09-09-08: Gerard Butler in Japan

Gerard arrived in Japan to appreciative fans who are there to support him for the PS, I Love You Premiere that will be held the evening of September 10. Images have been added to the gallery.

Use the clock below to keep up to date on the date/time in Tokyo:

Check back to GB.Net as we post the latest from Japan!


Thanks to Sam for the heads up on another online interview with Gerry! This one is from Tribute.ca.


  1. Gerry looks fantastic in his arrival to Japan!! Great pictures

  2. katelouise says:

    I loved the “Gerry in Japan” videos that someone took!

  3. Gerry always looks so happy to be in Japan. I can’t wait to see pictures from the premiere.

  4. Can’t believe he is Japan! I fell tired just to keep up with his schedule. Thanks for the pics.

  5. Ann Luongo says:

    Really great photos. He looks fantastic. Thanks for those.