Gerard Butler Virtual Birthday Wishes

It’s that time of year again!!  Time to wish Gerard the best for another successful year as his birthday fast approaches. We’ve set up our annual Virtual Birthday Card for everyone to leave their messages (one per person please).

(Just keep in mind this is a public website and all comments are viewable by our visitors :D)  For your protection, we DO NOT allow personal information like emails, mailing addresses and telephone numbers in comments.  Please do not post birthday wishes in Virtual Fan Mail.

Gerry’s birthday is November 13.  Wishes can be posted until November 15, 2011.

Every year, Gerard Butler Dot Net sponsors a birthday charity campaign in honor of Gerard’s birthday.   This year, we are giving to Kids Kicking Cancer.

If you were planning to send Gerard a card or gift, consider donating money to the charity instead. ALL donations contributed are tax deductible.   Click here to make a contribution via PayPal.  Enter “GerardButler.Net Birthday Charity Campaign” into the PayPal “purpose” field.  Mail checks, made payable to Kids Kicking Cancer, to 645 Griswold St., Suite 444, Detroit , MI 48226.

The campaign will run until the end of November.

Gerard Butler

Gerard attends the Los Angeles Confidential Men’s Issue Cover Party.  View more pictures…

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  1. Cheryl Dibbs says:

    Happy Birthday gorgeous man….love you loads xxxx

  2. Foreverblue says:

    Hi Gerry
    Wishing you a Belated “Happy Birthday”, missed your parties in NYC for a few years now, but I always remember your birthday. May God Bless you and your family today forever .. A special hello to your mum, treasure every moment with her. Take care and Keep reaching for the stars, and why not the lights of Broadway. I still have that screenplay that was made for you… God Bless.
    Once again, march with us on Saint Patricks Day….

  3. I hope you have a great birthday. I enjoy your movies and have hooked some of my girlfriends to. Continue making movies and we will keep watching them. Have a blessed birthday…Jeanie from Virginia

  4. GINA LARIMORE says:

    Sending Love and Birthday Greetings from your # 1 fan in Chicago!! You are a wonderful man and talented actor..May all your Dreams come true Gerry!
    If your ever in Chicago, I would love to show you the town!
    Much Love,
    Gina Larimore

  5. Amy in Alabama says:

    Hi, Gerry! I Hope you have a Fantastic Birthday filled with Fun and Lots of Love. Take care of your gorgeous self and keep doing what you’re doing, ie. making interesting movies and just Looking Fabulous!
    Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays!

    Love, Amy ^i^

    PS–Love your natural hair style!

  6. Have a great birthday and do everything that makes you happy.

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GERRY, WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxox

  8. Sorry I’m late…
    but I’m unfortunately…far away!
    It’s wonderful all that’s happening here
    I mean with all this love around …
    the whole universe is gonna explode…
    Even me ,it’s weird but I feel so close like,
    I’ve seen you through…

    It’s the power of your personality
    that lights up people’s mind
    The beauty of your smile is able
    to touch our heart … and stay there…
    Gerry juice is the ingredient I know…
    Keep up making us pretty …
    with your talent,
    The way you’re approaching your roles…
    your craft …
    is amazing ,reminds me of the legents
    Steve McQueen….Paul Newman…
    O.K ,but in the unique class… of your own

    Thank you Gerry for being you…
    I wish you real happiness…
    Take good care of self…We all need you!!!
    Love ya …


  9. Karen Gallivan says:

    Hi Gerry!
    My youngest son shares a birthday with you, so your day is extra special to me!!
    May all your dreams come true…Happy Birthday!!!
    Love, Karen

  10. Donna and George Montalbano says:

    Hi Gerry,
    Our whole clan already wished you a Happy, Happy birthday. Including the newest addition from our youngest son and daughter in law, a wee baby girl.
    Donna Jean Montalbano


  12. Andrea Roberts says:

    Have a happy birthday, Gerard! You deserve the best day…ever. <3 🙂 XOXO Andrea

  13. Sylvia Connor says:

    Happy Birthday, Gerry….bless you and all the good works you do….may you have continued health and success….and a wonderful Holiday Season as well!!!

  14. Gerry

    The best for you

    Happy birthday



  15. Keep your Light shining bright!!Happy Birthday!!

  16. Rose Marie Lagana says:

    Happy Birthday Gerard. I wish you all the good luck and continued success that you so richly deserve. I enjoy you in all of your films. You’re an outstanding actor. Keep making movies and I will keep seeing them. I hope you will be able to spend the day with all those you love and who love you. God Bless. Rose Marie

  17. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY You don’t look 42 to me ! 😀 Me and my friend Amanda LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE you :3

  18. pamela buttery says:

    I hope you enjoy your birthday and live it up to your fullest potential!

  19. Lynn Schneider says:

    I hope that you have a blessed birthday, Gerard, and celebrate with all the special people in your life. My your year ahead be filled with much joy and happiness.

  20. Beth Hazel Farquharson says:

    Happy Birthday, Gerry! Best wishes and lots of love, Beth

  21. Wow! dude yiu have every right to be extremely proud of your career and accomplishments! But gee do you have to smoke again!? You have ben an inspiration going from all around bad boy, to really making a difference for kids and charities everywhere. Happy Birthday and champagne dreams!

