08-04-09: Gerard Butler in London

The Ugly Truth premiere in Leicester Square

Fans have started lining up for the premiere of The Ugly Truth in London.  Follow us on Twitter for news and pics from fans already there! No Twitter? No problem!  Follow along on this page.

A live webcam of Leicester Square is also available here.

Gerard signed autographs and posed with fans outside of GMTV yesterday.  View more pics in the gallery. Thanks to mata090680 @ livejournal for the hi-res pics!


  1. Spoke to Gerry at TUT Prem and asked him about the NUMPTY thing he laughed and said it was sort of like a silly soft person. Which he most defifintely is not. He signed some lovely art work brought in by some of the people on this site. He was handsome, gracious and happy. But boy was he being rushed about, but there was a lot of people and he did his best to talk to as many as he could. Thank you Gerry for making me one of them. Today I am going to see the film.

    Love ya Gerry Joan (HUG). xxxx

  2. Cristina says:

    I am a little far from London, but I spect we have here that movie soon and of course I am sure it is a good film as all yours. Congratulations Gerry and be happy.
    With love

  3. Yvonne Georgiou says:

    Just got back from the Premiere which I spent with Team England (what a great bunch of girls)! The Premiere was fantastic and Gerry was absolutely amazing with all his fans. He made such an effort to sign as many autographs as possible even though there were 100’s of people screaming at him. We even got to chat to him for a few minutes. I’ll let the other Team England girls tell their stories. It was well worth waiting for him for 5 hours in very warm and squashed conditions. Gerry is truly a sweet man and it shows that he realy loves and respects his fans. He realy deserves every success in his career and life. He said to us “you’re all gona go and see the movie right!”. You keep making them Gerry and we’ll keep watching them. xx

  4. mjbooklady says:

    Thanks so much for the “up-to-the minute” up-dates on Twitter during the Premiere of TUT in London.

    Wonderful photos of Gerry and Katherine and it looks like they had a great time.

    I must say Gerry looks so relaxed and happy in all of the photos from GMTV and the Premiere . It must be great for him to be on home ground and with his family.

    Glad to read that “Gerry loves Tamara Halstead” and that Tamara loves “G even if he is insane”, that is just so cute!

    Thanks again, GB.net for keeping Gerry’s fans up-to-date – we love you for it!

  5. sue grint says:

    i have just got back from the premiere and gerry and kathy looked brilliant. the atmosphere was brilliant as usual and this time they had a large screen so people who were not lucky enough to have the stars right up close could see them on the screen. i wasnt lucky enough to speak to gerry this time but i cant always be so lucky after all i spoke to him the last two premieres and got hugs and kisses off him. i still took pictures of him, kathy and robert , which i hope come out, and met some news people who have the same taste in gerry as i do, well maybe not as much as me, and are going to keep in touch for future premieres. it was nice meeting all his family who were introduced to us, his mum and dad, brother, sister, sister in law, brother in law, aunt and uncle.

  6. Thank you, for all the updates, pics, videos and latest news….

    This has been a fun summer with Gerry! He is having a great time.

    He is so funny on all the shows, and quite a charmer.

    Now he is enjoying it all with his family, how great is that.

    Congratulations Gerry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Thanks for the Twitter updates! New thing for me, but I’ll learn. (maybe LOL)

    Early red carpet pictures are appearing and they look fantastic – the way real MOVIE STARS should look! He’s as handsome as mortal man can be and she is absolutely beautiful (love the color of her dress!).

    Loved his message to TH and think it’s wonderful. So glad so many fans are there and hope they all have a WONDERFUL time!

  8. Very much I wish to see movie . My dream to see Gerry!!! I love you Gerry!

  9. Brilliant movie, saw it at preview screening here in UK last night….