Gerard Butler on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Watch Gerard’s appearance with Jay Leno below:

Gerard and Betty White:


  1. I just managed to find (and download) the video on the internet, because we aren’t guilty for not living in the USA, and we have the right to watch the interview too… So I finally could watch the video last night… and I laughed all the time Gerry spoke (except when he was talking about his accident while surfing, of course, that part was really scary…), the story in the airport’s toilet… ha ha, INCREDIBLE!
    The bad thing is that, for me, the interview was too short… but totally worth it!

    oh Gad, as Sue Grint said, what we would do without that wonderful man? and I totally think that it’s time for him to be nominee for a golden globe or even an oscar! Even though I haven’t seen Machine Gun Preacher because, once again, it seems that people out of USA doen’t exist sometimes… so I don’t know if the movie will be release in my country (Spain), but I understand that it might be because of the controversy of that film… anyway I would like to see his best performance to date! 😉

  2. sue grint (greatest london fan) says:

    i saw gbutt on leno on friday 13 in london, as we are 8 hours behind l.a. he looked very well, but i was shocked on how much more of his accident came to light. he explained it a bit on graham norton, but went into more detail on leno. im so glad he is ok after this terrible experience. i dont know what i would have done if he was no longer with us.

    i loved the sparta in the toilet story. its so funny what extremes people will go to, and i know, as i am a nutty 50 plus lady who has adored gbutt since tombraider in 02, goes like when i meet him at his premieres, i just lose it and go back to a mad teenager, but i cant help myself. my family think i am nuts, but who cares, im not hurting anyone, and it gets me through the days, and what better way to go then be that caring for gbutt.

    i am looking forward to seeing him on the golden globes tomorrow morning, and think its a sin that he isnt nominated for his role in machine gun preacher, as i think he was fantastic in it and his best performance to date.

  3. great videos.. sadly, couldn’t watch them. it says it could only be played for those in the US.. could there be a way that we fans (outside US) see these videos?