02-11-09: Gerard is One of Forbes Most Valuable Actors

forbesForbes.com conducts an exclusive survey looking at the bankability of actors around the world, as voted by members of the global entertainment industry.  Considered Hollywood’s Most Valuable Actors, Gerard places on the list with a Global Ranking of 158 with a Cumulative Score of 6.21, putting him in the top 11% of the actors listed.

So what exactly does all this mean?  The inaugural survey by this respected financial publication, Forbes Star Currency, takes an exclusive look at what the business side of Hollywood really thinks of 1,411 working actors as individuals on a range of attributes regarding their participation in a film, including the actor’s ability to attract significant financing to a project with their involvement; if their presence guarantees theatrical distribution; if they significantly drive theatrical box office performance; and if their involvement is an essential component in securing rights deals for revenue streams including DVD, pay/free TV, etc.  Read more about the complete methodology…

These rankings come from data within the entertainment industry, but you can also contribute YOUR comments on how would you score Gerard Butler (0-10, with 10 being the top) – and why right on on the Forbes website (you must leave a comment, the rate the article star system is not what they are asking for).   Click here to go there now!


  1. sherry mcguire says:

    he is the greatest actor there ever was. He brings such passion and talent to all he does.