others concerning Kids, I say Kudos to the Incredible G-Man!!!!!

    Love Ya Gerry! Starting my twelfth year of complete fan-doration the end of this month!!! And still going strong.

    And in his apartment! Oh WoW!! Gerry, you Rock!! (and Rolla!) Ha!!


  5. Esra Elizabeth Erdonmez says:

    Hi Gerry,
    I wrote a letter to you, but you didnt reply presuming your busy shooting! 🙂
    Just kidding.
    The world needs sensitive and caring, considerate gentlemen like you.

    I wish we could fight more on child abuse, as all illnesses come from nature, but abuse comes from a human hand which we CAN control!!!! and it is in our hands!

    Esra Elizabeth from facebook and Consular officer from the Irish Embassy. XX

  6. Since joining here and with Gerry’s help, I have become a contributor now on my own
    and thru the site. It’s a wonderful cause and should be helped as much as possible.

    I notice Gerry let them film it at his apartment . That was very considerate of him.


  7. What a wonderful result! Congratulations to everyone. Gerry, your support of this wonderful charity is to be commended. I definitely look forward to finding out more ways I can support this worthwhile cause. Peace man!!