  22. Dearest Gerard,I hope you had a wonderful birthday.You are an amazing actor and a really nice man.I hope you know how much your fans love you and appreciate you for always being so nice to us.I first saw you in Phantom Of The Opera and fell in love with you and the phantom.Take care and stay Happy,healthy and safe.Love Diane

  23. Sarah Elizabeth says:

    Dearest Gerry,

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday and many Happy Returns!!! I continue to watch your films every chance I get, and thank you for bringing such enjoyment to my life:)

    All my best to the man who holds my heart,

  24. Enjoy your day! You are aging like a fine wine!!

  25. Sherry Takacs says:

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Gerry! Hope you can celebrate with family and friends.
    Love you,

  26. Gerrad,
    Best Wishes. I bet you are richer after meeting all those lovely children that took part in your latest film. Viviana

  27. albrich david says:

    happy birthday Idol !! have a fantastic day there and god may give more blessing hope you enjoy my letter 🙂 and your day

    your 14 yr old fan from the philippines

    and sorry if this is late i was busy yesterday

  28. Happy Birthday! (or in swedish “Grattis på födelsedagen” ) 🙂

  29. Kathleen Barlow says:

    Happy Birthday, you bring great joy to others. Keep up the good work. Enjoy your day as we know you can!

  30. Eleonora A. (Italy) says:

    Dear Gerard
    Sorry to be late to wish you Happy B-Day. Hope you had a wonderful day then!
    But even if I’m belated my wishes for you are deeply sincerely.
    Hope all the best in your life, may all your dreams and professional projects can come true.
    You’re a talented, amazing, generous kind man
    God bless you, always.
    A big embrace of light to you.

  31. Happy Birthday from germany!
    Hope you´ve had a nice day!
    Take care!

  32. Dale R. (Sandy) Hargett says:

    Hope this birthday is the best so far.
    Much love and happiness on your birthday, and many, many more joyous ones ahead.

  33. Ellen Almendarez says:

    Happy Birthday to a fellow Scorpio!!!!

    I hope you had an amazing day…

    Thank you for all of your movies…appearances…and giving of your entire life to us.

    I hope that one day I will be one of the lucky ones that shake your hand and look into your eyes.


  34. Lia Neamtu says:

    I wish you a very long and happy life , be well and have fun ! I thank you for all the joy you bring into my life . God bless you .

  35. May the day bring you joy and may the year bring you peace, happy birthday

  36. Happy Birthday Gerry! I hope you had a wonderful day, you deserve it!

  37. joyeux anniversaire gerry, plein de belles choses pour toi, et continue de me faire rêver au travers de tes films.
    ca fait du bien au coeur…

  38. When you make your wish and blow out your candles, I hope they all come true for you. Just as I make my wish, but I know you are a busy person, yet I remain hopeful…lol!

    Congratulations and may this day as well as each day bring forth something special and unique to you. Thank you for all that you do, your charitable contributions and entertaining so many. You are a beautiful person w/an amazing soul. Peace be with you always and I wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


  39. Bettina Kotthaeuser says:

    Happy Birthday Gerry. May the coming year let your dreams come true. Good Luck and lots of best wishes. Thank you for beeing you, for giving me the pleasure to watch such great movies.
    Greetings from Germany

  40. Gerry

    You have enriched my life in the last several years. All the best of everything on your birthday and may you grow from strength to strength.


  41. Jakki Rossouw says:

    Hi Gerry!

    Happy Birthday! I wish you all the hapiness & success in the world. You deserve it! Thanks for all the wonderful movies so far, as well as all those still in the making.

    Cant’ wait!

    I hope that you had a great day where ever you are & have lots of fun.

    Love, Jakki xxx

  42. Deborah Ann says:

    Happy Birthday Gerard, Là breith sona dhuit

  43. Jane/purplelady says:

    Happy birthday. Keep on keepin’ on. luvya!

  44. Happy Birthday Gerry! Have a wonderful day Sweetheart and I hope it’s filled with every joy that makes you happy. Im looking forward to the day we finally get to meet – Im going to rock your world.

    God Bless your Mother 🙂

    Lots of Love, Priscilla xxx

  45. Lani aka BakedAlaskaTart says:

    Hau’oli la Hanau!
    Thank you for the laughter and tears,
    and for sharing your music with us!

  46. Happy Birthday Gerry! I wish you a wonderful day and a wonderful year. May it bring you joy, peace and love.

  47. Dear Gerard,
    Happy Birthday~!
    Love your movies.
    Love you <3 xoxo

  48. Hey Gerard,
    I wish you a very Happy Birthday~!
    All the best wishes for you today and always.
    Love & Big Hugs OOOO

  49. Dearest Gerry~

    Each year your birthday reminds me
    That I really want to say
    I’m very glad your in this world;
    I think of you each day.

    I hope you enjoy your birthday,
    All the pleasures it has in store,
    And because I appreciate you,
    I hope you have many more!

    Have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    You make me smile & have for many years…I so hope we’ll get to meet one day soon.

    All my best, love ya ~ Gail xoxoxoxoxoxxo

  50. Snow McBrat >^^ says:

    Dear Gerard,
    I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday~!
    And, thank you for always making me smile when I see you.
    I really do love you ^^<
    xoxo rrrrrrrrrr