Gerard Butler Virtual Birthday Wishes

It’s that time of year again!!  Time to wish Gerard the best for another successful year as his birthday fast approaches. We’ve set up our annual Virtual Birthday Card for everyone to leave their messages (one per person please).

(Just keep in mind this is a public website and all comments are viewable by our visitors :D)  For your protection, we DO NOT allow personal information like emails, mailing addresses and telephone numbers in comments.  Please do not post birthday wishes in Virtual Fan Mail.

Gerry’s birthday is November 13.  Wishes can be posted until November 15, 2011.

Every year, Gerard Butler Dot Net sponsors a birthday charity campaign in honor of Gerard’s birthday.   This year, we are giving to Kids Kicking Cancer.

If you were planning to send Gerard a card or gift, consider donating money to the charity instead. ALL donations contributed are tax deductible.   Click here to make a contribution via PayPal.  Enter “GerardButler.Net Birthday Charity Campaign” into the PayPal “purpose” field.  Mail checks, made payable to Kids Kicking Cancer, to 645 Griswold St., Suite 444, Detroit , MI 48226.

The campaign will run until the end of November.

Gerard Butler

Gerard attends the Los Angeles Confidential Men’s Issue Cover Party.  View more pictures…

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  1. Happy Birthday Gerry! I hope that you had a wonderful day filled with fun, family, and some R&R! XO

  2. Wishing you a very happy birthday Gerry and a year full of wonderful blessings!!! Hugs & Love Always, Sandy

  3. Bridget Healy says:

    Happy Birthday Gerard, You are looking better with age!!!! Fell in love with you in Ps I love you, and have watched every movie since, be happy!! Love Bridget

  4. I have never sent anything to an actor or any other “famous” individual before, so excuse me if I sound a bit lame. The only crush I ever had was when I was a kid on John Travolta OMGoodness! I saw many of your movies and I felt you were different than most actors. Then I saw you on a late night tv show, and saw how kind, humble and an awesome sense of humor you have! Then I became very impressed with the charities you chose to help. Very fine qualities along with NOT being a drinker well you really would make an awesome role model out there for all the kids who love you!! Anyway, it is your birthday and I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know these things, but you probably will not even see my message in all reality ;)… Have a wonderful, safe and fun birthday filled with laughter, friends and family. If by chance our paths would cross, it would make to such great conversation. lol like that would happen. Good luck Gerard and kudos on being my one and only “adult” crush lol. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  5. Happy Birthday, dear Gerry! Thank you for all that you do…sharing all of your amazing talents with the world and taking the time out of your life to actually make a difference in other peoples lives. Many, many stars in you crown, Love. You are such a beautiful person, inside (and out), but it’s who you are inside that means everything. Take care of yourself and I pray you have many, many more wonderful birthdays to come. God bless you.

    (a loyal fan, forever)~

  6. I have to wish my favorite actor and my ideal man a very Happy Birthday! There is no other Movie Star like you. I think you are magnificent. Happy Birthday from a fellow Scorpio.


  7. Melissa Mayberry says:


    I hope you have a wonderful BIRTHDAY! I wish you much joy and success through the year!



  8. Donna Tipton says:

    Dear Gerry,
    Hope you have a wonderful, fun filled birthday! I wish you a long, happy life. Love your movies & hope you continue to make more.

    Hugs & KIsses,

  9. SHOKO HAMADA says:

    ?(´??)?Happy Birthday Gerry!!!! From JAPAN

  10. Happy Birthday Gerry!! I hope you had a wonderful day full of happiness and love! I really enjoy all of your movies. I hope you continue to make many more! I’m one of your biggest fans! You are one of the most talented and sexiest man I ever laid eyes on!! Love you always!!

  11. Happy birthday numpty! 😛 Thank you for your many wonderful films and your bright and charismatic personality.

    Best wishes <3

  12. Gerry! Happy birthday!! I wish you a happy & healthy year ahead. Continue what you’re doing, as you bring so much joy to my life!

    Your most devoted fan,
    Mimie xoxoxo

  13. Happy Birthday, Gerry!

    I hope it’s incredible!!!


  14. Happy Birthday Gerry! Have a wonderful day.

  15. Esmeralda Pineda says:

    Happy Birthday Gerry! I wish you the best, today and forever. Keep doing great movies, I really enjoy them; you are the best!!! May God Bless You Always!

    Felíz Cumpleaños!

    Con Amór,

  16. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day! And I hope you stay safe! Sincerely, Cris

  17. Hoping your birthday was full of wonderful surprises, happiness and love. Wishing you many more.

  18. Hope you have a great birthday!! Keep making your awesome movies!

  19. …Dear Gerard Happy Birthday to you – Wish you all the best in the future – JBU always :-}


  20. …Happy Birthday Gerard, Wish you all the best in the future :-}….JBU always !

  21. Janet Fetter says:

    Hi Gerry
    Well another Birthday is here, Hope you have a great one.
    Love Ya

    You go Boy


  22. glencoe lassie(sue) says:

    gerry! hope you’ve had a great birthday. didn’t eat too much cake, did you? hippo birdie two ewe!!!

    take care!

  23. Bianca Felipe says:

    Happy bday Gerry

    I know im just one more on your emails ..

    and I wish all the best for you, dear !
    forever my Phantom, my Leonidas, my Gerry, my Clyde Shelton …


  24. Amanda Paige says:

    Dear Gerard,

    I’d like to wish you a fantastic birthday! Go celebrate with your friends and family! You deserve a break from all the hard work and time you put into your acting. By the way, I’m looking forward to seeing your performances in upcoming movies! You are an amazing actor with an angel’s voice, and I hope your life is full of happiness that you can share with everyone you love.

