11-04-09: Gerard in Oslo, Norway

Gerard attended the premiere of Law Abiding Citizen in Oslo, Norway today.  View more pictures…

Watch an interview with Gerard at the Oslo premiere with VG.TV by clicking the image below:


Thank to Iris Cook for more video from Norway!  She has some great pics too!!  View them here…

The official How To Train Your Dragon website has been updated with information about the film, downloads and more. Use the widget below to view more!

EDITED at 6:16pm to add more Norway pics and video and How to Train Your Dragon widget


  1. Gerry looks great in that suit. Is that the same suit he wore on SNL for the cottage cheese skit(?) because he looked fabulous in that suit, too. 🙂

  2. Bianca Savi says:

    Gerry beautiful as always!

  3. mjbooklady says:

    WOW, Gerry is one busy globe-trotting man.
    Thanks for the latest photos and video from Oslo! Gerry definitely has adorable fans in Oslo -how cute were those young ladies in the video. LOL

    I think How to Train Your Dragon is going to be a real winner with families thanks for the link.