11-19-08 – Gerard Butler One of People’s Sexiest Men Alive?

Is Gerry one of People Magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive?  Check out their “100 Sexy Men in 1 Minute” video and find out!!  😀

The Sexiest Man Alive will be announced on Good Morning America this morning (UPDATED 8:06am: Hugh Jackman is this year’s Sexiest Man Alive) and featured on People Magazine’s website.  The issue will be on newsstands this weekend!  Will Gerry be included?  Find out soon!!


  1. Ocenlady says:

    Hi, everyone:):). I hope everybody’s doing superbly. There is not much I can add except for the fact that I am just as mesmerized as you all, distinguished ladies and gents, are. Mr. Butler has a very delicate soul, and there is absolutely no manner in which a person could withdraw from its honesty, as it shines through his eyes and outpours from his entire being.
    I have a feeling that playing Reverend Childers will be a life-changing experience for Mr. Butler, and that it will be the beginning of wonderful joys for him. May we pray that Our Lord Jesus continues to grant Mr. Butler the Love and Strength he needs to continue enlightening the world by doing what he does best: living from his heart:). God bless you all and have a good one:)!

  2. Ann Li Oz says:

    He IS the sexiest man alive!!! I have all this wonderful comments, and I agrere totally with everything!!! I first noticed him in Dracula2000, and I thought” Who is that sexy man???Who…?” Couldnt breathe…Then I saw him in Phantom – and that was it…He’s definatelty beyond handsome – beautiful is a word that has bever been used before I think describing a man, but it encapsulates all of Gerry.Hes so talented, and a genuinely good person. Hes just perfect, and him being a naughty only makes him more irresistable!!! Hes so cheeky! I love him!!! Hes gorgeous! I want him!!!! I just wish he’d do films which really stretch his talent again, and show his emotions which we all loved him for in the beginning. If asked, he should defeniately do Phantom again – we are waiting, Gerry!!! You are the only Phantom for us! Well, I wish him all the best whatever he does, and hope that soon he receives all those awards he so richly deserves.

  3. barb campbell says:

    i am old enough to know better but i also am crazy about gerry I have all his movies i can find

  4. Donna Jean and George Montalbano says:

    Hi anonymous and the rest of Gerry Butler’s loving fans.
    Well, I can only speak for my family and friends who feel exactly as you do. He is magnificient, not only in his looks (those eyes, that smile, those lips, the whole man) is one of a kind ever. Believe me I have NEVER ever been a fan of any movie star, but since my hubby George and I saw Gerry (Gerard Butler) come down that candle lit hall in POTO we have been hooked. We have seen everything he ever made. Even the horrible copies that we received of some of his older movies. But if we could buy it from Amazon.com we did…so most of our movies are beautifully preserved and often enjoyed. Of lately we have wated over and over again every so many months, THE UGLY TRUTH and LAW ABIDING CITIZEN…right now our kids are borrowing those. Most of his movie they have themselves. Either they bought them or we did and that goes for most of our family and good friends who are also fans. This man is soooo underestimated as far as his talent is concerned. I mentioned it once before if that silly bunch from Hollywood don’t give him one of those Shinny Guys some day, they will deal with all of his fans (and there are millions) raising you know WHAT!!!! I will give you one guess to fill that in, he he he! Gerry (Gerard Butler) you are the best and the MAN!

  5. anonymous says:

    Gerard Butlers beauty pulls me right in.He has managed to bypass gorgeous and gone on to beautiful beyond belief. I feel like I have been captured and I can’t get away.He has a hypnotic affect on me. Does anyone eles feel this hypnotic capture. Am I the only one? Gosh I wish he would show some mercy and let me go,but I think even if he turned ugly he would have that kind of pull. Some people are born with it most don’t have it. That is what makes a star of his statue. I don’t know why people magazine don’t let the women vote on his is the most beautiful man.He would win hands down. The stars must be paying that magazine off to get their photo on the cover. Gerard is better looking than anyone on that cover. No one can compare. He is getting older ,but he is still handsome.When he is an old man he will be handsome.Beauty like that you can’t ignore or change that much. Long live Gerry

  6. After seeing Gerald in PS I love you, i can not get enough of him. I have now watched every one of his movies, but ps is still my favourite. He is a great actor, as he is so versatile, from hero to romance to comedy to adventure. He has the most beautiful eyes and smile that just light up the screen. He is funny and sexy, witty and charming. Definitely the whole package. He is now my favourite actor and definitely the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE. Cant wait to see him in future movies.

