11-02-09: Gerard in Berlin, Dragon Trailer

A full length trailer has been released by Dreamworks for How To Train Your Dragon. Gerard’s voice, as Stoick the Vast, has been included in this new look at the film due for release in March 2010. Watch below (via Yahoo! Movies):

Gerard spent the day doing press for Law Abiding Citizen in Berlin, Germany.  View more pictures…


  1. sue grint says:

    gerry looked very well and as if he was having fun. the trailer for how to train your dragon looks great as well and i hope when the dvd comes out they will show behind the scenes when you see the stars talking their characters for us to see. i always remember john goodman and billy crystal doing the voices for monsters inc. and how hilarious they were behind the scenes trying to do their roles without cracking up. i can imagine gerry and craig being absolutely brilliant and having to do many takes because they cant stop laughing and messing about. good luck gerry for the rest of the week in your various european locations and remember to have a long and well earned rest in scotland when you get there.

  2. Sandy Hargett says:

    Gerry is going great these days. He looks marvelous and happy. It’s about
    time for him to be getting his just rewards.
    Love him absolutely.

  3. Gerry looks like he is having a great time and I don’t blame him. Gerry has had two big money making movies these passed few months..The Ugly Truth and now Law Abiding Citizen!! Congrats Gerry!

    I have a feeling I’m going to love How To Train Your Dragon. The trailer is fabulous and i really like animated movies. I saw a huge stand up for How To Train Your Dragon at the theater the other day. I’m going to a different theater tomorrow. I’ll see if one if there too. 🙂