    I wanted to have a Gerard Butler movie marathon, but I wasn’t able to rent any movies. It’s okay though, because I own my favorite one–The Phantom of the Opera. My heart belongs to you today! Have fun!


  25. Happy Birthday Gerry! Many safe, happy,sinful wishes from yours truly!

  26. A very Happy Birthday Gerry, from the most northerly settlement in North America.

  27. Happy Birthday from Texas, Darlin !!!

    Wishing you country warm wishes for a very special day. Hope you are having fun “kickin up your own dust,” celebrating with your family and friends. Don’t let the fast life change who you are, so remember to be true to thyself and your Scottish roots and believe only in simple love. You are Blessed and we are so proud of your accomplishments, with hopes of many more to come.

    You “ROCK” our world, with your charming wit and compassionate free-spirit. Have a wonderful Birthday and happy trails for many many more. Hope you visit Texas someday soon. Let your “Eagle soar,” Ger Bear; you only get better!!!

    Take Care and Warmest Wishes,
    Ms. Dee

  28. KARON BIHARI says:

    Gerry, Happy Birthday this year & every year to come …
    Thank you for Machine Gun Preacher most of all … My life is forever changed … When I saw it at the SAG screening in NYC in September & said how magnificent it was to you I meant that from the bottom of my heart!
    God Bless dear Gerry & blessings to your family too!
    Forever … Since ever … Karon Bihari in NYC

  29. Christiane Pin says:

    Happy birthday Gerry! Hope you enjoy your special day. Love & kisses.

  30. Michele Sturgeon (rosesheart) says:

    Happy Birthday Gerry!
    My grandma and I wish you a Happy Birthday and I hope youre enjoying yourself!
    Cant believe its been six year since I saw you at TIFF 🙂

  31. Tasha Simpson says:

    Happy birthday. Hope you get to have fun and don’t work too hard.

  32. Enjoy and have a great day. May you have many more and may God bless you always.

  33. Penny Hampton says:

    ~~~Birthday Wishes~~~

  34. Phanty darling…
    You got one year older again…


  35. says:

    parabens meu anjo uero mais uma vez deixar aqui registrado meu carinho por voce muita paz muita saude e muitas felicidades porque voce merece simplesmente o melhor te amo muito beijos e abraços dessa sua admiradora eterna…GLÁUCIA

  36. Happy Birthday Handsome! I wish you much more of everything good that you already have, love, happiness, respect, work and above all that the people around you is sincere and fill you with peace of mind. I love you with all my heart and I ever meet you, kisses thousands


  37. A most “Happy Birthday” to you, Mr. Butler!!

    We shall be meeting in the near future, as I have a very large project that you will be very interested in seeing.

    I am, very much, looking forward to that day!!

    Happy Birthday and I hope it is a very special day.


    Debbie N.
    Fine Arts Artist, Photographer and Writer
    Tennessee / Kentucky

  38. Dear Gerry!
    Happy Birthday!))
    Best wishes from Russia 🙂


  40. I am bad…I just sat down to watch the Blue Ray version of Phantom of the Opera and realized it is Gerard’s 42nd Birthday…..I wish you the best birthday ever and may the next year keep you happy and healthy….Your friend and fan

    Marlene from Tucson

  41. Have a fantastic birthday! Here’s to 42+ more years of your light making the world that bit brighter! Keep up the great work! Love!

  42. KARON BIHARI says:


  43. laura-jane says:

    happy birthday gerry, hae a guid auld scottish birthday loads of love laura-jane xxxxxx

  44. Happy Birthday Gerard!

    I’m a recently fan of you, since I realized what a wonderful actor you are, because I think you are really good at playing many different roles, and you are always so charming, handsome and sexy… even you can sing and with a magnificent voice!

    So, apart from the birthday wishes, I give you congratulations for doing a great job which me and many people love.

    Lots of love from Spain

    Sara 🙂

    P.S.: tonight is the première of “300” in Spanish public TV, I think is a funny fact, is like dedicated to you! 😉

  45. Happy Birthday, Gerry. May your day be filled with love and happiness. Best wishes for a successful year in your movie career. Be safe and God Bless.

    Lots of Love,

    Julia xxxxxxxx

  46. Dear Gerry,
    May this birthday offer you as much joy and happiness as you give to all your fans.
    You are the best actor in Hollywood…good looking, CHARMING and all the rest.


    P.S. Consider filming a movie in Vancouver, BC

  47. Kitsy Mathews James says:

    Happy Birthday Gerard! i see you must be 42! God bless you and thank you so much for signing my daughter Erin’s picture and the note to Ben and Momo in Japan on the plane to Monterey. I hope the filming is going well, can’t wait to see it and of course Machine Gun Preacher. It got rave reviews. You will be blessed. We celebrated with yellow cake and chocolate icing today in your honor. In Christ, kitsy james

  48. Dear Gerard, I wish you health, peace and love. You alone can built your way. You are the most important people in your live, so take care of yourself. You have the care and admiration of hundreds of people around the world and it’s is a great thing.
    You make my day more shinning. You have my care.
    Happy birthday, dear one!
    God bless you.

  49. Sofia Acosta says:

    Happy B-Day Gerry !!!!!! wishing you that everything that touches your hands prosper and that all you can conceive you can achive, that God bless your path as it has done until today and that you can reaffirm the real love within you

    thanks for always being thy and bring smiles to my life

    sincerly yours


    from CR

  50. Happy Birthday Gerard! My best wishes just for you.
    Lots of love, Maria from Thessaloniki-Greece