  7. Greetings to you all:). I don’t know if Gerard is the sexiest man alive, but I know that he is one of the most special gentlemen I have ever seen in my entire life. I find that his appeal as a man is heavily derived from his integrity, and that it is worth seeing him for the wonderfully complex man he is:):).

  8. “WHO IS HE?”, my exact words the first time I laid my eyes on the sexiest man I have ever seen in my life …he was Attila on the TV screen then and he totally captivated me…to this day I feel the same way about him ..He is sexier than ever…this tall, handsome, burly, manly, darling of a Scotsman with the brogue to go with it.. can’t get enough of him ..he is forever in my heart.

  9. True definition of Gerard Butler….

    Gerard Butler- Gerry[sex symbol] A man who went from the phantom to the panty dropper in a heartbeat. Sexy, spicy, and everything your spouse is not. He has great dance skills[as seen in P.S I love you] and that voice could get you wetter than a swimming pool.

    Katherine Heigl, Hilary Swank, and Emmy Rossum are HANDS DOWN some of the strongest women I know. If I had to work with him, I would have the worst case of sexual frustration. SEXIEST MAN OF ALL TIME!! Forget Hugh, Brad, and all the others!! Gerard Butler I would be your own sexual burger king…you could always have it your way!! 😉

  10. kirsty holland says:

    Hi Gerrard,

    I wonder if you actually read these, but if you do, i would love you to email me …. im so in love with you, especially after watching the Ugly Truth! cworr, any way im a young talented beautician and was hoping you offer me to work for you , you could take me around every where with you!

    Please, make my sweet day ….

    Love you xxxxx kirsty

  11. He is the epitome of perfection for the male species …. it’s that je ne sais quoi … he’s my wallpaper so that everytime I turn on my computer … well … I just sigh … my kids roll their eyes at me … my work colleagues rib me … but I don’t care … totally obsessed .. and … sounds like I’m not the only one … you’re the best Gerry 🙂

  12. hiya! I really enjoyed you in “RocknRolla i think it was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope that everything is ok with you, Ihaven’t have a good year so far i’ve just lose my dad and it’s been very very hard but work you and my NVQ in nursing keeps me going just!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    anyway hope to meet you one day you never know A!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. ronnie mickens says:

    I agree with all of the comments above:smart, talented,charismatic.passionate,sexy,witty,great personality, this is no lie;gerard has the most beautiful eyes i ever seen and i have seen many,but there’s just something so special,so deep about his eyes,maybe i just admire him so much,i love his smile,and his many facial expressions. when i see photos of him online dressed in everyday wear,i see the real gerard butler,not someone who is always dressed to impress,he’s a down to earth guy and that attracts me more than anything;continue to be yourself.

  14. The sexiest man alive… without a doubt. Is it not a self-evident truth?

  15. Oh, it’s not that he’s so perfectly handsome. It’s the imperfection that cements the
    unambiguously masculine” quality I find so refreshing and needed. I am so tired of the beautiful…but could go either way…types. If I find out some day that Gerry is gay, I will be disapppointed; but I’m old enough to be his mom and I’ll get over it. But for right now, he’s heroic. I could use a hero. We could all use a hero.

  16. Leny Canada says:

    Yes he is the sexiest man alive! He is so cute that I think I am falling for him. Just love him….

  17. Em Português existe uma metáfora que diz tudo sobre o Gerard ” Ele é tudo de bom … ”
    Esperamos pela visita a Portugal….

