Gerard Butler Virtual Birthday Wishes

It’s that time of year again!!  Time to wish Gerard the best for another successful year as his birthday fast approaches. We’ve set up our annual Virtual Birthday Card for everyone to leave their messages (one per person please).

(Just keep in mind this is a public website and all comments are viewable by our visitors :D)  For your protection, we DO NOT allow personal information like emails, mailing addresses and telephone numbers in comments.  Please do not post birthday wishes in Virtual Fan Mail.

Gerry’s birthday is November 13.  Wishes can be posted until November 15, 2011.

Every year, Gerard Butler Dot Net sponsors a birthday charity campaign in honor of Gerard’s birthday.   This year, we are giving to Kids Kicking Cancer.

If you were planning to send Gerard a card or gift, consider donating money to the charity instead. ALL donations contributed are tax deductible.   Click here to make a contribution via PayPal.  Enter “GerardButler.Net Birthday Charity Campaign” into the PayPal “purpose” field.  Mail checks, made payable to Kids Kicking Cancer, to 645 Griswold St., Suite 444, Detroit , MI 48226.

The campaign will run until the end of November.

Gerard Butler

Gerard attends the Los Angeles Confidential Men’s Issue Cover Party.  View more pictures…

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  1. Brittany Ferry says:

    Happy Birthday!! Hope it’s a good one! Ha, we have the same birthday!

  2. Happy birthday Gerard!!
    Our birthdays are a few days apart! WOO WOO! Mine is on the 16th!
    Hope you have a wonderful day


  3. Gerry-
    Thank you for being the wonderful person you are. You will never know what you mean to this fan. I look forward to every new performance. May you have a wonderful day! Not just Nov.13th but everyday of every year! Thank you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Desejo tudo de bom para meu Gerard Butler, ele é o Homem mais lindo e charmoso do mundooooo, ofereço também minha casa para ele ficar aqui no Brasil na copa em 2014!!! Bjsssssssss

  5. **Happy**Birthday**Gerard** Hope You Had A Great Day:)
    May You Be Blessed With Many More. Just So You Know, I Luv
    All Your Movies & I’m Looking Forward To Your Up Coming Movies;)
    Take Care & GOD BLESS<3

  6. Dear Mr. Butler, be always happy and healthy. Happy birthday to you!

  7. Happy Birthday and may you continue to find success both in work and in your personal life. My husband is from Glasgow and maybe we will run into you at a Celtic match next time we are visiting. Much love!

  8. Rosa Aybar says:

    Hola from the Dominican Republic !!!! May God bless and this day and all days… Hope you can visit my country one day… Take Care, Rosa

  9. Mr Butler, I wish you a happy birthday and lots of success in your career.

    Love from Switzerland,


  10. Darcey Moyer says:


    I hope you have an absolutely wonderful birthday! You deserve it.

    Love always,
    Darcey xoxoxox

  11. Jovial Mom says:

    Happy birthday, dear Gerry! You are such a special person. I look forward to every movie that you make and to every interview that you do. I hope that you will sing again soon on one of the talk shows. You are indeed multi-talented. I am keeping my fingers crossed for an award nomination for you for Machine Gun Preacher or Coriolanus–Oscar preferred! 😀 I thought you were terrific in Machine Gun Preacher, but I haven’t had a chance to see Coriolanus yet. I’m looking forward to it.

    Have a wonderful year!

    Love and hugs,

    Gretchen from San Diego XXOO

  12. Hope you have a wonderful birthday! We all wish we could be there to help you celebrate!
    Best to you, AlphaD

  13. Luanne Wedge says:

    May God bless you this year with peace and love!

  14. Astrina Rassias says:

    A very Happy Birthday Mr.s Butler! Na to ekatostisis!! May this year be aweome!

    Hugs A

  15. Astrina Rassias says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Butler!! Xronia Polla!! Na to ekatostisis! Hope this year is awesome!

    Hugs Astrina

  16. Cari Garrison says:

    Thank you Gerry for your unyielding kindness and generosity that you show your fans – you have been so gracious throughout the years! You are still the most amazing actor out I have ever had the honor to meet. I cannot wait to see what your future endeavors will be. You have a beautiful heart and lovely spirit. Much happiness to you and your family this holiday season!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite celebrity ever!!!


  17. Christine Gherardi says:

    Hope you have a really Great Birthday, Gerry! Thank you for your
    performance in “The Phantom of the Opera,” which I’ve watched
    over 125 times. I completed a “Phantom of the Opera” painting
    just in time for the 25th. Anniversary of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s
    play. I wish, for you, the very best for the coming year.

    With Love,

  18. Happy birthday, Gerry! Hope you had an awesome day!! =]

  19. Beloved Gerry, I hope you had a great and unforgettable birthday!! May God bless you always and give you love, health happiness and that huge heart you have to share with us…. Yours truly, Liliana?

  20. cumplea~o a ti feliz cumplea~o a ti que la pases super se acelera mi corazon cada vez que te miro y oigo esa voz. profunda me encantan tus peliculas cuidate .

  21. Tasha Simpson says:

    Hey dude hope you had a good birthday. Good luck to you and your loved ones.

  22. Michelle V. says:

    Happy Birthday, Gerry! I know, I know, i’m a day late. My face is red!! Ha ha ha……Anyway, I hope it was great! Keep the movies coming!

    Cheers to YOU!!!
    Michelle from Southern California

  23. SABRINA FRANCO says:

    I always give thanks to God for send you for us !!! you have a beatiful soul!!!
    you’re a great man!!
    I love you for many reasons I can’t write all them here !!!don’t has enough space to do it !!
    you are an angel in earth!!! oh GOD thanks for Gerry’s life ,he makes a big diference here in the world!!
    and Gerry






    God bless you for your entire life my sweet gerry !!!!!!!

  24. edna sandoval says:

    Dear Gerry—-Happy, happy, happy birthday 42 times—–Thank You for all your hard work—we love your movies–and of course seeing you—I was fortunate to see you at your premiere in person–you were very handsome…..Have a wonderful day and i send you lots of love—your biggest fan—-edna xoxoxoxo

  25. SABRINA FRANCO says:

    I give thanks to God for your beautiful life dear GERARD BUTLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You’re a wonderful soul!!!
    A great actor (my best favorite and only actor that I love so much) You got me in the fabulous movie The Phanton of the Opera!!!
    I’ve fall in love for you since there!!!
    you are an good angel that cames to this world to improve them with all your carism!!
    I’m from BRAZIL(sorry for my english, how you can see hahahah)
    and you have to come here again!!!!


  26. Hope you had a GRAND Birthday! I love watching your films. You are a great actor and not bad to look at as well. (You probably get that a lot. LOL)

    I am looking forward to your future movies.

    Your fan for life,

  27. "Southern Fried Tart" (Merle) says:

    Dear Gerry, it is a pleasure to wish you the warmest regards and wishes for a happy birthday for you and those people you love. Have fun! Be well! Love from Merle