10-19-08: Gerard Butler Finds His ‘Citizen’ Director, Role Switch Confirmed

Variety reports that F. Gary Gray will fill the director spot on Law Abiding Citizen.  Gray, best known for 2003’s The Italian Job, will take over for Frank Darabont, who left the production last week.  In an added twist, Variety also reports that Gerard Butler will now take on the role of the traumatized victim of the legal system who launches a vigilante plot that terrorizes the city. Jamie Foxx will portray the DA who is the only man who can stop him.  The new director and casting switch has been confirmed by GB.net.  Production is scheduled to begin in December 2008.  Read more…

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  1. INCREDIBLE!!!!!! I love these guys. Especially that Amazzzzzzzzing Gerry!!!! But the comment about fat “in the fridge!” Gotta love him. Gerry is the most incredibly, awesome man I ever have heard, seen and enjoyed in my life, since my first encounter of this beautiful man, after I heard him in “Mrs. Brown”. Then when I saw that dazzling smile, I fell in love in 1997 with this incredible man. To this day, I have never found any actor to replace him in any way, shape or form. Gerry is my ALL !!!! And now, I get to enjoy it when I say his name and no one looks at me like I have two heads and am drooling. I hardly ever get “WHO????” any more. I think if that continued, I would have eventually gone to jail for assault “on an idiot on the loose!!!” “Old lady caught beating up idiot with her pink cane! Due to ignorance concerning her one and only movie star.”

    Love Ya G-Man, Forever.

  2. I don’t believe the plot will lose its punch, no matter which version. Mr. B. will be outstanding in either role. I have no doubt whatsoever that Mr. B. or Mr. Foxx will give the performance of their lives whatever the plot may entail. I do have doubts, however, about where the filming should take place. I think Chicago would be a better location than Philadelphia and that’s only because of the historic and violent background of Chicago. At any rate, I support Mr. B. and Mr. Fox 100% and wish both well with much continued success.

  3. I think Gerry is better playing the DA – he would be a natural in that role because of his past. Jamie Fox is a wonderful actor but they really should not have switched roles. I am also concerned about Law Abiding Citizen at this stage and how it has evolved into something it never started out to be. Not sure if the new script is going to be as interesting as the old “idea”. It’s sad when they tweek something to death in hollywood. But I support Gerry 100pct and wish him well as always.

  4. Kristie aka RougeSpirit says:

    I think it’s fantastic that Gerry is going to play thetramatized victim because he’ll bring more depth and feeling into the role than any other actor could. And Jamie Foxx will be smashing as the lawyer. I’m very happy that they guys have their own production company now, and I wish them the best of luck!

    Peace & Respect


  5. Cheryl Trago says:

    Sirs, I think Mr. Butler will make an excellent tramatized victim. He’s got the ruthlessness that will be needed to portray this part. I look forward to seeing his film. Best wishes, Mr. Butler. Wish I could be there to see you film it……..and have a wonderful birthday next month.

  6. I think pairing Gerard and Jamie Foxx is a good match. Can’t wait to see these two on film!

  7. At all powerful voices.
    . It bewitches.

  8. My thoughts exactly….in regards to what Judy said. Recently I watched several of his movies and he died in all of them.

  9. Sounds like this character might have more range and depth, but does this mean he’s going to die again???

  10. To be honest, I was so looking forward to see Gerry play an attorney role in this upcoming venture…but, I can see him pulling this vigilante character off. It will be interesting to see how it all unfolds. Go Gerry!

  11. That’s great news! I can’t wait to see the movie…

  12. Hope Grasso says:

    I look forward in seeing Gerry in this role, he will take this on with all his heart and sole! Love you

  13. I am quite excited to see how Gerry handles this role instead of the DA. He will have a great opportunity to strut his stuff as this will have a lot more impact than the DA role. Of course, he consistantly surprises his audiences with his talent and I expect nothing less from him in this role. Good luck, Gerry, in the first film you are producer!

  14. Carolyn McManama says:

    I have every confidence that Gerard will do a wonderful job playing the vigilante.He can immerse himself in a role like no other.I think it is great that he mixes it up in the parts he plays.I will look forward to seeing this as I do all of his movies.

  15. I believe this could be an award winning performance for Gerry. I can’t wait to see what he does with this role. Good luck, Gerry!

  16. about the Citizen movie coming out….Gerry should NOT play the victim…HE MUST BE THE D.A. BECAUSE HE IS A HERO TYPE OF STAR ….NOT THE VICIM TYPE…. J.F. is not the one for the D.A . role….. tell them to find someone else to fill the roll of the victim……..lots of talent available for this type of roll…

    We have been looking forward to Gerry in this role,,it is so like him….IN THE D.A. ROLE–ONLY–

  17. Niki Minadakis says:

    Wow, this really sounds exciting. As good as Gerry is playing a good guy, he is even sexier pllaying a “bad” guy. This will be a great experience for us, too. Can’t wait.


  18. denise1955 says:

    I am so glad to see that Gerry will be playing a psychotic part and to be honest I find the role of DA as a bit boring for him especially as he used to be one. This will show yet another string to his bow and show us even more of his amazing talents and I just know he will throw himself into the part wholefheartedly.

    I have always hated the way some DA’s plea bargaining get people off even knopwing that they are guilty (O J Simpson comes to mind) and its makes my blood boil. This will be very interesting to watch. Gerry will be fantstic and as the Scots would say, canny wait! Gerry, as always will be sublime.

  19. Thanks for the up-date on the movie Law Abiding Citizen.

    I must admit I am not keen on the role reversal. Gerry could have shown his dramatic acting range just as well as the distraught DA. I have a feeling Gerry’s role will be more limiting as the vigilante who is in prison. But I think this movie does look like it will be a winner!

    My Best wishes to Gerry in his first adventure as a producer.

  20. The news of Gerry switching roles is GREAT!! He will do amazingly as a “bad guy”. The role will make his acting abilities shine and enable him to rise to higher heights. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie. “Break a leg” Gerry!!

  21. The name of film sounds is bulky, not interestingly.
    And the plot will not turn out ordinary?

  22. I am so looking forward to this one. Switching roles is a surprise but a pleasant one…..Gerry does drama so well and I’m sure he won’t disappoint with this reversal!!! He would have done a wonderful job as DA but playing the psychopathic killer will allow us to see his dramatic range of acting! What a smart move…..this could very well be an oscar-worthy role for him! Can’t wait…way to go, Gerry!!!!!

  23. Gerry is very good at picking roles, and movies for himself. We would automatically expect him to be the DA trying to save the day and be the hero. However, choosing the role of the victim, is a role he has not done often. “The Jury” was a victim role, that he just nailed. I will look forward to seeing how he fleshes out this role. He will surprise us with his insight, and understanding of his character once again I am sure.

    Having Jamie Fox to work with, will be fantastic, because that will cause them both to elevate their game. (Once again, Gerry will be working with another Oscar winner). I wish Frank Darabont would have stayed, however I am sure the movie is in capable hands with the new director. I can hardly wait !
    Sue L —-> MyPhantomsSong

  24. That’s great news!! I think Gerry playing the reversing role will be good..It’ll defintely showcase his acting range. Good luck to the cast and crew on this film project!