  18. “The sexiest man on this earth…” – There s another???
    “The sexiest man alive…” – Ok … how about the dead ones!!!
    Irresistable….beautifull inside and out… Yes we talk to him all the time … and we know him very well…
    I so sorry … but i … think i could love him too….if he wants of couse, and i say this things also …. WHy … its simple suddently i stay unable to be a smart girl… if Anna Wintour could dream , why
    can t I ????

  19. Gerry is oozing, dripping with sex appeal. It’s not something he learned by observing other people. He didn’t acquire it by reading books or taking certain courses. You either have it or don’t, and he definitely has it. He was naturally born with it. I don’t think he realizes just how sexy he really is. He’s not totally enamored with himself, and that’s what makes him so appealing. He is so intense on film that he actually makes you feel like you are the one he’s giving all of his affections to. Gerry is unbelievably handsome. The sound of his voice makes your knees weak. All of this coupled with his radiant personality and rapier wit makes him the sexiest man alive.

  20. Gerard is so hot you could use him as a welding iron-He leaves all others in the shade-for those
    who think that Hugh Jackman or anyone else is better please get hold of a copy of Attilla the
    Hun- he is poetry in motion!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Gerry IS the sexiest man on this earth; God truely blessed us with him. He will reign as The King as long as I’m alive! With Love, Anastasia

  22. Hands down, Gerry is the sexiest. You’d think as much as People puts him in their pages they’d clue in. He’s georgeous, talented,funny and such a flirt. All that combined makes him irresistable!!!

  23. hola gerard tendrias que estar primero en la lista ,sos muy lindo y tenes una sonrisa preciosa pero eso ya lo sabes mejor que nadie igual el primer puesto esta bien con el australiano te dejo muchos besos no entiendo cuando me escriben en ingles pero no importa chauuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! besos enormers para gerard como me gusta llamarlo a mi elizabeth de argentina

  24. You are the sexiest!! Forget Hugh Jackman…i think your picture should have been like on of the first to show in the video.

    I love you tremendously and hahaha it was intereesting seeing the pictures you took in Brasil…heeheehee it didn’t seem as if you were happy….oh well

    Beijos = kisses

    Beijos beijos beijos

  25. Mr. Butler is so sexy, it’s sick!!! He is not only a wonderful actor and smart, but his looks are absolute perfection!!!!!!! I have thought this since Phantom and Dear Frankie and I will always be in love with him. 🙂

  26. oh ,god yes …..sex bomb….

  27. Patricia Shields says:

    Gerard’s looks emulate from the inside out. That’s what makes him so irresistible. What you see is what you get. There’s no pretense with him. None at all.

  28. Now don’t get mad at me, but Hugh Jackman IS one of the sexiest and best looking guys in movies right now, but that doesn’t mean he is my favorite actor-Gerry has him beat there if only he would do something great again-like the Phantom; something to show his real depth and heart. That is not to say that I don’t think Gerry is REALLY REALLY GOOD LOOKING; I am probably more disappointed that his movie choices (in my humble opinion) haven’t been up to his talent.

  29. Kathleen McGury says:

    definitely the sexiest

  30. Hugh Jackman? Are they kidding? Gerry is so much hotter than anyone else on the list. How in the heck do they come up with such decisions? Anyway, we all know who’s the hottest in the universe. (I don’t think they number anyone after the ‘hottest’ choice, they just list the others.)

  31. Of course Gerry is Sexiest man alive. Who doubt it? Not only this year but all years past and comes.
    Not only fisical. Gerry has an angel that makes him the must attractive man alive. God bless him.

  32. he’s not in the video long enough, that kinda sucks, besides he’s not ONE of the sexiest he is THE sexiest man man alive, that man got it goin’ on!……. he’s beautiful

  33. i also think he is the sexiest man alive. He is one hot package.

  34. I don t think he care s about the number…. he is hot and sexy and …. everything , and he already know that along time … and don t forget the man do good movies.

  35. Wendy ( Khufu ) says:

    Thank goodness he’s in their top 100 , but blink and you might miss him . What’s with all the crazy camera angles and zoom lenses , i though my head was gonna explode trying to keep track of them all ! .

  36. Personally, I think he is THE sexiest man alive!!!!!

    Romney, WV USA